bitcoin investment venture

Many new investors start by purchasing and holding crypto assets, but there are easier ways to increase your return on investment. As more and more people enter the market as investors, they must understand how to optimize their crypto assets to minimize risk and maximize possible rewards.

To help you get going, here are profitable Bitcoin tips to maximize your investment.

1. Consider the Risks and Benefits

risk and benefits investment

Consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of bitcoin investment before committing any capital. Bitcoin, like all cryptocurrencies, carries a high degree of risk.

Some investors may not be comfortable with the level of risk associated with Bitcoin because of its extreme volatility. Also, consider how big of an impact huge price swings could have on your budget and future investing plans.

2. Choose Your Platform

After considering the hazards, finding a platform that allows crypto trading is the next step. Access to cryptocurrency may be available through robo-advisors, conventional stockbrokers, or cryptocurrency exchanges.

Many locations allow for this kind of purchase, but before you commit, think about each option:

  • Fees
  • Initial capital needed
  • Availability of tokens
  • Safety precautions

Because there is a potential for security or liquidity issues on smaller or younger platforms, it is crucial to choose a trustworthy platform. It’s a good thing you can buy bitcoin Australia securely and explore how you can expand your cryptocurrency investment.

3. Examine Your Storage Choices

Keeping the passkeys that safeguard your cryptocurrency in an encrypted environment is essential, as it is a digital-only asset. You can choose between a “hot” or “cold” cryptocurrency wallet.

Crypto exchanges and software developers offer hot wallets, often known as online wallets. Although some investors choose third-party suppliers for enhanced security, all major trading exchanges offer in-house hot wallets. Hot wallets are easy prey for hackers. Thus, it’s crucial to work with a reputable, insured supplier.

In contrast, cold wallets are offline storage devices that encrypt your crypto passkeys. Although they offer protection from hackers, they are more prone to being misplaced, especially if you have trouble finding your keys.

4. Diversification

bitcoin monitoring

Diversifying your crypto holdings is a simple method to lower your overall risk and, in certain situations, increase your potential return. This method is called asset allocation or diversification in the trading world. If the market were to fall, you would want to spread your investments out to absorb the blow more evenly.

The consensus is that diversifying your cryptocurrency holdings across different industries besides Bitcoin increases your chances of profiting from any upswing in the market. If one or more industries see a decline, it also helps to spread the risk. Remember that while diversity is meant to lessen the chances of loss, it could lower your ROI.

5. Determine How Much to Invest

Choosing the amount of Bitcoin to purchase is the next step after connecting your wallet to your preferred platform. Bitcoin is available in fractional shares, so you can invest as much or as little as you like, even though a single token costs thousands of dollars.

Like any other investment, your crypto holdings are subject to your level of comfort with risk and ability to see the big picture. Some experts say you shouldn’t put more than 5% of your wealth into investments. Because this asset is still relatively young and has a high potential for loss, you should only invest money you can comfortably lose.

6. Copy Trading

Simply put, copy trading is a method of investing in which one mimics the deals made by a skilled investor. The setup is easy. All you need to do are:

  • You may choose a trader by looking at their track record, the number of people that follow them, and their risk score, which indicates their assets’ hazards.
  • Follow their whereabouts by connecting your accounts.
  • Your portfolio will mirror their trades in crypto assets whenever they make a purchase or sale.

With this method, you can trade cryptocurrencies with little effort, as there’s no need to research or monitor the market.

How to Make Profit by Copy Trading?

After you’ve decided on a trader or traders, the next step is to divide up your portfolio among them. The most common format for this is as a percentage of the total amount you have.

For instance, if you have $1,000 to invest, you can split it this way: 10% would go toward copy-trading one trader, and 10% would go toward copy-trading another. Spreading your money this way is another way diversity helps you create a well-rounded portfolio.

Your investments will begin to be executed automatically once you have finished making your final decisions. Changing traders or adding more money is always an option if they are successful.

7. Hedging


The goal of hedging, an investing technique, is to lessen the impact of possible losses caused by unfavorable market price swings. It entails making a main deal based on your predicted market direction and a secondary trade based on your predicted market opposite. If your first trade loses money in a bad market, the second backup trade you made will make more money.

8. Keep Track of Your Investments

Cryptocurrencies’ uniqueness is their dual purposes as money and investment. Some people try to make money from every move in the Bitcoin market by engaging in day trading.

Patient investors may do better with a long-term approach, even with volatile assets, especially since bitcoin taxes are equivalent to long-term and short-term capital gains. Your long-term strategy and financial goals should ultimately determine your course. It would be best if you also considered the diversification benefits of Bitcoin for your whole portfolio.

Invest In Bitcoin the Right Way

There are plenty of chances to get the most out of your Bitcoin investments because the market is always evolving and expanding. Some of these methods can help you maximize your money and, depending on your risk tolerance, maximize your ROI.

However, keep in mind the golden rule of investing: closing or lowering the size of your position is a safer option if you are worried about the risk to your investment. Always trade or invest only what you can afford to lose.