Today, more and more brands are looking to integrate new technologies into their businesses. Changes in technology have always been a part of graphic design trends. For example, the popularity of the use of vector graphics has exploded in recent years, making our designs easier to share and scale. As designers, your job is to anticipate what future technologies will bring and use them to create designs that are relevant for our audience today. Here are some of the top 5 graphic design trends for 2024 by Depositphotos:

Top 5 Graphic Design Trends for 2024

  1. Flat Design
  2. Vectoring
  3. Icon Design
  4. Motion Graphics
  5. Pattern Design & Packaging

Flat design is one of the most popular trends in graphic design today and is expected to continue its dominance in 2024. This trend features clean lines, a lack of gradients, and flat colors that are used throughout the entire design process, including typefaces and illustrations. Flat designs were popularized by companies such as Apple with their App Store UI. While the movement has been around for several years now, it will only continue to grow with time as more designers jump on board this trend to create sleek and minimalist visual experiences for their audience.

Introduction of AI and AI-driven technologies


AI and AI-driven technologies are expected to be one of the most popular trends for 2024. AI held 25 percent of the search engine market share in 2016, making it a powerful tool for designers. Not only can AI help your design process by creating designs automatically, but it also helps you determine what people actually want to see.

This technology is changing the way brands interact with their audience on a day-to-day basis. It’s not just about creating beautiful designs. The switch from designing based on inspiration as humans do to designing based on data is game-changing. Using AI, organizations will know more about their customers than ever before and use this information to create better experiences for them. With this type of technology we can do more stuff and be more successful in our business of creation.

The integration of new technologies into our work

One of the top 5 graphic design trends for 2024 is going to be the integration of new technologies into our work. The use of digital rendering tools is at an all-time high and will only continue to grow. With the ability to integrate digital rendering tools, we can create designs on any device with ease.

This trend is also closely related to user experience design. With increased graphics capabilities, designers are able to create designs that are more seamless and effortless. Designers are also able to create designs that are more customizable and interactive than ever before.

Another major trend in the future of business & branding will be the integration of data visualizations into our work. Data visualization has had a huge impact on both marketing and business and it will only continue to grow in popularity in 2024.

Lastly, website design will also become more important in 2024 as websites play a bigger role in business than they have ever done before which you can see from various new projects. More brands are looking for simpler ways to reach their audiences online, which means web design will likely become even more important than it already is today.

How will these changes affect brands?


The changes in technology will have major implications for brands. Brands will be able to adapt to and embrace new technologies, as well as create designs that are more functional and respond to the needs of their audience. As a result, brands will have an easier time reaching consumers online and through mobile devices. This is a major change from where we were just 5 years ago when many companies still relied on the use of static images on websites and social media pages.

1) Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has been around since at least the late 1800s with work by Charles Wheatstone, but it’s only recently that augmented reality has become mainstream. When augmented reality first started, it was used as a way to bring animated cartoons into our daily lives and make them feel like they were real. However, recent advancements made by Apple have made AR applications scalable with the release of iPhone X. With this new iPhone line, brands can now finally realize the potential of AR apps with a large-scale audience base.

2) Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is also evolving quickly with many different types of headsets coming out in recent years from HTC Vive to Oculus Rift to Google Daydream View all of which offer different experiences for their users, which means designers need to learn about all these platforms or risk not reaching their intended audiences.

3) Smart Cities

Smart cities are becoming more prevalent in recent years as cities shift towards building smarter infrastructure instead of building more roads or bridges which creates more traffic congestion, overcrowd


So what can we expect? What will the future hold?


Expectations are high, but that doesn’t mean they’re accurate. Even if we are uncertain about what’s in store for us, we can make a few predictions based on the top 5 graphic design trends for 2024. Regardless of what happens, brands and businesses can definitely benefit from these upcoming changes.