Bitcoin, which is a cryptocurrency, has been in the spotlight ever since they have been discovered. They were invented to bypass the limitations of traditional forms of currency and offer a host of advantages like preserving the anonymity of users, ensuring safe transactions, and offering a channel of investment.

There are several ways by which people can make money off cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. People can trade in them just like they trade shares of a company on a stock exchange. However, mining cryptos remains one the most popular channels by which people earn via these currencies.

Bitcoins, their potential, and their limitations have generated a lot of interest from people around the globe. If one wants to know how to trade in these currencies, one can go to

What Are The Factors That Limit The Profitability Of Bitcoin Mining Operations?

Mining for new bitcoins is an essential step that keeps the crypto ecosystem running. These currencies are generated by huge computers by miners who might be amateurs or professionals. Mining operations include verifying cryptographic transactions and generating new blocks or currency.

Miners made profits when they generated a block as they usually got a certain share of the block’s price as a reward. This block could then be sold or reinvested. However, everybody cannot start generating blocks as and when they want, and the difficulties associated with the process have only increased with time.


Some of the challenges associated with bitcoin mining are listed under

Requirement Of Great Computing Power

Generating bitcoins requires huge computers with extremely powerful, high-energy demanding hardware parts. Thus, a regular laptop or a desktop cannot generate cryptos. People have to invest huge amounts to buy these computers.

However, buying computers is only the first step because these computers are not only expensive, but they are also big in size and thus require a lot of space. Moreover, the maintenance and maintenance of these computers are a huge burden on the owner’s pocket.

Great Demand For Electricity

Since generating cryptos requires large computers, they need a lot of electricity to run them. Also, additional power is required to cool the computers, which generate a lot of heat since they help solve complicated mathematical operations.

The electricity connections used for household power supply are grossly inadequate for operating these computers. The enormous energy requirement of these operations is one of the key reasons why bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are said to be environmentally unsustainable.

Halving Of Rewards


A certain percentage of the mined crypto is given as a reward; however, this reward amount decreases with time. Thus, whatever amount is rewarded today, it is predicted that by 2024, half of that amount will be given as a reward.

Highly Competitive Operations

The nature of the operations is such that as more people try to mine a certain block, the difficulty level of the mathematical operations increase. As awareness about bitcoins and their value increases, more people want to generate them. Hence, it is becoming complicated to solve the mathematical operations required to generate a new block.

Increased Governmental Regulations

With time governments are becoming aware of the risks and potential of cryptos. Hence, every single day there are some new laws or policies that cryptos have to comply with. Also, as tax authorities realise the value of these currencies, they have started charging taxes on people who own or trade in these currencies.

Hence, mining operations are becoming less profitable since the government’s share of taxes will eat out a significant amount of the value of the crypto. However, it is not just the tax laws that are tough; cryptos have to deal with uncertain laws. For instance, there are many countries that are suspicious of these currencies, and hence these countries are in favour of banning them altogether.


These are some of the key factors that limit the profitability of bitcoins. Apart from these factors, people often take huge loans to buy powerful computers, and those loans turn into default if the miner does not profit. Also, the value of bitcoin itself is highly volatile. It is subject to many factors, the most important being governmental policies of major world economies.

Bitcoin Mining Can Still Be A Profitable Venture

There are specific steps that people can take if they want to make profits off bitcoins like,

Pooling Resources

The cost of powerful computers, expensive hardware, and electricity might be challenging to manage from the point of view of an individual. Still, these costs become manageable when a group of miners pools their resources.

Pooling has another advantage that when many people want to generate a block, it leads to stiff competition, and most people might lose out. However, when people pool together, the difficulty level of the mathematical operations decreases, and people who pool have a higher chance of gaining.

Using Cloud-Based Resources

Instead of owning the computers and hardware, people can just work on cloud-based platforms that have a shared processing power. Also, with these systems, the maintenance costs are transferred from the individual to the servers that offer the services on the cloud.

Knowing How To Invest The Bitcoin Properly


Even Though the share of bitcoin a miner gets decreases with time, they are still quite valuable, and if people know how to invest them properly, they still stand to gain. People should be aware of several channels where they can sell their bitcoin and sell it only to the channel that offers them maximum value for their bitcoin.

Technological Advances

With time chips will become smaller; hence powerful computers can become smaller and more affordable with time. Also, with the developments in alternative forms of energy like wind, solar energy, etc., the cost of electricity will go down. Hence, large amounts of electricity could then be channelized towards generating bitcoin.


People often suggest trading in cryptos is much more profitable than mining them. However, mining is still a highly profitable venture if people can pool resources effectively and if they are well aware of the channels where selling their bitcoin will fetch them a good price.