A pet is something that can really change your everyday life. Each of us has a hard life that is filled with many responsibilities, and after a hard day’s work, each of us needs a little rest.

That rest for our psyche is offered by our pets, and especially as excellent therapists and stress relievers are the dogs that are a particularly popular option for each of the people who want to keep a pet that they would take care of and with which they would spend their free time. But this choice can often be disabled or hindered by landlords who rent out the space in which you live.

It is especially difficult when the owner forbids you to take with you the pet that you keep for a certain period of time and which is an integral part of your everyday life, but it is also an integral part of your life, especially in everyday life.

It is difficult to hear such a ban which can have a very bad effect on you and your emotions. But in those moments it is necessary to think about solutions. It is necessary not to succumb to such a request and to strive to be with your best friend.

But first, let’s see if he can even tell you not to live with your pet together in the space he rents you and if he asks for something that could be done about it. We will not allow you to part with your pet and that is why we have prepared this article to discuss this issue together.

Can a landlord forbid you from living with your dog in the space he rents out to you?


There are certain moments in life when you need to change your place of residence, and even in certain situations to go and live in a rented place where the landlord will rent you certain living space for a certain amount of money.

Some of you also have dogs that you keep as your pets and best friends that you would certainly take with you if you went to live somewhere else. But there may be a definite problem. This may be the landlord’s claim against the pet.

That way he could let you in, but he could not let you in and therefore you could not be a tenant in that living space. But in order for things to be perfectly fine, in order for you and your landlord to be satisfied, you need to talk and come to a certain solution or a certain compromise that will overcome the whole situation.

So let’s see how and in which situations you can negotiate, ie let’s see how you can come to a certain solution in such situations.

What solution can you come up with with your landlord?

You must know that without trying and without asking the answer will always be no. That’s why it’s good to negotiate to keep your dog by your side and let it live with you. But what is it that you can suggest? It remains to be seen below.

1. Suggest that someone constantly take care of your dog


The first suggestion you can give your landlord is to provide ongoing care. That means having someone who will take care of your pet at home while you work and take him for walks.

But you must keep in mind that above all it must be a trusted person who will constantly guard the pet, especially when he is outdoors, and not let the dog run away. But there is a solution in the form of a collar that you can find out if you visit this site, which will help you not to lose track of the dog.

Of course, this solution with constant care for your dog can be very favorable if you properly choose the person who will take care of the pet and who will take care of him, and it can be a great solution that will be accepted by the owner.

2. Show a certificate of training to your pet


To reassure the landlord that your dog is calm, obeys orders, and behaves according to certain habits is a training certificate. If you are attending such a certificate, it is good to attach it, and if you do not have such a certificate, it would be good to obtain it or to have some confirmation that would let you know that your pet is meek and calm.

3. Point out that your dog walks several times a day and that there is no need for worry

If there really is no confidence on the part of the owner of the name in which you live that your dog has appropriate manners, habits and calm demeanor, then point out that the pet goes for a walk several times.

This could calm the property owner down and allow your best friend to stay with you in the space you want to live in. You can even make a turn so your landlord asks to meet your best furry friend.

4. Let your landlord know that you will take proper care of the hygiene in the space you live in


The next solution is to talk to the landlord that you will do your best to keep the space you live in always clean and tidy. We all know that pets often know how to spill water and food unintentionally, but we also know that there can be a large amount of pet hair in the home.

In order for your dog to stay with you, indicate that none of this will happen and that your home will always be tidy and clean, maintained by you.

5. Even offer and sign a statement in which you commit to some or all of these obligations


For the whole agreement to be credible and for the whole agreement between you and the owner of the rented property to be sure it is good to give a statement that you will sign that you agree to some or all of these commitments that we have offered you or to some others that will be set by the landlord. That way you will agree to have control over your pet as a condition that he stays with you.

Can a landlord stop you from taking your dog with you? It can, but it does not have to. Why not? Because you can very easily offer a solution that you both agree on that will remove all the obstacles that existed so that your dog could live with you.