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Email is an essential aspect of life today, and no one can survive without this crucial means of communication. A majority of the things you do online requires you to incorporate your email address. Whether you want to communicate to someone, open an online bank account, or subscribe to specific sites on the internet, it is necessary to rely on the email account.

However, one of the worst things of email is the spam you receive due to the online interactions. Many of the spam emails are indeed wrong, while the rest may not be so harmful. You can apply various methods to get rid of spam mails to enter your inbox. Although the prominent mails ensure that you do not encounter the worst, it is easy enough for spam mail to make through your inbox.

If you are planning to cut short of email, you need to think twice. There is no way you can make your mail utterly free from spam, but you can always try. The local service you are using usually filters the spam emails entering your inbox, but still, you cannot prevent them from attacking your email entirely. Many of the spams can move past the filters and manage to stay in your inbox. You have to know how to fight these invaders.

Read the following to understand how to prevent the entry of spam mails.

1. Teach your client

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As soon as you locate a spam mail in your inbox, the first thing you do is delete it instantly. However, it is the wrong way to follow. You should select the mail in particular and let the service provider know that the message you receive is spam. How you do it will depend on the service provider. Apart from this, it would help if you also told the client about those messages in the spam folders that should ideally stay in the inbox. For a few service providers, you need to know which button to click.

Enabling the spam filter options can resolve the issue of spam mails. For a few services, the filters block the mails automatically, such as Apple. Besides this, there are well-defined systems in the rest, which includes massive rules for estimating the spam mails. If the main is not legitimate, the system can detect it appropriately.

However, the key is to train the filters to mark the mails as spam. The creation of filters is one of the traditional methods for dealing with spam as you are already aware that some of the most reputed services have filters that can detect the most harmful spam mails. Instead of deleting or redirecting the spam, you can install filters to protect the inbox.

2. Blocking mail address

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Besides setting filters, you can also block the mail of the sender. Just take a look at the right and the upper portion of the message. Clicking on the three dots will bring down the menu containing the actions that apply to your email. From here, you can block the name of the sender and confirm that no notification or pop up comes from the email of the address you block comes to your spam folder. However, if you want to unblock the address, you can go to the respective settings to click on the suitable option for unblocking the address again.

3. Responding to spam and hiding email address

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As soon as you recognize a mail as spam, you must avoid opening it. Even if you open the mail, you need to close it immediately when you know that it is a spam. Many people click on a link or press a button accidentally while downloading any file from the mail, which you think is spam. If you open spam email as the address shown belongs to a person you know, you must inform them that they are already under the grip of a hacked account.

If you share your email address with more and more people, you are likely to receive more spam emails. Try to keep your email address personal instead of sharing it with many people. Besides this, you must avoid making your address public on the web unless you need it. Instead of sharing your real address with people, you can always use a dummy email for publicizing it.

4. Direct spam report

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You can report a mail as spam within the message itself to overcome those junk mails that arrive on your inbox. Some of the most reputed email services use their methods for letting people get rid of spam. You will notice an icon similar to the stop sign among the primary functions of the inbox. Remember that when you select an option for reporting spam, that mail can arrive in the junk inbox, and you may also receive emails from the same receiver in the future. Once you report spam directly and unsubscribe from the address, you can get the mail in your junk inbox and avoid receiving mails from them as it removes the address from the list.

5. Change your address or use a third-party spam filter

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Most of the security packages come with an anti-spam filter that works on your service provider only if they are local. You can always check the usefulness of the third-party spam filter to know if it works. Changing the email address is a drastic step. However, it is the most suitable option if you have already responded to spam mails before or burdened with spam. Do not forget to inform people about changing your email address. For one thing, spam mails should not trouble you further once you change your old email address.

Stay away from the email list

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Unsubscribing from the list of emails can help you bring down the instances of spam mails invading your inbox. Using is another option that lets you overcome spam mails. As you scroll down below the email, you will come across a choice of unsubscribing from the list of emails. If you select this option, you can be redirected to another option with more details about the list of subscriptions. Trying the methods can help you deal with the spam mails better.