The United States and a lot of other countries outside of the USA offer garbage, recycle and yard waste collection every week. Usually, this is regulated by the city and it is quite convenient. All you have to do is just gather all of your garbage and put it in the trash bin outside of your house or apartment building. However, you cannot just throw away anything you want. Certain larger unwanted items will not be picked up by the city garbage trucks. Instead, you will need to call for junk removal services.

If you have never used such services, you might be wondering how they operate. What are they going to take? What are they going to leave? Will they help you carry the junk that you want to throw away? These are some of the questions you are probably asking yourself and you may have tons of other questions.

To make it easier for you, I decided to write this article and explain exactly how these junk removal services work. After you go through this article, I am sure that you will understand how this entire process works.

What can they take?


If you have a lot of stuff that you want to throw away, one of the things you want to know is exactly what will the junk removal companies take and throw away. Usually, there are no limits to what they can or cannot do.

Basically, you can call them for anything. If you have been renovating or decorating your home, you can throw away all of your old furniture, some old electric appliances, furniture, stuff from your garage. Whether the items are made out of metal, plastic, wood, or fiber, it will not matter to them. If you want, they just come with a large truck where you dump all of your stuff and they take it away.

Keep in mind, if you have some extra-large items in your junk, it is a good idea to inform them about this on the phone. For example, if you plan on throwing away your old hot tub or large sofa, tell them about it. Otherwise, they could come with a truck that is not large enough to fit that kind of trash.

Where did they take the junk?


If you are the type of person that cares about the environment then I think it is safe to assume that you will want to know where your junk is taken. It is not exactly ecologically friendly if all of the trash is just dumped into another landfill. Instead, you should be looking at services that are willing to recycle.

Usually, companies in this industry will take all of your trash to their warehouse or storage facility. Once the junk is there, it can be separated into different categories. Items that could be recycled, items that can be donated and those that should be disposed.

Usually, glass, plastics, rubber, metal and paper will be taken to recycling. All of the other stuff that is made out of more complicated materials such as appliances will probably be donated. Everything else is going to the landfill. Yes, that is unfortunate, but there is no other solution to that problem. There is always going to be junk that is going to end up in a landfill.

What are not they going to take?


This is another very important question that you need an answer to. The fact is that different companies have a different set of rules. Not every company in this industry is equal.

However, I can tell you that most of the companies that offer junk removal services will not be willing to take chemicals, solvents or anything like that. So, if you have any buckets and cans of paint, they will not take that. Gasoline, oil barrels, or any kind of bio-hazard, sludge, or toxic will not be collected as suggested by

How much does all of this cost?

Now, once we have gone through most of the junk removal process, you will want to know exactly how much all of this is going to cost you.

Well, the final costs of these services depend on several different factors. For example, if you plan on throwing away multiple large items, like the ones I mentioned previously, a hot tub, or sofa, the price can go well above $500. The more stuff you pack into the truck, the more you have to pay.

But, if you do not have any large items or if you are not cramming the entire truck, you could probably get away with just $100 or even less. On average, people spend anywhere between $100-$200 for junk removal services.

Response time


If you have a lot of garbage ready to be thrown away, I imagine that you will want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Fortunately, some of these companies are offering same-day services. Although, not every business is true to these words. Sometimes, the response time can be awful.

However, if you do some proper research and find a reliable and trustworthy trash removal company, I assume that their response time will be great.

Keep in mind, if you are in need of same-day service because it is an emergency, you should tell that to the company right away. This might add an extra cost to the bill, but at least you will finally get rid of all that garbage.

If you do not want to spend extra money or if you are not in a hurry, you can just call them and schedule any day of the week you are ready to get rid of the garbage.

I hope that this article was informative enough and that you now understand exactly how junk removal services operate. With this information in mind, you will not exactly what to look for and I am sure that you will be able to find a reliable and professional company that is going to satisfy all of your requirements.