You’ve made the decision to move to Tampa for college — congrats! Before settling into life on the Gulf Coast of Florida, however, there are many things about the city to consider. Read on for some ideas about what to keep in mind before you start your new life. Pro tip: Share this with your parents, too, so they can be kept in the loop.

Tampa is a fantastic choice when it comes to your future graduation. The city is famous for being a global education hub, which attracts students from all over not only America but also the world. Tampa also has a rich sporting history, along with possessing one of the most happening nightlife in America. 

If you have made the decision to move to Tampa for education, you are not going to regret it. In this article, we are going to share some major suggestions, which can help students settle into their new life in Tampa


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If you’re from a place with snow, Tampa’s climate may be much different than what you’re used to at home. Even if you call The Sunshine State home, the weather may take some getting used to. It ranges from sunny and warm in the winter and spring to humid and wet in the summer and fall. Regardless of the season, temperatures rarely drop below 60 degrees! 

Since Tampa is near the Gulf of Mexico, the water is warm and great for swimming. It’s also worth noting that June to November is Hurricane Season, so review how to be prepared for this before you leave. This means doing adequate preparations in terms of carrying clothes that fit the climate. 

If you are someone who is tired of living all your life in cold climates and crave the sun, you are going to love Tampa. 

Public Transportation and Walkability

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Chances are, you won’t have a car at school, so review the public transportation options in Tampa. Aside from being near major airports and trains, there are buses and TECO Line Streetcars that help get you where you need to be. 

If you think you’ll be using these options, look at the maps to try to secure housing close to the stops. Do you like getting your steps in? Bayshore Boulevard is a long sidewalk along the water, and the River Walk provides many views of Downtown Tampa.

You will have no dearth of fitness options in Tampa. The city is host to all major gyms and fitness centers. Staying healthy and fit is something, which Tampa is going to inspire in you naturally.  

Cost of Living/the Possibility of Living off Campus

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The city of Tampa (and Florida in general) has a lower cost of living than other major cities, but, even so, it’s still pricey. Consider how much you can spend per month on rent, expenses, food, dining out, school supplies and entertainment. By doing this, you’ll be able to see what your options are for living off-campus.

It is also a great idea to create a monthly budget. This will help you keep track of your expenditure every month. Being a city, which has many nightspots and eating places, make sure you are not burning through all your cash. If you are not staying in the college hostels, you can avail of renting in areas in and around your college. 

If your college permits, you can also find decent part-time jobs that pay well in the city. From cafes, restaurants to stores, the city is very welcoming towards students who want to earn by doing honest part-time jobs. 

Proximity to Attractions

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Do you like spending weekends on the beach, or going to a zoo, seeing a performance or catching a sports game more up your alley? Figure out what’s most important to you, and keep that in mind when you’re choosing where to live. If you want to spend all of your free time swimming, living close to a beach may be ideal.

No matter what your area of interest, Tampa is going to live up to all your expectations. The city has numerous tourist attractions, sports events, music and culture to fulfill the creative, artistic and sporty palette of all. 

You can visit Busch Gardens, the famous amusement park, or take a step back in history by visiting Ybor City. Cuban and Spanish immigrants who had come to work in the region’s Cigar factories set it up. 

Distance to Classes and Internships

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You fell in love with Tampa for the weather, wealth of attractions and its status as a cultural hub, but, let’s face it — you’re coming here for school and career growth. Therefore, the distance from your apartment to your classes and potential internship sites are important. 

You may have a long or short commute, depending on where you’re looking. Think about this now, and trust that your future self will thank you later. Do not try to save on rent by taking a place, which is far off from your school district. Ideally, you would want to save commuting time. 

It is also a good idea to get a stay, which is near to your part-time workplace. Your school, your place of work and your residence should always be in close proximity. Choose convenience and logic over peer pressure.  

How to Pack for College Life in Tampa

No need to bring heavy jackets and winter wear, but light layers and rain jackets will be useful to have. Don’t forget your swimsuit and sunglasses, too. Add your school and living supplies, and you’ll be set.

Make the Move Easier

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From great educational institutions to numerous cultural attractions, you are going to fall in love with Tampa in a major way. If you are thinking of shifting to Tampa, you can check out some credible and affordable moving companies. 

Some expert moving companies especially cater to students who are looking to relocate to Tampa. This can help make the transition very easy. It can also help you focus all your energies on your college and future life. 

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