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Want to make sure your document is free of plagiarism? Well, it’s only fair that you get the services of the best tool for plagiarism checking in your document, especially when you have written it with all your heart and with complete research.

We always recommend our readers who are related to the writing fraternity to check their documents for plagiarism before it’s too late and the work gets rejected. It’s a fact that plagiarism is a menace that has covered almost 40% of the database on the web, and this is the percentage of the content that is deliberately plagiarized.

Now we are not accusing you of plagiarizing content that is already published, but we are emphasizing the other aspects and types of plagiarism that have the same ugly consequences.

The ugly consequences of plagiarism include getting an F grade in a course, getting rusticated from an academic institute, suspension of ranking position on the search engine, and removal of your website from the web. Google has made strict rules of ranking, and one of the biggest requirements for top ranking on Google or any other search engine for that matter is simply unique content!

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Now you must know that the two types of plagiarism accidental and self-plagiarism are the types that you don’t even know about when you commit plagiarism. Well, it is a high possibility that your content matches the content of another person already published on the web under the same niche.

This is because of the diversity of the content available on the internet. You will be shocked to know that let alone Google has more than trillions of webpages having zillions of words of content on them. Now even if your content is said to match a certain page’s content, it doesn’t mean that you can’t fix it. You just need a good website, plagiarism checker!

The Top Way to Check Plagiarism Online!

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Now there are many ways to check plagiarism in content these days, from the simple and old method of checking content in the Google search bar to the simpler method of using different plagiarism detector tools there are plenty of ways of checking plagiarism but we will here you tell you about the best and the most common ones.

Let us give to the details of the old method of checking plagiarism that you can still use. This method was extensively used to check plagiarism before the launch of the plagiarism software tool, and you will be shocked to know that this method was the base of the invention and development of the modern day’s plagiarism checker.

You can click here to know about the best plagiarism tools available online!

Conventional Checking with A Search Engine!

This is the old method which was easy but time-taking and required a lot of effort, especially if you had to check the plagiarism of a hard copy paper. Now in this method of plagiarism checking you simply copied the content from your writing platform and pasted in the search bar of Google or any other favorite search engine that you trust.

You can still do this way. after pasting the content, you hit search and the search engine will detect the similar content to that copied phrase/sentence or paragraph for that matter.

You can easily check the top results for any similarity and remove or change the content if any traces of plagiarism are found by the plagiarism checker.

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Using Plagiarism Checker Tools Like Small SEO Tools!

The plagiarism checker tool by small SEO tools is one of the most popular tools that are available on the web. The small SEO tools are a platform for best reliable services and if you are looking for a quicker and efficient way of plagiarism checking, then follow the simple steps!

  1. Navigate small SEO tools on the web!
  2. Open the plagiarism checking tools!
  3. Select the plagiarism checker tool from the tab!
  4. Enter the text by pasting it or uploading the whole document!
  5. Hit check for plagiarism!
  6. The highlighted text in the content will show traces of plagiarism (you can rephrase it to make it unique)
  7. Download the plagiarism checking report! Click here for more details about the tool!

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism!

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Plagiarism is a huge nuisance for webmasters, students, and writers. You can’t beat plagiarism unless you use a plagiarism checker for finding out even if 1% of your text is matching any other source. Plagiarism checker is the way to find out whether plagiarism is existing in your content or not.

But, you must also know the ways of avoiding plagiarism. Let’s discuss some of the ways that can assist you in avoiding it:


Sometimes a writer needs to discuss the things that are already discussed and available on other webpages. It is obvious that you can’t simply replicate them or make unnecessary changes that can alter the meaning of the text. In this situation, you can paraphrase the information as it will help you in conveying the same message, but with different words.


The educational institutes have proper guidelines about how to cite your work properly. Citations are basically the references you give to the source from where you have taken assistance to complete your assignment or essay. Citation eliminates the risk of plagiarism, but it should be done correctly, or otherwise, your text will be counted as plagiarized, and you will have to face negative consequences.


The popular quotes by writers can’t be paraphrased as the people will easily find out that the words aren’t yours. But still, you might have to use those words in your research paper, so quoting those words is the best way. It will prevent you from the allegations of plagiarism, but it doesn’t mean that you can quote throughout your text.

You can avoid plagiarism with any of the ways mentioned above. But remember, you can’t leave out checking plagiarism even after being 100% sure. Plagiarism checker tool can help you figure out the matched sources of your text, so using it is a must for every person involved in writing tasks.