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I recently learned of a brand-new predatory publisher launching with twelve broad-scoped journals. Such a launch is routine these days — nothing new about this. What’s unique about this fleet launch, however, is its apparent connection to another notorious open-access publisher.

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The new publisher is the Center for Global Research Development, and it appears — from the look and feel of the website — to be a new publishing imprint from the same people who own and operate the American Research Institute for Policy Development. ARIPD claims to be based at 3942 Tulane Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin, though previously it indicated it was based in New York. (It’s possible that the two firms have different owners but use the same website design firm, and the firm’s websites all look the same).

The Center for Global Research Development (CGRD) says it’s based at 116 Saint Nicholas Avenue in New York City. I think both it and ARIPD are really run from Dhaka, Bangladesh, a conclusion supported by the CGRD domain name registration data:

Registrant ID: DI_41584626
Registrant Name: Kazi Arifur Rahman
Registrant Organization: N/A Registrant Street: Uttara, Dhaka
Registrant City: Dhaka Registrant State/Province: Dhaka
Registrant Postal Code: 1230
Registrant Country: BD

Some of the Center for Global Research Development’s journals duplicate titles owned by other publishers. At this time, several of the new journals still lack their own websites, and at least one, as shown in the image below, contains an error.

These fields are already oversaturated with open-access journals.

Spamming for manuscript submissions

This new publisher is currently spamming for articles, so be on the lookout. One of the spam emails they sent used the names of two professors from Creighton University (one as the sender, one signing the message). I have emailed them to ask if their names were used with their knowledge and permission, but I have not received any reply.

Earlier this year, the first of these two publishers, the American Research Institute for Policy Development published a machine-generated article entitled “Robots No Longer Considered Harmful” It was submitted by someone checking to see whether the publisher would accept and publish a totally bogus article, which it did. Amazingly, the bogus article is still published there; it has not been retracted.

Hat tip: Dr. Magnus Fiskesjö


List of Center for Global Research Development journals as of 2015-04-17

  1. International Journal of Behavioral and Social Science (IJBSS)
  2. International Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (IJAES)
  3. International Journal of Applied and Mathematical Sciences (IJAMS)
  4. International Journal of Arts and Humanities (IJAH)
  5. International Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship Development (IJBED)
  6. International Journal of Education and Human Developments (IJEHD)
  7. International Journal of Finance and Risk Management (IJFRM)
  8. International Journal of Management and Economic Development (IJMED)
  9. International Journal of Marketing and Strategic Communication (IJMSC)
  10. International Journal of Political Science and International Relations (IJPSIR)
  11. International Journal of Research in Health and Medical Sciences (IJRHMS)
  12. International Journal of Science and Engineering Technology (IJSET)

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