Are you a die-hard Johnny Depp fan looking for a movie fix on Netflix? Look no further! From his iconic roles as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean to the quirky Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we’ve got you covered.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring some of the best Johnny Depp movies currently available on Netflix that will take you on an unforgettable cinematic journey. Get ready to sit back, relax and indulge in these must-watch films showcasing one of Hollywood’s most talented actors.

About Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp is a highly regarded American actor, musician, and producer. He was born in Owensboro, Kentucky in 1963 and grew up in Florida. He began his acting career in the early 1980s with small roles in television shows and movies. He rose to prominence in the late 1980s with his role as Officer Tom Hanson in the popular television show, “21 Jump Street.”

Depp’s acting skills have earned him critical acclaim and numerous awards over the years. The actor is known for his ability to inhabit a wide range of characters, from the quirky and eccentric to the dark and brooding.

Some of his most memorable performances include his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series, Edward Scissorhands in the film of the same name, and his role as the notorious gangster Whitey Bulger in “Black Mass.”

In addition to his acting career, Johnny is also a talented musician. He has played guitar for several bands, including the rock group Hollywood Vampires. He is also known for his philanthropic efforts, including his support of charities such as the Children’s Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition and the American Indian College Fund.

What are the best Johnny Depp movies on Netflix?

If you’re a fan of Johnny Depp, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of great movies available on Netflix. Here are some of the best:

Pirates of the Caribbean


“Pirates of the Caribbean” is a highly successful film franchise that began with the release of the first movie, “The Curse of the Black Pearl,” in 2003. The series is a mix of adventure, comedy, and fantasy, and is inspired by the Disney theme park attraction of the same name.

The franchise centers around the adventures of the infamous pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp. The other main characters include Elizabeth Swann, played by Keira Knightley, and Will Turner, played by Orlando Bloom. The series follows their journeys as they search for treasure, battle supernatural enemies, and outwit their rivals in the high seas.

The success of the first movie led to the creation of four sequels: “Dead Man’s Chest” (2006), “At World’s End” (2007), “On Stranger Tides” (2011), and “Dead Men Tell No Tales” (2017). The franchise has grossed over $4.5 billion at the box office, making it one of the highest-grossing film series of all time.

One of the key elements of the franchise is its memorable characters. Captain Jack Sparrow is a unique and beloved character, known for his eccentric personality, witty one-liners, and unpredictable behavior. His performance by Johnny Depp was praised by critics and audiences alike, and earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

The franchise also features a memorable supporting cast, including the villainous Davy Jones, the undead crew of the Black Pearl, and the British Navy officers who are always hot on the pirates’ trail.

In addition to its colorful characters, the movie is also known for its exciting action sequences and impressive special effects. The series features thrilling sword fights, epic sea battles, and supernatural creatures like mermaids and krakens.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is a beloved children’s novel written by Roald Dahl and first published in 1964. The book tells the story of a young boy named Charlie Bucket, who lives in poverty with his parents and grandparents in a small house on the outskirts of town. Charlie’s life changes when he wins one of five golden tickets to tour Willy Wonka’s mysterious chocolate factory.

The story begins with an introduction to the eccentric Willy Wonka, who is the owner of the world-famous chocolate factory but has not been seen in public for years. Wonka’s factory is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, and nobody knows what goes on inside.

That is, until he decides to hold a contest, hiding five golden tickets in his chocolate bars, giving the lucky winners the chance to tour his factory and win a lifetime supply of chocolate.

Charlie, who has always dreamed of visiting the factory, manages to find one of the golden tickets after opening a chocolate bar he received as a gift for his birthday. Along with four other children who have also found golden tickets, he embarks on a tour of the factory.

Throughout the tour, the children are faced with various obstacles and temptations, testing their morality and character. Willy Wonka’s factory is filled with incredible sights and sounds, from the chocolate river to the ever-lasting gobstoppers, but also with dangerous traps and hazards for those who do not follow the rules.

Each of the four other children, who are all spoiled and entitled, succumb to their own flaws and are eliminated one by one, leaving only Charlie as the last child standing.

In the end, Willy reveals that he has been searching for an heir to his factory, someone pure of heart and deserving of the magic that comes with it. Charlie, with his humble and selfless nature, is chosen to take over the factory and continue its legacy.

This movie is a timeless classic that has captivated children and adults alike for generations. Roald Dahl’s imaginative and playful writing style, combined with the colorful and vivid illustrations by Quentin Blake, create a whimsical and fantastical world that readers cannot help but be drawn into.

The story’s themes of morality, greed, and the importance of humility and kindness have made it a valuable teaching tool for parents and educators. It encourages children to think about their actions and the consequences they may have, while also inspiring them to dream big and reach for the impossible.

In addition to the original novel, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” has been adapted into several popular films, stage productions, and even a theme park ride, proving its lasting impact on popular culture. It remains a beloved classic, beloved by both children and adults for its charming characters, imaginative settings, and timeless message.

Finding Neverland

“Finding Neverland” is a heartwarming and inspiring movie that tells the story of J.M. Barrie, the author of “Peter Pan.” The film, which was released in 2004, is based on the play “The Man Who Was Peter Pan” by Allan Knee and features an all-star cast including Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, and Dustin Hoffman.

The movie follows Barrie, a struggling playwright who is searching for inspiration for his next play. One day, while walking in the park, he meets the Davies family, a group of four young boys and their mother, Sylvia. Barrie is immediately drawn to the boys’ imaginative play and their love of adventure, and he soon becomes close friends with the family.

