Wigs solve a range of hair issues, including alopecia, poor hairline, and others. Even if you do not suffer from any of them, you may be eager to wear this accessory to improve, change, or facilitate your everyday hair styling. Whatever the reason, you should know all the traps and pitfalls to avoid when buying a perfect wig, considering the value for money factor. If you want to have a completely natural look, you should opt for a human hair wig. And that means you will have to choose within a wide price range of $500 to $1,000 in this product category.

What features should you focus on? We are going to investigate the matter in this article.

Why is it vital to think twice before buying a wig?

There are so many human hair wigs on the market, but that does not mean that all of them are worthy of your attention. You should understand that only high-quality products will be comfortable, look perfect, and serve for a long time. However, the variety of options and the big price gap may leave you confused. Do not give up and despair!

8 steps that help you buy a high-quality human hair wig

Spend some time on exploration. It will take you a couple of minutes to think through our expert hints. With our help, we are sure that you will come to a sound decision as to the perfect human hair wig.

Step 1: Consider the hairstyles of the human hair wigs you are going to buy

This is the very beginning, which is about your preferences. Do you know what you want? Hairstyles are so different and all of them are introduced in the human hair wig market. You can find a straight, curly, or wavy human hair wig. There are wigs with bangs, cut in any shape. And there are many textures for your choice, such as a kinky curly wig for a natural look. You can shop now at UNice Kinky Curly V Part Wig collection.


Decide on this issue before you start looking through the assortment. Such an approach will help you to narrow the search and not fall into the temptation of making an impulsive and wrong choice. Of course, if you have an open-ended budget, you can afford to try several times. However, if we speak about the perfect choice, think of a desirable hairstyle for your human hair wig beforehand.

Step 2: Choose the color and length of your new wig

Do you think this issue is similar to the above step? Not at all! These two currently considered options are not about your preferences, but about conditions of use and matching.

If you are going to wear a human hair wig every day while being involved in various activities like cooking, working out, running, swimming, or something else, in addition to simply walking around, you should think of a convenient way to wear the wig. Thus, you will be able to prolong its lifespan and feel more comfortable. For instance, if the hair is very long, you can make a ponytail and feel better in most cases.

The color of your human hair wig should match your skin tone and the hue of your eyes to emphasize your benefits.

Step 3: Request the stylist’s assistance to understand what wig suits your needs

There are plenty of types of human hair wigs. You can find lace front wigs, full lace wigs, 360 lace wigs, and U-Part wigs. If you are not sure you understand the difference, you’d better turn to the experts and ask for help. The point is that all of them are constructed in different ways, and that impacts their price.

Step 4: Learn from the experience of your friends


It would be helpful to talk to other wearers of wigs and ask them to share their experiences. If you have no friends with such knowledge, you can try various online forums and communities, posting your choice and asking for an opinion. Of course, you may read the reviews related to a human hair wig, which you may consider, but you should remember that anonymous reviews can be false. It is needless to say that a too low price should make you suspect that this wig is of low quality.

Step 5: Pay attention to the lace color

The lace is the material used for fastening the hair into it. It is very delicate and meshed being almost transparent. Still, it is colored. In order to look natural, you should find a human hair wig with the lace matching your scalp skin tone.

Step 6: Select the appropriate cap size

The wig cap is the base, mimicking the shape of your head. You should put it on under a human hair wig to provide a smooth and convenient grip. As you understand, it is vital to choose it correctly. It is easy to do when you measure your head. Then, you should find the size corresponding to the parameters that you have. Do it before you buy a wig.

There are three generally accepted wig cap sizes:

  • small (for a head size of 21-21.5 inches);
  • medium (for a head size of 22-22.5 inches);
  • large (for a head size of 22.75-23 inches).

If you experience mismatching, regardless of the correct measurements, you should discuss this issue with the seller, who may fit a wig cap for you.

Step 7: Put it on to see whether you feel comfortable in it


When all the above issues have been considered and you have chosen a human hair wig that you like, we recommend trying it on. Nothing but your own feelings will help you rate its quality. If it is uncomfortable, you’d better refuse it.

A quality human hair wig should be breathable, soft, comfortable to wear, and positioned in a reliable manner.

Step 8: Compare prices

If it happens that you have opted for several proper wigs, compare their cost. The price may include the brand value, but that does not mean this branded human hair wig comes with better quality than an interchangeable analog. However, you’d better be sure of the vendor and buy a wig from a reputable producer so that it will last over 2 years.

Follow all our recommendations! We hope you will succeed in buying a perfect human hair wig and enjoy wearing it with comfort for many years.