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Being busy doesn’t mean depriving yourself of activities you like. Check 9 engaging hobbies that will take no more than an hour of your dense day. They require no or little spendings. And these activities will open a portal to release your creativity.

A Way Out for Bored but Busy

You might think you don’t have time at all. But if you have at least an hour in a week when you don’t want to sleep, think no more and spend it on yourself! All you need is to find an activity that will fit your timespan.

Thankfully, this article has just the right hobbies for you. Don’t rush to discard them by the title, but read the description and think if you have a desire to try. You won’t lose big money or anything else important. Instead, you will get a better understanding of who you are.

Of course, this list is not full. And in case some ideas have visited you while scrolling, consider them as well.

1. Create a Small Game

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If you’re a device fan, you might think about going deep into coding. That’s a perfect idea because it opens doors to game development, application making, and website building. Start with a relatively easy programming language, Python, for example. You will find lots of free video courses and manuals or paper books on the theme. Coding needs practice, so think about software beforehand.

2. Draw when Inspired

So many techniques to express the unique self! Paint with fingers, fill in anti-stress coloring pages, sketch with charcoal, smudge soft pastels on the paper, create Rorschach tests, or play with the watercolor dispersion. Shops sell lots of cheap amateur brushes and colors. The best thing is painting doesn’t require professional skills, as it is intended to convert your feelings to a visual image. But no one stops you from evolving in this direction!

3. Low-price Handmade Decor

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When you don’t know what to do, DIY is a universal choice. Literally, create everything and save money on expensive interior designing. A palm tree lamp out of thread feathers, a sisal cat scratcher, pretty clothes, plush toys, organizers, and even cardboard furniture! You need raw materials such as ropes, colored paper, glue, threads, crochet hooks, or fabrics. Video guides are widespread, and you can always put the project aside to return the next day.

4. Basic Yoga and Meditation

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Exercises are also hobbies. So upgrade your morning physical routine, making it mentally beneficial as well. Together, these Asian practices take no more than thirty minutes. In return, you will be able to learn longer, work better, and resist everyday stress. A small beginner’s guide of dos and don’ts will familiarize you with the essentials to start shortly. You must not strive for spiritual enlightenment, but every hobby is about reiterations.

5. Start Reading from One Page

There are lots of classic and modern authors you don’t know! It’s time for you to get acquainted. Fiction can shelter you from hardships of reality, make you contemplate philosophical concepts, give you insight. On the contrary, non-fiction is the mentor of relevant skills such as languages, coding, writing; or your source of bravery and hope if you read biographies. Determine what you’re currently missing and find the answer in a book.

6. Share Your Thoughts Online

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One repelling myth about blogging is that you need to post something every single day. Of course, that’s not true. It’s your webpage, and you decide how often new articles and selections will be published. But make at least one post in a week if you want to keep this hobby.

Write about special knowledge you possess, share esthetic pictures with songs, run a little fandom, review useful resources, etc., or you can order your first writing from online writing service for impressive blogging and any other verbal or text art. Use free blogging platforms like WordPress or even Facebook groups. Achieving the first follower is very exciting!

7. Smartphone Photography

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Being a photographer is so easy! Just spot interesting stuff, take your phone out, and capture a moment. This hobby makes you observant, shows you the beautiful world beyond books, devices, and obligations.

Shoot pink, red, grey hues of the sky that are never the same, count unusual colors you see on a walk, enjoy neat trees and courageous flowers growing out of asphalt. Show the world through your prism, light or dark, minimalist or lush.

8. Have a Collection

We are prone to collecting. Star signs or feathers, letters or coins—you can pick almost anything you like and make it a collectible. Think well about what you will focus on because you’ll need to go deep into the subject: to identify findings and determine their rarity.

On basic levels, collections don’t require insane expenditures. However, you do need to learn how to keep precious toys, metals, and other items in perfect condition for long years.

9. Undemanding Home Flowers

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Today, even apple trees grow on window sills. Every plant on Earth is yours as long as you know how to care for it. So, learn about a green buddy you want to adopt and then just pour and spray it, watching it thrive.

There are less demanding exotic plants like striped aloe, leaf cactus, and crassula. Or a whole bunch of variegated ficus for a cute bonsai. But before buying a sapling, learn if it can live in your climate.

Devote One Hour to Yourself

There had to be hobbies you wanted to try. All that stopped you was the schedule filled to the brim. Enough sighing! Now you know that even a short period of personal growth takes you a step higher. Side activities other than study and job expand your horizons, make you less stressed, and more perceptive to opportunities.

Don’t know where your talent hides? Try one hobby at a time until you feel grasped. You can always find accessible ways to taste the activity and decide whether you want to continue.