Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – also known as impotence – is a condition in which a man is unable to get or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. It is a fairly common condition, and according to the NHS, half of all men aged between 40 and 70 in the UK experience ED at some point. The main cause of ED tends to be inadequate blood flow to the penis, which could itself be a symptom of some other illness. Most men who complain about symptoms of ED also have other underlying medical conditions. ED can also be caused as a side effect of medication, lifestyle, habits, due to mental distress or even physical injury. There have even been genetic causes in determining whether an individual will experience ED as they get older. Fortunately, the options for ED treatment today are plenty, with drugs like cheap Viagra or cheap sildenafil among the most common which is easily available on However, there are other effective alternative treatments for ED as well, and one of these is Hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy is a supplementary psychological technique that utilizes hypnosis to aid in the treatment of specific symptoms or health conditions. Hypnotherapy works by inducing a hypnotic state that allows people to experience detached external attention and focus on inner experiences.

It is used as part of a treatment plan for phobias and other anxiety disorders. It can also sometimes be used for pain management, weight loss, smoking cessation, and many other applications. In a similar way, this technique is often used as an alternative for people who do not want to take ED medications.

How Does it Work

A professional hypnotherapist initiates hypnosis by creating a condition of deep focus. It is a controlled exercise with oral signals and repetition, and you are completely aware of the situation. Your therapist will give guided recommendations to help you reach your therapeutic objectives. You are likely to be more receptive to suggestions or advice that you would otherwise disregard in your usual mental state.

Hypnotherapy and ED

As mentioned previously, ED can be caused by a variety of biological, psychological or lifestyle reasons. What hypnotherapy does is that it treats non-biological reasons that may be causing ED. Hypnotherapy is good for treating anxiety and pushing people to make healthy lifestyle changes. These can then drastically improve circulatory health and relieve people of ED.

Health and Lifestyle

Good circulatory health is important for a good erection. Smoking cigarettes can lead to a 26% increased risk of ED, as reported by an Australian study in 2006. It can also raise your blood pressure and tighten the blood vessels. This makes it harder for your heart to pump blood to every part of your body. As a result, the lower regions of your body receive even less blood flow, resulting in ED.

Smoking is addictive, and it is often hard for people to quit despite knowing the obvious side effects on their health. What hypnotherapy does is that it changes your subconscious association with cigarettes. So, whatever mental benefits you thought you were getting from smoking are completely removed. This makes it much easier to quit this habit.

Hypnotherapy can help induce healthier habits and lifestyles. It has been used to increase exercise, stop excessive eating, and also quit alcohol. All these lifestyle changes contribute to a healthy libido and the quality of erection.

Mental Health and Insecurities

The state of an individual’s mental health also plays a huge role in one’s sex life. The brain dictates how excited and ready you are for sexual intercourse. Mental health issues such as anxiety, stress and depression can hinder the excitement, thus causing ED. This then turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy, where you are anxious about your performance in bed which leads to ED, which then causes you more anxiety and so on.

Similarly, any insecurities or negative association with sex can also result in developing ED. For example, when you are not excited or enjoying the act of sex and are preoccupied with thoughts of inadequacy or feeling self-conscious, ED can occur. Overburdening yourself with the responsibility of pleasuring your partner and fearing judgement may also contribute to ED.

As hypnotherapy is a mental technique, it can be used to solve all of these issues. It gets to the root of the problem and directly addresses the fears and insecurities causing ED. It can also be used to learn how to live in the moment and not overanalyze the act of sex. This helps you work past the experiences and rebuild your sexual confidence.

How to get started with Hypnotherapy

There are plenty of assumptions regarding hypnosis and how it may assist with ED, but the stigma is a lot less than it used to be. This is because more individuals are looking for less of drugs for erectile problems. When looking for a hypnotherapist to help you with your ED, look into the Hypnotherapy Register. It will have a comprehensive list of trained and experienced practitioners in your area who will provide a comfortable and private service to help you get past your ED.


Since there can be many reasons for ED, some cases may necessitate medication. If your ED is not the result of some lifestyle or a psychological issue, it could be the result of an underlying health issue or something similar. In such a case, it is recommended that you see a doctor for a thorough exam. ED medications come in different types, and only a doctor can determine the one that best suits you. It could be the usual generic Viagra or generic Cialis, but it could also be sildenafil generic or tadalafil generic.