Have you ever wished for a hairstyle that just works? Ready-to-wear wigs are your answer! Whether you’re looking for something sleek, something fun, or just don’t have the time to style it yourself, these wigs can take your look from blah to wow in minutes. Let’s explore how to make the most of these easy-to-use options and get your look ready for the next big event!

Ready-to-Wear Wigs explained

Ready-to-wear wigs represent an increasingly popular hair styling option, particularly for those who want to adjust the cut and texture of their locks without dealing with the hassle of committing to long-term treatments such as coloring, chemical straighteners, and perm products. Unlike traditional, ready to wear wigs are pre-styled so that they can be worn straight out of the package. They feature a variety of looks and colors, allowing consumers to find the perfect hairstyle for every occasion.

Although wearing a pre-styled wig is an incredibly popular choice amongst consumers, it requires some special considerations when choosing one and wearing it in order to ensure maximum comfort and success.

What are the benefits?

-Flexible styling options: Ready-to-wear wigs come in a variety of styles, textures, and colors so you can find one that perfectly suits your needs. From curly, straight, or wavy looks to styles that include bangs and different lengths, there’s something for every taste and occasion. Many come with lace front caps that provide a more natural appearance


-Lightweight and breathable: They are made from lighter materials such as monofilament that make them more lightweight than traditionally styled wigs. This helps ensure a comfortable fit with enough breathability for the scalp.

Easy maintenance: Unlike other wig styles, these models don’t require as much styling after purchase — saving you time and money on upkeep costs. Simply spray them with a little hairspray when necessary for longer-lasting results

-Cost-effective: Since these types of wigs don’t require complicated styling processes before wearing them — unlike custom-styled models — they’re significantly more cost-efficient than other options on the market today.

Types of Ready-to-Wear Wigs

Synthetic wigs are made from man-made fibers and typically cost less than human hair models. They come pre-styled and are easy to care for, but don’t hold their shape for very long—so be prepared to restyle often.

Human hair wigs tend to be more expensive than their synthetic counterparts but also look more natural and can last longer if cared for properly. They are usually dyed with natural colors so it’s important to pay attention to the wig’s specifications before making your purchase.

Before buying a human hair wig, make sure that you check all of its features such as its density, follicle direction, strength, and elasticity–only then can you really know what kind of quality you’re getting


Monofilament models are made from ultra-fine mesh base construction that creates an appearance of natural scalp movement beneath the fibers; this makes them ideal if you use certain hair styling techniques like pinning up your hair or switching between different parts while wearing them.

They also allow air circulation, resulting in cooler comfort during warm days and less scalp itchiness during cold weather conditions. They tend to come pre-customized with realistic hand-tied knots along the side or top edges of the cap that lends themselves well to subtle styling effects.

Tips for Choosing

  • Consider your lifestyle: Are you looking for a wig that is lightweight and breathable or do you need something more durable? Do you prefer an easy on/off style or a traditional cap construction? Different types of materials can make all the difference in comfort and wearability.
  • Consider your budget: These hairpieces come in a variety of prices depending on their quality, construction, design, and materials used. Keep your budget in mind when shopping so you don’t end up overspending on something that isn’t what you expected.
  • Try before you buy: Many online retailers will allow you to try a wig before buying it so that you know what it looks like on your head before committing. It’s always worth taking advantage of this option if given!
  • Look for customization options: Ready-to-wear wigs often come with adjustable straps or optional elastic bands and clips that make figuring out the optimal fit much easier. Be sure to check for these features when shopping online!

Styling Ready-to-Wear Wigs


Depending on the type of wig, it can usually be combed, brushed, and blow-dried to create a variety of looks. Many models are already heat-resistant and styleable; however, always check the label carefully to make sure that your wig is safe for styling with heated tools.

For most basic styling needs, it is generally recommended to use a wide-tooth comb and/or fingers to detangle first and then introduce additional tools. Experts recommend using good-quality styling products like curling irons or hair straighteners on low settings with cooler temperatures (100 degrees Fahrenheit or less) to minimize heat damage.

Once styled, it’s key that the style is finished with hairspray and other products formulated especially for wigs – these formulas often have fewer damaging ingredients than traditional hair care products. A cool shot button on hair dryers is also beneficial as it helps fix the style in place without adding additional heat damage when compared to using hairspray alone.

When not in use, hang or store your hairpiece correctly in an upright position so its shape isn’t distorted – larger open boxes are acceptable options as well as netted bags available in stores specifically designed for wigs. Additionally, be sure to keep your wigs from getting wet by removing them when showering or swimming.

Water can absorb fibers resulting in an inability of the cuticle layers of hair to remain strong enough against humidity causing unwanted frizzing or matting of curly styles while straight styles are left limp or lifeless after water exposure resulting in needing harsher chemicals to restore the look.



Ready-to-wear wigs offer a convenient way to change your look in an instant and keep your hair protected at the same time. The most important thing to remember is that quality is key. If you invest in a good quality ready-to-wear wig, you can rest assured that it will hold up for a long time with proper maintenance and care.

Always do your research before making a purchase, so that you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you. With the right choice of material and style, a ready-to-wear wig can be just what you need for a new look or to protect your hair from damage!