Today digital marketing–artificial intelligence is the duo whose potential knows no borders. According to the latest data, this year the number of online buyers will reach 2.1 billion, which means that 27% of the population will be there to enjoy all the blessings of E-commerce. And artificial intelligence is exactly the thing that makes all those online shopping customer benefits happen. Image recognition (IR) is a fairly new branch of AI but it has already settled among the most promising and revolutionary technologies in E-commerce. Let’s figure out how it can benefit your online store starting today.

What is the Core of Image Recognition?


Just to make it clear: image recognition is an AI technology that allows you to search using images instead of words. When you’re struggling with finding the exact same thing you have in a photo, image recognition for E-commerce is here to help you out. In a world bursting with image and video content, IR sounds like a must-have digital tool.

Image Recognition Serving E-commerce Needs


If we look at image recognition through an E-commerce lens, we’ll see that these two were made for each other. The variety of ways IR can be integrated into the retail business is infinite and image recognition software development in E-commerce is something so flexible and customizable that any online store owner can adjust it according to one’s specific needs. Now let’s get down to the practical aspect of the matter.

Unmatched Customer Service


Enhanced customer service is exactly what modern E-commerce is all about. Image recognition software development in E-commerce serves in a number of ways to complete the task: speeding up the product search, finding the best price alternatives, providing recommendations that actually fall in line with customers’ product wishes and the list is hardly exhaustible. In other words, image recognition solutions like the ones InData Labs developes is a universal tool for making customers happier.

Ultra-Fast Product Search

Online shopping has beaten the traditional one because it saves countless hours spent on queuing and fitting. With image recognition, the amount of time wasted on product search is minimized to a few seconds, providing a customer has an image of the item one wants to purchase. Apart from that, IR technology displays product alternatives ranging in price and retailer or showcases similar items within a single particular store.

Smart Product Recommendations


Image recognition software development has come to the point where it can predict buyers’ wishes based not only on their search history. Today saved and liked posts, Pinterest boards, and other digital actions speak much louder. That’s why IR suggests product recommendations after analyzing a customer’s interaction with images in various social media. So if your online store has integrated image recognition for E-commerce, buyers will see similar items from your shop as recommended.

Business Growth Booster

As mentioned above, by incorporating IR for E-commerce, you open up a broader customer audience than you’ve ever had. A much larger number of potential buyers can reach out to your online store via recommendations and a “similar” tag. The other aspect of business enlargement lies in the competitive advantages provided by IR to your customers before thousands of other tech-lagging-behind online retailers.

Digital Stylist Service


In fact, only a few buyers know what they really want when they set out for online shopping. And even if they do, the whole set of items is not that easy to find. Let’s take shopping for clothes. Once you’ve found a nice dress, you’re most likely to buy a necklace and a pair of earrings that would elevate the whole look. Digital stylist analyses the client’s choice and offers some more appropriate details one is highly inclined to add to the cart.

Digital Try-On Option

One of the most wanted online shopping options is the ability to somehow try things on to be sure you avoid returns and refunds. IR has worked out the solution. With the help of augmented reality tech, now customers can actually see how an item fits and matches one’s figure and complexion in real-time. Sounds like a fairy-tale until you see the real profit increase.

Counterfeit Exposure


Big brands have long struggled with forgery. Finally, there’s a way to inform buyers and prevent them from purchasing fake lower-quality products by auto-checking logos and identifying false ones. Logo recognition allows people to see if an online store is trying to sell counterfeit and redirect them to places with the big brand or similar less-known brand items.

The Final Thought

Customer experience is the top priority for any E-commerce store out there. So it’s vital to understand that today visual search technology is at the forefront of providing solutions for online buyers. Image recognition software development has gone a long way to ensure that every owner is able to tackle the majority of online customer shopping issues and keep their carts full. When it comes to adopting new technologies into a business routine, fast thinking and decision-making is the key. So hurry up, IR is waiting for your E-commerce to become the best among the rivals.