These days, most medical experts rely solely on prescription drugs and other chemical-based medicine. Most doctors would probably never suggest you to use any kind of herbal medicine to help with your problems. But, if such plants were used several millennia ago, why wouldn’t we use them today? Not everyone can handle digesting dozens of pills every morning to stay healthy. Some people may be allergic to certain chemicals and others might have a week digestive system and so on. For these people, the only solution is herbal medicine.

Assuming that you are interested in this type of alternative medicine, you are probably interested in all the different herbs that you can find in nature. And, you did the right thing by starting to research. The number of plans with medicinal properties on this planet is huge. The number may be well over a thousand popular plants that are used on a daily basis.

However, since you just got introduced into this subject, you’ll probably want to know about the most commonly used ones. Here is a list of them and their uses.



You have probably heard about chamomile at least 100 times in your life. It is used for cooking, preparing tea and it has a lot of medical uses too. Many people like to use chamomile for relaxation. Studies have shown that drinking chamomile tea might actually help people with severe anxiety. It isn’t quite clear whether this is true, but there is certainly is some kind of a calming effect.

However, there has been evidence of a lot of other benefits from using chamomile. It has been used to help people with diabetes, it may help with inflammation in the mouth and the throat and has some kind of an antibacterial effect. In fact, some doctors prescribe the use of chamomile tea to help people with swollen and inflamed tonsils. It can also be used as a boost to the digestive system and it may even help people that have problems with muscle spasms.

You could say that chamomile is one of the most popular herbal medicines on the planet.



Lavender has quite a long medical history because it has been used to help people with digestive tract problems and to boost their appetite. Many ancient civilizations would use it to boost the mood amongst people. Today, there have been discoveries that this plant may actually bring a lot more benefits than we thought.

It can help those that are dealing with anxiety or depression and it might be a great boost to the spirit. Some use it for chronic pain and others have also used it for healthier skin. The full potential of Florida might not have been yet discovered, so it won’t hurt if you experiment a bit with it.



One of the main benefits of using kratom is pain relief. The leaves of this tree have several compounds that are a solution to the pain. These compounds numb the perception of pain in certain parts of the body which allows it to relax. The longer a person stays comfortable and relaxed, the faster their body can heal. This is why kratom is a great alternative to prescription drugs. It doesn’t have any strong chemicals that might ruin someone’s stomach pH balance, but it has a strong enough effect to numb even the worst chronic pain.

However, kratom also has many other benefits such as a calming effect as suggested by kratommate. It can also help people that suffer from anxiety, depression, and even high blood pressure. Keep in mind, different bodies will react differently to the leaves of this tree. Some will see a great result for high blood pressure while others will see a great result for anxiety. The results will never be the same for everyone.



Peppermint is another her but that is very commonly used around the world. It doesn’t matter which continent you’re on, you will always notice while the peppermint in the wild. It seems like this little plant can thrive anywhere and that is always a good thing. It is especially good for peppermint because the leaves of this little plant can be used for all kinds of things.

Peppermint is often used either for cooking or for making tea. I personally think that peppermint makes it the tastiest tea. Not only is it fresh and tasty, but it is also quite soothing inside of the throat and the stomach. If you ever feel like you’re the digestive system is upset, a bit of mentee will always help.

People also claim that this herb can help with headaches and migraines too. It is always better to rely on a curb instead of having to drink a prescription drug every single day. It may be more effective for headaches or migraines, but it is definitely not healthy for your body to consume such drugs every single day. The chemicals inside of pills may cause long-term damage to your system.



Dandelions are little flowers that grow everywhere in the wild. Where there is grass, you’ll probably find dandelion. It has quite a distinctive look with its yellow petals and it is quite common too, so I’m sure you have probably already seen it or heard of it. Well, these little wildflowers actually have some kind of medical benefits for humans.

People have been using dandelions as antioxidants, to reduce cholesterol, to regulate blood sugar, and sometimes even reduce inflammation. I can’t exactly say for sure whether all of these are legitimate benefits, but there are no downsides to drinking dandelion tea, so why not try it out?

Like I already said, there are hundreds, if not thousands of other herbs that are used on a daily basis or their medicinal benefits. Some of them can help with stomach problems, others with headaches, some can deal with mental problems, and so on. However, these five herbs I mentioned are the most effective and most popular, so I would suggest first trying these out before delving deeper into the world of medicinal herbs.