Some students can easily cope with various writing tasks, whereas others have to apply much time and effort to complete their assignments successfully. Those students, who lack sufficient writing experience, often suffer from writer’s block, which significantly affects their academic results. In our guide, we are going to help you understand what writer’s block is and how to avoid it in writing. Here you can learn more and develop your writing skills. By studying our suggestions, you will boost your talent and create first-class papers.

What Is Writer’s Block?


Each writer experiences writer’s block from time to time. It is a state when you are desperately looking at a clean sheet of paper or a screen of your laptop, but nothing comes to your mind. The studies show that there are four main reasons for the physical state that is called writer’s block. These reasons are as follows:

  • A writer is too critical about his or her work;
  • A writer compares his or her work with the works of other people;
  • A writer does not receive appraisals that can motivate him or her;
  • A writer lacks self-motivation and does not wish to share their ideas with the reader.

One can admit that writer’s block is a state when a person is dissatisfied with what he or she is doing. You may reasonably ask, “Is there any way to feel motivated and encouraged again?” Yes.

Of course, there are instruments that may help overcome writer’s block. By becoming more motivated, the person can easily overcome writer’s block and get new interesting ideas for producing new papers.

What Are the Main Reasons for Writer’s Block?

There are different reasons for writer’s block. Below, you will find the most popular ones:

  • Lack of writing experience;
  • Negative experience related to writing (teacher has put a bad
  • mark or said something bad about your writing style);
  • Negative feelings about writing;
  • Limited deadline;
  • Lack of interest in the topic;
  • Distant deadline;
  • Personal problems.

How to Overcome Writer’s Block?


Writer’s block can be a great obstacle on your way to writing a good-looking paper. Luckily, there are many strategies that will help you avoid it. Have a look at the most successful ones:

Talk About Your Problem with a Friend

Some academic essays require a personal touch. When you need to write a narrative essay, an admission essay, a motivation letter, or any other piece of personal essay writing, you can discuss it with a friend who knows you better than others and can provide you with some hints that will help you produce a good-looking piece. They may suggest an interesting approach for creating your paper or remember an interesting aspect of your life that will help you engage your reader. In fact, you can also talk to a close relative, roommate, or even a teacher. An objective opinion of your close person will help you generate interesting ideas and forget about writer’s block.

Assess Your Strengths


To write a stunning personal essay, you should brainstorm your ideas and understand what you are good at. For example, you may have a talent for resolving conflicts and can support it with your real-life experience. When you understand what makes you different from other people, you will find it easier to write your personal essays.

Set Deadlines

Proper organization of the writing process is particularly important for getting the anticipated outcome. If you want to avoid writer’s block, you can set clear deadlines for all the stages of the writing process. By doing it, you will avoid procrastination. If you are tired from staring into your sheet, you can go for a walk as it will help you refresh your mind and find interesting ideas for your paper.

Brainstorm Your Ideas Before You Start Writing


Professional essay writers never underestimate the importance of brainstorming as they understand that this process helps them not only generate interesting ideas but also decide what order to follow. Brainstorming is a creative process that allows revealing our writing potential. Although it can be rather difficult to start thinking about the paper without having a clear plan, you need to do it to make the writing process easier.

Listen to Music

It does not mean that you need to listen to a TOP 10 list and write your paper being inspired by these songs. Instead, we strongly recommend you listen to your favorite songs and try to find the hidden senses broadcasted by the musicians. We can talk for hours about our favorite music. Why don’t you use this instrument for overcoming writer’s block?

Take Breaks


Taking breaks is a very important strategy for improving your writing skills. Being tired, you will never create a masterpiece. If you feel overwhelmed or exhausted, we strongly recommend you put your paper away and start doing the things that bring you emotional pleasure. By doing something that will help you forget about work, you will definitely become more productive.

Look for Samples

Finally, studying the examples of successful essays written by other people can also help you overcome writer’s block. Of course, you cannot simply copy-paste some of the ideas from the ready-made samples. However, you can use these examples to facilitate your understanding of the appropriate content, structure, and format of your paper.


For many students, writing an academic paper is a very challenging task that requires an enormous amount of time and effort. If you get stuck on your essay, you should not torture yourself. You will be able to write a good-looking paper only after finding your inspiration. If you are suffering from a writing block and have no idea how to move forward, you can have a look at our suggestions and try at least some of them. And remember that a good conversation with your friend, workout, or watching your favorite TV show will also help you become more inspired. You should not treat your essay as a problem but as an instrument to develop your cognitive and critical thinking skills. After all, practice makes perfect. Good luck!