Instagram is a great modern opportunity to demonstrate yourself as an expert in something or just talk about interesting moments of your own life. There is only one problem: in 2024 it is not so easy to promote an account. The reasons for this are great competition, high user requests, the presence of your own personality and uniqueness, which will distinguish your account from others in the field and attract subscribers. In this article, we will look at the main points that you should pay attention to when promoting your Instagram profile.

Where to start?


The most popular question that novice bloggers ask. First, come up with a unique name that will be easy to remember, plus it will also vividly and clearly complement the blog. In a personal profile, you can limit yourself to a first and last name, but if you want to promote your personal business or yourself as an expert and professional, then the name should succinctly reflect your brand. The main thing is simplicity and memorability!

Fill in the profile header. Think about few basic theses that can characterize you as a blogger and an expert. The main thing is that it should be catchy. Also briefly list your services and specify a website or phone number for communication. Unfortunately, it is now difficult to stand out among such a huge number of competitors, so in order to really attract the attention of subscribers and potential customers, take filling out the profile header seriously.

Decide on the topic of your blog and choose a main picture. What do you offer your potential customers and subscribers? What impression do you want to create? The main pic should not just create a good impression, but also organically combine with the theme of your profile.We strongly recommend that you do not use images downloaded from the Internet. The best option is your bright photo of good quality. Remember, people are drawn not only to your service, but also to you as a person. Therefore, creating a favorable impression will only benefit the development of the profile.

Think over a content plan. Spontaneity is wonderful, but it’s better to always have a clear plan of what you want to talk about at hand. In this case, you will always know what the next post will be about, because they will be thought through in advance. All posts can be divided into categories.


informative (answers to the most common questions, short informational posts on the topic of your blog)

engaging (surveys, tests, reviews and everything that is aimed at interacting with the audience)

branded (personal brand promotion, posts reflecting your expertise and personality)

advertising (the name speaks for itself. However, in the early stages, we do not recommend delving into this topic. It’s better to wait until you have at least a couple thousand subscribers)

So, your blog looks pretty good already. It’s time to start promoting your account directly!

We start with the simplest — share a link to your blog in your personal account and ask friends, relatives and colleagues to support you — subscribe and make reposts. The first couple of dozen subscribers and likes are there. Next, we turn to free and paid methods of promotion.

We do not recommend using mutual likes, subscriptions, comments and mass liking. It takes a lot of time (believe me, it’s better to direct it to something really useful), but it practically does not bring a positive effect. Now there are more convenient and modern methods. And trust us on this one, your favorite bloggers use it too! For example, you can take the chance to buy Instagram followers. The main thing is to choose a quality service. Now there are companies that provide real people as subscribers. They can view and save your posts, like and respond with reactions to stories. This perfectly increases the activity on your page — and now it no longer seems so boring and empty. There’s a lot of life there!

Your page is active and live, so you can switch to targeting


Although it is not cheap, it is a fairly effective method of attracting new subscribers. The main thing is to clearly define your target audience and understand who your services and opinions may be of interesting to. No need to try to reach everyone! You must clearly imagine what your subscriber look like — gender, approximate age, sphere of interests, place of residence, and so on. Now you need to create an enticing post that will make people not only go to your page, but also linger on it, and even better — subscribe. Do not use complex speech phrases, divide a large text into paragraphs, do not make grammatical mistakes and try to use as much specifics as possible. Naturally, the photo or video used in advertising should be of good quality and attract attention. If it is difficult for you to figure out how to make a high-quality advertising photo, then it is better to trust a professional photographer.

Many bloggers say that sooner or later comes the so-called plateau effect. New subscribers from advertising are no longer coming, and the number of likes, views and comments has suddenly decreased. In this case, you can again use the above advice and repeat this as many times as necessary.

What is the result?


As you might have guessed, Instagram promotion is not an easy task that requires a lot of patience and time. And most importantly — your motivation. Set for yourself a certain amount of time that you are willing to spend every day developing your profile.

Remember that after the first thousand subscribers, things will go much faster, and you will have a second wind. Over time, you will discover your own tricks and secrets that will help make the blog even more unique or you can just check IGInstant. The main thing is not to give up and remember that regularity in the development of Instagram is very important.