If you think that math homework assignments are just a waste of time, this article will help you look at them from another perspective. Whether you like it or not, you will need to pass a math exam at the end of a course. It means a lot of preparation and frustration. However, the problems that you solve throughout the course can be that extra preparation that will lead you to success. Here are some ideas for you to try if you want to get more out of your boring homework.

Analyze the assignments

When you do your homework, don’t just cope with the assignments automatically without giving them a proper analysis. The probability of having similar problems on your exam is high. Therefore, think about each problem in terms of its purpose. Find the most effective approach to getting the right answer. Note down every important observation that can help you do better at an exam. If you realize that you are having difficulties coping with a particular type of assignment, ask your teacher to give you a more detailed explanation. Alternatively, you can hire a math tutor to analyze this type of problem together.

Look through sample problems again

Note down all the sample problems that your teacher solves during classes. You will find many insights in terms of using solution algorithms more effectively. Don’t be shy to ask your teacher to draw more examples if you do not fully understand a particular topic. It is better to collect your courage and ask that question than struggle with numerous assignments on your own at home. After, your teacher is there to teach you. Use every opportunity to get more knowledge.

Practice regularly


It is crucial to give your brain a regular reminder about the math problem that you will need to solve during the exams. The homework problems might not be enough to do so. Some students come up with an idea: ” I will do my math homework online to practice more before the finals”. It is a good idea because you can find numerous math problems of all kinds online. You can study whenever you have some free time as you don’t need to make any arrangements ahead. If you can’t solve something, you can easily find the solution online as well.

Cooperate with someone

What if many of the problems are the cause of your frustration? Asking your teacher to explain to you every single detail, again and again, might not be the most practical approach. Cooperation with a study partner can be one of the healthy alternatives. If you can’t find a study group that you can join, you can turn to math homework help websites. For example, Plainmath is a free math encyclopedia. It collects and puts together all unsolved math problems and shows solutions to them so that students can learn and understand them.

There, you will see students that experience similar difficulties. Moreover, there is a category of companies that allow you to hire a personal math homework helper, one such company is It is your chance to get valuable comments from talented experts on how to solve specific math problems.

Do a test on logic

Once you get the answer to a problem, do not rush in to submit it. First, make sure that the answer makes sense. For instance, if you are asked to find the average velocity of an airplane and the answer you got is 3000 mph, something is wrong with your calculations. Double check the algorithm of steps that led you to this answer to make sure there is no mistake. Many students ignore this step because they are glad to have finally solved the problem. However, always ask yourself if the answer seems probable or not.

More Easy Tips


Let’s look at more simple things that can increase the effectiveness of your preparation for a math exam.

Smartly use your smartphone

Your phone is there with you during every class not only to get you through some boring theoretical material. You can use it in many other ways that can help you get a better understanding of math concepts. For instance, you can record your teacher’s explanations to listen to them once again while doing homework or practicing for an exam. Also, if you got distracted and did not note down an important example, just take a picture of it. One more tip is to download a helpful math app on your phone that provides you with additional explanations on different topics. If the explanation of your teacher does not seem clear to you, try to read the one that is on your phone.

Go beyond your textbook

No matter how great the content of your math textbook can be, you don’t need to limit your sources with it. Sometimes watching an explanatory video can be more helpful than reading the same paragraph again and again. Also, look through some popular math apps and websites. You will be surprised how much useful material you can find there.

Increase the complexity of assignments

Your teacher might be giving you assignments of a medium level of complexity. However, you can’t be sure that the exam questions will not include more complex ones. Therefore, go the extra mile and start solving more challenging problems. Then, you can be fully prepared to face any surprises an exam can bring. You can easily find these problems either in your textbook or online.

Well, you can consider yourself to be fully prepared for a math exam of any difficulty after you follow all of these tips. If you wish to dive deep into the world of math, you can consider the option of hiring a tutor. Even though this approach requires additional payment and spending extra time, you will see the improvement of your skills right away.


The key to solving any math problem is understanding the logic behind it. In other words, you don’t just blindly follow the algorithm that your teacher gave you. You have a clear understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing it. Students who wish to have a high GPA score often use this option.