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Iceland business professor Þórhallur Örn Guðlaugsson has gotten himself in some hot water recently. Guðlaugsson, a business professor at the University of Iceland, has published articles in predatory journals and presumably taken academic credit for them, according to the Iceland news source DV.

Guðlaugsson has published papers in journals published by the so-called Center for Promoting Ideas, an open-access publisher included on my list. He also has articles in journals published by the so-called International Academy of Business and Economics,  based in Turlock, California, also on my list.

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Both of these questionable publishers lure researchers into thinking they are leading publishers by using these grandiose names for their publishing businesses.

After Icelandic media outlets broke the story, Guðlaugsson removed his list of publications from his website. The publications appeared behind the Rannsóknir (research) link, but the link is now dead.

However, the page was easily accessible using the Wayback Machine.

I’ve re-published Guðlaugsson’s Ritrýndar fræðigreinar (research) page here. It shows numerous publications in questionable journals. Also, some of his published articles appear to have disappeared from the internet, an increasing problem with predatory journals.

The lessons here are these: Never take the easy way out and get quick and easy publications by sending articles to predatory journals. At some point in the future, these publications will be found out and they will come back to hurt you.