Sports betting is becoming more and more popular on a daily basis. People see gambling and betting sites as places where they can have fun. In case they play responsibly, there are high chances their free time will truly be pleasant. Apart from that, they can potentially earn money if they analyze games and odds properly. But, that should be the least important thing on this long-lasting journey.

Online bookmakers realized a few years ago that sports betting can be even more interesting. That is the reason why a big number of them now let their customers bet on different matches and sports live. Live gambling has certainly improved the popularity and revenue of the entire industry. That’s why the number of sports betting sites that offer them is increasing daily.

But, things are not as easy as they seem. If you truly want to have fun and, eventually, earn some money, it is essential to understand how live gambling functions. One of the things we would like to analyze in this article is how live betting odds are actually calculated. Before that, we will also cover some other areas of live betting. Let’s go!

Why Should Someone Bet Live?

This is a question that a lot of people have. Some people do not decide on this move because they do not have time to follow games in real-time. You have a big number of people that simply bet on a couple of games before their shift starts and they check if they got money after they get back home. On the other hand, another group of people does not bet this way because they do not understand how things function.

If you ask us, live sports betting can be quite beneficial in case you have time to dedicate to it. Before the match starts, you do not know in which direction the game will go. Even the favorite team sometimes does not start the match in the right way. But, if you watch a game on tv, you can easily see which players are motivated, which ones got some small injuries and they can’t run too much, etc. All these factors influence the final outcome of the match. Thanks to live betting, you can wait for the best odds and try to predict the end result in the 70th or 80th minute of the match. Doesn’t this seem cool?

Apart from that, you can turn your hobby into a way of earning money. You would anyway watch a match on Saturday afternoon or when you are at home relaxing, right? Well, why don’t you bet live and potentially earn money while relaxing? This can certainly help you improve your financial stability. Of course, that only counts if you play responsibly! Even if you don’t guess the outcome, you won’t lose a lot of money in that case!

But, When Is the Right Moment to Bet in Real-Time?


There is no precise and clear answer to the question from the subheading. The best moment is the one when you are sure that a team will score or receive a goal. That can be at any moment of the match. But, that’s something that makes live sports betting even more entertaining. The odds are going up and down during the match. Sometimes you will wait for the best odds, and the team will score a goal before you invest money.

But, How and Why Do Live Betting Odds Change?

As you know, the typical odds you can bet on before the match also use some sort of algorithm. They also can change during the day or before the match. However, those changes are usually not that big. On the other hand, the algorithm used for real-time odds is much more precise and strict. It can change in only a couple of minutes a lot.

The tool that online bookmakers use to calculate the odds is the so-called odds compiler. It is a bit difficult to explain what this tool is. Their way of functioning is similar to the method of work that traders use to offer prices for different products. They will focus on different changes in the market to determine the price of sugar, meat, and other stuff.

That’s exactly what odds compilers are doing. Their system follows the gameplay of the match. If one team is attacking a lot, they will lower the odds. On the other hand, if one team is defending all the time, the odds that the team will score the goal or win will be a lot higher. This is probably the easiest way to describe the way of functioning of this algorithm.

Is Live Sports Betting Really Accessible?

As stated above, more and more customers would rather gamble this way. It is more comfortable for them to relax at home, watch a game and potentially earn some money. Betsofa and similar online bookmakers are regularly expanding the list of leagues and sports people can bet on this way. They are doing that for an obvious reason – to meet the requirements of the sports gambling market.

Is There a Strategy that Boosts Chances of Winning?


The strategy always exists. However, you need to gain the necessary experience to find the most appropriate one. Keep in mind that not all the matches will be available to you on TV. But, thanks to the online world, you can now subscribe to different platforms and enjoy live streams from all over the world. Watch the game and be sure what is the best moment to place a bet.

Apart from that, we strongly recommend two more things. First and foremost, determine the budget you are ready to spend. There is no expectation for that! After that, learn how to listen to your instincts. Even if you are 100% focused on the match, one counter-attack can change the outcome of the match. Instinct is sometimes the most valuable indicator. But, do not listen to it in case you need to spend more than you can afford. That’s not the type of responsible gambling you should strive to reach.

Final Thought

As you see, there is nothing confusing and easy at the same time around live betting. Your success does depend on luck, but there are also some other factors that influence your success. Listen to your instincts, follow the matches you plan to bet on in real-time, and, most importantly, enjoy your free time!