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Yes, WordPress is a great choice for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)!

WordPress powers 35% of the websites that are live on the internet. With its ability to quickly install on any server and get configured with a plethora of themes, WordPress is popularly becoming the perfect choice for website developers to get better search engine rankings.

Easy Optimisation

You don’t need to have prowess in web development or coding. WordPress is one of the easiest ways to create a fully functional website. The best part, its dashboard has many options that are SEO-powering fields for getting more visibility on search engines.


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WordPress offers easy customization of your website’s permalinks where you can designate the pages and posts to appear in a format you desire. This way you can add keywords in the post and pages to increase your rank and the CTR (Click-through Rate) for your website on the search engines.

Automatic Metadata

When it comes to SEO, the title and the Meta description are two major factors that can affect your rank. Each page and post on your website requires you to have this information available for a search engine to crawl. WordPress comes with many free and paid plugins that can automate the process for you so that you don’t waste time editing every single page and post.

Image Optimisation

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Another way to boost your website’s rank is to add Alt Text for each image used on the website. WordPress has an easy way to fill in such details for the file and even optimize it with keywords so image search engines also pick your website for the top spots.

Responsive Website

Search engines like websites that are tuned to be user-friendly on all types of devices. Especially in times where the use of mobile phones to access the internet is increasing, your website should be prepared for display on the phone. Many themes in WordPress provide this option without the need to touch any line of code.

Social Media Integration

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Another benefit of WordPress is its power in engaging with social media audiences to get better rankings. There are plugins available to connect your social media accounts with your WordPress website and automate the publishing of posts on all the channels and even show detailed analysis of your followers, likes comments and shares.

Website Speed

Website speed is not an essential element for ranking, but it is important for your users to stay on the page. A slow website might annoy users and as a result, you may lose some potential leads. WordPress comes with fast loading themes along with plugins that can optimize all the files to speed up your website’s loading time.

To sum it up, WordPress is a great tool for SEO and can provide fantastic results if used well. You can even check a list of plugins that are available for various purposes. These can vary from automating processes, compressing the website for faster speed, get Google Analytics at your fingertips and more.

We make sure your website’s engagement is higher than anyone else in your niche

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Getting higher response and engagement is the need of the hour for every business owner online. And that is when we barge in and let you sail the digital economy with ease.

Our professional marketers love to get the desired insights on each marketing campaign that is deployed like remarketing, email and newsletter schemes and designs, creative website designs, and much more.

Our service list is full of choices that are suitable for your business to gain momentum. So, you wouldn’t need to look for different marketers online to increase the overall engagement on your website(s).

With the help of an agency Blurn, you will achieve the best engagement amongst the competition that is already running in the market. Hence, your money will be judiciously used with a better return on investment, as we understand the current trends that are creating a positive opportunity for the business owners like you.

We will rebuild your brand to bring back the lost leads

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At times, it’s obvious that your regular customers end up losing interest in your business offerings or the value proposition that you impose in the market. To break such a stagnancy, we are always ready.

We make sure through popular rebranding and remarketing schemes like email and newsletter marketing, you bring back those customers who might have grown bored of your offers.

In the end, they will feel that you are regularly updated, and you too are following the trend as are they. This helps to retain the clients more often than not. And when they are retained, chances of positive word of mouth and a growing bunch of evangelists for your business increase.

As and when that happens with the help of the continuous marketing efforts put in by the experts at, the minimum profit margin is also pushed up on the success graph.

We make sure that your content is updated

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Another thing that drives people away is when your website looks bland and non-interesting. You should know how to convert your website content into something ravishing and stylish, depending upon the product or service you are offering to the targeted niche.

Moreover, we help you upload the content that’s SEO rich and is appropriate for the clients to reach out to you.

When these clients feel that they can connect with the product offering of your business, they will start buying from you.

Take away points

  • Get a rough estimate to of video’s length
  • Make people binge-watch the same video
  • Choose the right platform to share the video
  • Hire the right people in those videos
  • Get people to use your brand and get a voice behind the product/services you sell.
  • Take the help of professional digital marketing gurus or agencies. You will survive more.
  • Create video content that hits hard to stir emotions like happiness, joy, excitement to buy, or curiosity.
  • Write content on social media to target particular niches. It’s more personal now.

What we understood

  • Try larger welcome headlines for more attention.
  • Try pastel colors but hire professionals with proper mix and match.
  • Use global phrases to increase the curiosity of international customers.
  • Add personal images and make your brand more real.