Even the most adorable job can cause difficulties from time to time. There are force majeure, conflicts with colleagues and superiors, etc. Sometimes it seems that the issues will go, however, things can get worse and most people are afraid of any career changes. That’s the reason why they endure unpleasant moments for a long time. A recent survey shows that about 50% of people hate their job. But even if your nerves are on edge, before quitting, take a short break with a few deep breaths and then analyze the situation objectively. So if at least half of the statements mentioned in the article about you, most likely, it’s time to change your job:

  • You feel like you are doing a pointless job. It seems the duties you perform do not benefit either the company or people. You feel useless in all work aspects
  • You don’t learn anything new
  • You experience chronic stress
  • There are no opportunities for climbing the career ladder
  • You don’t get on well with colleagues
  • The salary isn’t satisfactory. Even though, money is the main reason why many work at all but if you go to work only for the sake of money, at the same time you hate it with all your heart, then you should think about changing your career

So, if the statements are totally about you it’s the right time to hunt for another job. Of course, it’s quite a scary prospect and a difficult task to complete especially if you have been working in one place for a long time. However, with the opportunities offered today, changing jobs is no longer as difficult a task as it was a few decades ago. So here are some pieces of advice on where to start if you are not satisfied with the job you have.

Where to Start?

Take a while to understand what career you want to have. If you have no idea which one to select, you may check the job search websites to find out what is offered on the market, what occupations are in demand, and what requirements are set by employers. Once you decide which one you prefer, you need to check what skills you have and which one you need to learn for the desired job. If there are some gaps in your work skills, attend some courses or training. The good thing is that almost all of them take place online.


The next step in the career change is a resume. Without a resume, it will be much more difficult to find a job. While you are taking the courses and getting yourself ready for the new job, you may have little time for creating a resume because it requires lots of resources to be created. The point is that, if you have no experience in the related field, your resume should tell you why you are the one to fit the position and what benefits the company receives by cooperating with you.

In order not to worry about how properly the resume is built and in order not to miss job opportunities, you can use ResumesBot service so that the professional writers create the resume that catches the recruiter’s attention. Besides, writers check the resume in the presence of all essential details (keywords, work experience, etc.) to make sure it fits the position you are applying for.

There are several simple rules, which will increase the likelihood of success in finding a new job:

  • Establish new contacts. Contact your friends, former colleagues, classmates, etc. Any of them could likely have some useful opportunities for you
  • It is not necessary to spend time on the Internet in vain. It is better to do useful business, such as registering for professional forums and regularly communicating with experts. It is important to remember that even if you do not plan to change your career now, useful relationships can always be useful in the future
  • There is no need to send a resume to all companies
  • You should spend a certain amount of time on self-education. Knowledge will never be superfluous. Engage in practices that will help get new skills and increase self-confidence
  • Do not respond badly to former colleagues and manager

Take Care of Financial Cushion


Changing a career can take several months. And if you need to find your vocation or change the sphere dramatically then it could take half a year or even all year long. During this time, it will have to invest a lot of resources (both material and psychological) in training, technology, new projects, job search, and more. Therefore, before you go on this way, make sure that you have enough money, time, internal resources, and the support of your closest ones during the search so that this will be your airbag.

Preparation for a Successful Interview

OK, let’s assume your resume is suitable for the position and you are invited to the interview. That doesn’t mean you are accepted, you don’t have to relax. It’s the right time to get ready for the interview. Unfortunately, many people do not prepare for an interview. Sometimes it’s because there is not enough time for preparation, however, in most cases people simply neglect it. Still, experts recommend preparing for the interview even if you are a self-confident person because you’ll never know who else is claiming the position.

  • The first stage: learn about the company and its owners, visit the company’s website, check social networks, acquaintances, reviews on specialized sites, and information in verified mass media
  • The second stage: find out everything possible about the person who will conduct the interview (this can be done on social networks for example)
  • The third stage: reread the information about the company and the services it provides. Write down questions, if there are any.

Ending Thoughts


There are many reasons why you may need to change your field of work. You may not be satisfied with the salary, or you are not interested in the work anymore and a thousand other reasons why. In any case, you should not suffer if something does not suit you. Beginning from scratch nowadays is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The most important rule is to get ready for the fact that the career change might last for at least several months. So make sure you have everything needed. To attract the attention of potential employers, you need to make an attractive resume and make a good impression at the interview. Most importantly, take your time and organize this process step by step.