As Barrie spends more time with the Davies family, he is inspired to write his most famous work, “Peter Pan.” He creates a magical world filled with pirates, fairies, and the eternal youth of Neverland. However, as he becomes more immersed in his work, he also faces criticism and ridicule from those who do not understand his vision.

Through his friendship with the Davies family, Barrie learns important lessons about life, love, and the power of imagination. He helps the boys deal with the loss of their father and supports Sylvia through her struggles with illness. His experiences with the family also influence his writing, as he incorporates their personalities and adventures into the characters of “Peter Pan.”

“Finding Neverland” is a poignant and uplifting film that celebrates the power of creativity and imagination. It explores themes of friendship, family, and the importance of holding onto the childlike wonder and magic of life. The movie also sheds light on the challenges that artists face, including the pressure to conform to societal norms and the need for acceptance and support from others.

The performances in the film are outstanding, with Johnny Depp delivering a nuanced and sensitive portrayal of Barrie, and Kate Winslet shining as Sylvia. The young actors who play the Davies boys also bring a sense of innocence and playfulness to the movie, adding to its charm and whimsy.

Overall, “Finding Neverland” is a beautiful and moving tribute to the enduring legacy of “Peter Pan” and the man who created it. It reminds us that we can all tap into our inner child and find inspiration and joy in the simple pleasures of life. Whether we are artists, writers, or simply people trying to navigate the complexities of the world, we can all benefit from a little bit of magic and wonder.

Alice in Wonderland


“Alice in Wonderland” is a 2010 fantasy film directed by Tim Burton and starring Mia Wasikowska as Alice. The movie is a loose adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel and combines elements from both “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass.”

In the movie, Alice is a young woman who returns to Wonderland after having visited as a child. She must navigate through the strange and unpredictable world, meeting familiar characters like the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, and the Red Queen, all while trying to find her way back home.

It features Tim Burton’s signature visual style, with lavish and imaginative sets and costumes that perfectly capture the whimsical and surreal nature of Wonderland. The cast, which includes Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Anne Hathaway, delivers memorable performances, with Depp’s portrayal of the Mad Hatter being a particular highlight.

While the movie deviates from the source material in several ways, it still manages to capture the spirit and essence of the original story. It explores themes of identity, imagination, and self-discovery, while also providing a visually stunning and entertaining cinematic experience.

Dark Shadows


“Dark Shadows” is a supernatural comedy film directed by Tim Burton and released in 2012. The movie is based on the popular 1960s gothic soap opera of the same name, which aired on television for five years. The film features an all-star cast, including Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Helena Bonham Carter, and combines elements of horror, comedy, and drama to create a unique and entertaining experience.

It follows the story of Barnabas Collins, a wealthy and powerful man from the 18th century who is cursed by a witch and buried alive for over two centuries. He is accidentally freed from his tomb in 1972 and returns to his ancestral home, Collinwood Manor, to find that his family is struggling to keep the family business afloat.

As Barnabas tries to adapt to his new surroundings, he must also confront the witch who cursed him, as well as a variety of supernatural creatures and family secrets. Along the way, he develops a romantic interest in the modern-day governess, Victoria Winters, and tries to help his family overcome their struggles.

“Dark Shadows” is a visually stunning film that showcases Tim Burton’s unique and distinctive style. It features lavish sets, intricate costumes, and gothic-inspired cinematography that perfectly captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the original television series. The soundtrack, which features classic rock songs from the 1970s, also adds to the film’s overall mood and tone.

The performances in the movie are outstanding, with Johnny Depp delivering a captivating and nuanced performance as Barnabas Collins. Michelle Pfeiffer is also excellent as the matriarch of the Collins family, while Helena Bonham Carter brings her trademark quirkiness and humor to the role of Dr. Julia Hoffman.

Despite its supernatural elements, “Dark Shadows” also explores important themes such as family, love, and redemption. Barnabas must come to terms with the mistakes of his past and find a way to make amends, while his family learns to accept their differences and work together to overcome their challenges.

Edward Scissorhands


“Edward Scissorhands” is a 1990 fantasy film directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp as the title character. It tells the story of Edward, a man who was created by an inventor but left unfinished with scissor-like blades instead of hands. He lives alone in a Gothic mansion until a kind-hearted Avon saleswoman named Peg takes him under her wing and brings him to her suburban neighborhood.

Edward’s unusual appearance and scissorhands cause him to be both celebrated and feared by the locals. He finds himself in the middle of various conflicts and misunderstandings, but also forms a deep connection with Peg’s daughter, Kim. Edward’s innocence and good nature are tested as he navigates the complexities of human relationships and confronts the cruel reality of the world outside of his isolated mansion.

“Edward Scissorhands” is a beautiful and poignant film that explores themes of acceptance, love, and isolation. Tim Burton’s signature visual style, combined with Danny Elfman’s haunting score, create a hauntingly beautiful and evocative atmosphere that is both magical and melancholic.

The performances, particularly Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Edward, are outstanding and bring a sense of empathy and humanity to the character. The movie has become a beloved classic and continues to captivate audiences with its timeless message of embracing those who are different and finding beauty in imperfection.


With so many Johnny Depp movies on Netflix, you have plenty of options for a night in. Whether you are looking for an entertaining comedy or a thrilling action movie, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. Every fan of Johnny Depp can find something that they will love. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get streaming!