No one likes losing. Even if you are not a competitive and ambitious person, you still want to win from time to time. The fact is that it feels great. This is true regardless of the competition or contest you have entered. Plus, getting valuable prizes is always great.

It doesn’t matter if you are playing bingo or poker with your friends or if you are competing for an Instagram giveaway. Naturally, the valuable the prize, the more motivated you feel. But, are there any tricks you can use to increase your chances? Surely there are, and in the following text, we will tell you about some of them.

Find the right contest for you


Nowadays, there are numerous online competitions, and you can choose the one that is most appealing to you. Many factors can influence this decision, from the organization of it to its form, prizes, and so on. It is also a good idea to think about the award you want to get. This is the easiest way to decide which competition is the best for you, and it is a great starting point.

Gather all information


The first thing that you must do before entering any type of contest is to understand the requirements fully. This means that you have to gather all the available information regarding the competitions, the rules, how everything works, etc.

If you skip this step, you run the risk of being disqualified if you haven’t met all the requirements. This is true for every kind of competition. Surely you have witnessed people winning trips, cars, and other valuable prizes only to be disqualified because they did not follow the rules. Can you imagine that disappointment? This is something that you definitely want to avoid, so you have to learn about all the aspects of it before entering.

Furthermore, make sure to write down all the valid personal information. Before submitting your form, double-check or triple-check if necessary because if you make a mistake, it will be another reason you can get disqualified.

Submit many forms


The great thing about online competitions is that you can enter as many times as you like, meaning that you can submit as many forms as you want. No one is really going to check it. You will probably be required to type in your email address, and, if by any chance, there is a limit on how many times a single email can be used, it is time to create a new one or use your friends’ ones.

Furthermore, if you want to, you can enter as many others as you can. Naturally, you have to check that they are legit, but if these are really appealing to you, then there isn’t a reason to stick only to one.

Inquire about the fees


A lot of people don’t know this, but sometimes, there are fees you have to pay in order to enter the competition. Usually, these are insignificant, but still, it is a step you cannot skip. Naturally, these are usually a part of some large contests, where you can get valuable prizes. These do not exist when it comes to getting discounts and coupons via giveaways.

Research your competitors

If you want to sign up for an online writing or art contest of some sort, it means that you will go against other people. These function in a completely different matter, which means that these require a little bit more research effort on your part.

The first thing that you have to remember is that you won’t compete against everyone on the list. In the first round, all of you are candidates, and the judges will select a certain number of people who will actually compete. Once this process of selection is concluded, it is time to learn about your rivals.

For example, if you are entering a writing contest, you could read the work they have submitted or find other pieces online if they have published any. This is the best way to learn as much as you can about them. You will get insight into the competition, and you will understand what your chances of winning are. In addition, you will also know what methods you should use to win.

Submit your best work


We have already mentioned that you have to do extensive research to learn about all the requirements, and this is even more important when it comes to these contests. There are usually guidelines that you have to follow, such as the genre of the story, the number of words, and so on. If you don’t follow these, your application will be marked as invalid, even if your story is the best one.

Once you get familiar with all of these, it is time to choose your piece. Not only do you have to ensure that it is the best work you have ever done, but you also have to check that it is in accordance with every single rule and requirement.

Check the deadline

This is true for any kind of competition, regardless of its form, organization, and so on. You must learn about the schedule and follow it closely. If you miss the deadline, there is no point in submitting your application since it won’t even be considered.

Generate votes


When it comes to this type of contest, the winner is usually determined by the number of votes they get from the website’s visitors, people who their social media pages, and so on. This is your time to act. Surely, random people will vote for you, but you have a chance here to increase the number of votes. How? Well, send the link to everyone you know and ask them for help.

Obviously, you should start with your immediate family and close friends. Then, you can move on and send the link to your classmates, neighbors, acquaintances, and so on. If you want to go a step further, you can always ask professionals for help. If you are interested in learning how this works exactly, visit


As you can see, there are multiple tips and tricks you can use to increase your chances of winning. You just have to be smart about it, investigate the game itself, and choose the best ones.