In the hot summertime, when the sun is shining the ocean is cozy, is there any adventure you would be crazy for? I believe for most people, water activities would be the answer, especially kayaking. Go kayaking in the most attractive spot, take photos for the fun time and post them on your Instagram with these kayaking captions. Even though you’ve never experienced kayaking in the past, I assure you it’s a perfect moment to take tons of perfect photos. You’ll be giggling a great deal and playing with the mild waves, and record every second of the summertime happiness. With your smartphone, you can capture breaks of watermelon slices, when you’re having a rest and your watercraft is anchored on the coast. You can also take a lot of selfies with your paddle, or your friends that are drifting by. To accompany your beautiful photos, we compiled a list of best kayaking captions presented by Getchip below for you. Get ready to post them on your Instagram and other social media as well.

  1. When you are in doubt, go and kayak it out.
  2. Paradise is a place with a kayak.
  3. Reality called, so have to I hang up and go kayaking.
  4. Kayaking is my answer no matter what the question is.
  5. Let’s kayak where the web connection is weak.
  6. When anybody asked me if I wanted to go kayaking, my answer is always “for shore”.
  7. Money won’t be able to buy you happiness…. but it is able to buy you a kayak.
  8. What is happiness? It is a day in the kayak.
  9. If you have stress, that means you are not kayaking enough.
  10. Sometimes you just need to go kayaking to tidy the bitter taste of life from your mind.
  11. Kayaking is not only a hobby. It’s also a practical survival skill.
  12. The top two reasons for buying a kayak instead of renting are sunsets and sunrises.
  13. Always be sure I’d prefer kayaking.
  14. I’ve always looked forward to try kayaking, but not have the chance yet.
  15. Sometimes you find yourself lost somewhere, and sometimes when lost, you find yourself.
  16. Always curious for adventures.
  17. I like kayaking and I won’t lie.
  18. Adventure is waiting for you out there. You must kayak to it.
  19. The kayak is calling me, so I must go.
  20. Everybody is supposed to believe in something and I believe I am going kayaking.
  21. Relax yourself in sunshine and saltwater.
  22. I kayaked for the first time yesterday and I really enjoyed it.
  23. The waves come up and down, the storm blows, the fish swims, and I keep on kayaking.
  24. As you are growing, you’ll realize that you must paddle your own canoe, otherwise you won’t move.
  25. So lovely was the moment kayaking in the lake.
  26. Kayaking hair, don’t care.
  27. There’s no special skill needed. Just try yourself. You’ll feel wonderful to kayak down it.
  28. Exciting experience with the kayak.
  29. Respect others, trust yourself, and paddle your own canoe.
  30. I am going kayaking with the wife, somewhere rain or shine!
  31. Trust me, my best friend, there is absolutely nothing so much worth as kayaking.
  32. Behave like you are a duck. Look calm on the surface, but keep paddling below.
  33. My husband had 3 kayak paddles and he asked me to choose one.
  34. If you wear a cap when kayaking, when the kayak capsizes, it depends on your cap size whether or not your cap will fall off.
  35. To many people, I look calm. But if you could see what is under the surface, you will find that I’m behaving like a duck, keep paddling and paddling.
  36. The way of a kayak is the way of the adventure and freedom.
  37. As long as you keep paddling for the wave, you’ll for sure catch it one day.
  38. Life feels easy when you are in the lake.
  39. Fortunate things happen to those who paddle.
  40. A wise man enjoys water.
  41. Calm water won’t make you a skilled kayaker.
  42. A day spent on the water drives all frustrations away.
  43. You can always predict my weekend: 100% odds of Kayaking.
  44. Passing on the phone to the one who succeeded in learning kayaking today.
  45. I surely took a lot of photos on the water.

Is there anybody who wants to go kayaking now? When hearing this, I believe quite some people will raise hands immediately and start packing. Remember to take your camera, lifejacket, wear some sunscreen. Enjoy the fun. While experiencing fun kayaking, do remember to take gorgeous pictures to save the beautiful memories. Choose your favorite kayaking captions from list above to post on Instagram together with your perfect kayaking photos.

There are a lot of reasons why everybody should go kayaking. The first one is surely to improve your physical health. As a popular exercise, regular kayaking will help reduce possibilities for heart disease and help your heart grow stronger. But definitely that is not the only reason why so many people are crazy about kayaking. Kayaking is not only for those from coastal areas.


Actually, people all over the globe turn to kayaking for entertainment. It is a combination of enjoyment and excitement. Kayaking captions can be a great inspiration and remind us of a good place for fun, and a tiny trip can improve your human experience. It can remove your stress. A kayaking caption can inspire you to pack right now. Kayaking, will bring you the never-experienced thrill, especially with cute kayaking captions. Do you think we missed any important kayaking captions? Were you able to pick out a favorite one? Do you have better suggestions, or simply any questions? Do let us know in the comment section. We look forward to your response. And if you love these kayaking captions, please share them with your friends as well.