If you want to excel in sports betting, and especially soccer, you need to learn a few terms following this wagering niche. One of those that you’ll come across almost instantly is called handicap betting. When games you have in front of yourself look bland, a little bit of handicap can spice things up. The thing with it is that you shouldn’t lay down your cash before you know a little bit about this type of wagers. Now, don’t worry, this is not something complicated, but we have a few things to explain.

Handicaps in soccer betting have been around for a while. Everything you should know about it is already written. It is not an expanding science. No! And, it’s good things are like that. You can wrap your mind around it and use the handicap to your advantage. It is weird when you think about it. There’s a handicap that can help you? Obviously, when there is one thing that is not going for the best. This is the thing in life, in sports betting things are a little bit different.

Players have been using handicap betting forever to equal the odds and shift the tides of betting to their advantage. If you read our article carefully you can become one of those players who started to win big against the bookies by having an upper hand through handicap betting. If you understand it quickly you can have a big success in the future. Furthermore, if you’re a superstitious man you can start your new adventure, equipped with the knowledge you got here. According to there are numerous advantages if you start betting on a new website. There’s no downside to trying it out, the same way there’s nothing wrong with being able to play the games you want through handicapped odds. But first, to be able to do this you need to know a few things in advance. If you’re eager to expand your knowledge in this domain check out what does handicap mean in soccer betting – 2024 guide. Let’s start.

Handicap Betting in Soccer


When it comes to handicap it is all about the fine margins. When you become an expert you’ll know how far these margins go. Even as a beginner you can have a hunch how a certain game will go. If you feel that the quality difference between two teams guarantees a win with two or more goals, you can use that as a handicap. It is ideal for players who want that little spice when it comes to betting. A blunt 2:1 win doesn’t mean much for one team. It’s three points and a narrow win that is a win after all. But, if you put a two-goal handicap on the team that lost for you, they’re the winners. In soccer, a handicap is an imaginary advantage given to one team in terms of goals they haven’t and won’t score. But, there’s a catch, once you have your handicap written down on paper, these numbers get quite real.

There are many dedicated sportsbook sites that specialize in Handicap Betting such as, so if you would like to experience something different when wagering why not give Handicap Betting on Soccer a try?

Every game has odds assigned to them before the match starts. In some cases, these are odds that suit you. Let’s use an upcoming Premier League schedule as an example. We have a match between Liverpool and West Ham United. The Reds are a heavy favorite to win this match. The odds favor them heavily and if you wager an $10 on the home win, you’ll only get $13. On the other hand, if you bet on The Hammers you can win $18.5 on a $10 bet. This is a straightforward game, and it is expected for Liverpool to win on the wings of Jota, Salah, Mane, Diaz, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and the rest of their great team. But, WHU is not an easy opponent by a wide margin. They’re on the upper side of the table with eyes set on the CL place.

When you take everything into account West Ham could come up victorious here if they play their cards right. At least they’re not going to lose by a wide margin with players such as Soucek, Rice, Antonio, Lanzini, and Kurt Zouma the cat-hitter. Even a draw is a win for WHU, and if you use a +1 handicap on them and aim for a draw or the Londoners win you can cash in even in a case that Liverpool wins by one goal differential. Do you see what we did there? By adding the handicap on West Ham and giving them a virtual one-goal advantage before the match we changed the betting dynamics of this game. Playing on a plain Liverpool win provides no fun and there’s nothing spicy there. With a handicap, you can turn any game in your favor.


The point is all about making money by increasing the odds on certain matches. Now, by using the same example we’re going to show you that handicap isn’t there, it’s only to favor the WHU to get out with positive results. No, things can be approached from the other angle. Instead of giving United a +1 goal advantage let’s use the -2 handicap on Liverpool. If you’re an avid reds fan you probably believe in the home win at Anfield with a few goals of advantage. So, to make this a reality and win some cash in the process you should bet on a -2 handicap on Liverpool. What this means is that they’re starting the match with a virtual fall behind by two goals. So, to give you a win with the bookmakers The Reds need to win by three goals margin. This is not an easy feat, but with a $10 bet, you can win approximately $25 or even more than $30 depending on your bookies. Now you see it, for a virtually non-playable match from the Liver pools win standpoint you get yourself a match.

Now that you know the essence of sports handicaps in soccer you can have a great weekend ahead of you. As you can see all tiers of English soccer are available for bets in addition to Italy, Spain, France, and the rest of the European top tiers leagues minus the Ukrainian one. Please, if you’re reading this Vladimir Putin, stop the war! If not for common sense then for us betting people who want to use handicap on Dynamo Kyiv.