Let’s talk about travel, as it is undoubtedly something we missed a lot this past year, but now, making plans about where and when to go for a vacation is once again the main topic. It’s in our nature to be curious, and there is something about meeting new people, learning a new language, and experiencing new cultures and customs that fill our hearts.

Of course, we all had both bad and great travel experiences, but that doesn’t mean that we should nor will stop planing our next trip. The only question now is about which place, which new country or island to visit first.

Where to go?


After a year of not being able to travel, you decided to make up for that lost time you could have spent experiencing new cultures, but where to go? Well, the choice is actually pretty simple, as even though there are some exotic destinations, it’s always a much better choice to go somewhere new, and somewhere you haven’t had the chance to visit.

One of those must-see places that many still don’t know much about is surely Curacao, but, to make things even more interesting, we are actually talking about Klein Curacao.

Yes, visiting this petit and uninhabited island placed south of Curacao (main island) should be on everyone’s must-visit list. Just the trip to the island is exceptional, and once you get there, well, what you will see and enjoy is a true tropical paradise. Of course, before embarking on this wondrous journey, doing some research is needed, and that’s why we gathered some tips you must know before visiting Klein Curacao.

Book a trip in time


Keep in mind that Klein Curacao is a very popular tourist attraction, which means that people around the world want to get there and spend some time on its amazing beaches.

Because of that, it is necessary to book the trip in advance, since it is the only way to make sure that you will have a place on a boat to get there. Many people wait until they get to Curacao and try to find locals to get them to Klein Curacao, and most of them end up without having a ride because local boats are always full. Being that close and do not visit this astonishing destination is a shame, so make sure to plan everything and book the place in time.

Make sure to check Curacao laws


Every experienced traveler knows how important it is to check the law and other rules and regulations of the country you plan to visit. The same is with Klein Curacao, but there is no need to worry, as they are not complicated nor extreme, but if someone has less than 18 years, well, say bye-bye to the drinking. Of course, this is nothing new, but it should be highlighted just in case. As for marijuana enthusiasts, well, bad news, as it is strictly prohibited, but there is a silver lining, and if the police find marijuana in your possession, in most cases, they will just confiscate it.

There is no specific dress code


It is always a good idea to check if there is some special dress code when you decide to visit some foreign country because of many reasons. One of them is to avoid strange looks during the walks, and the second one is even more serious because we can end up with severe penalties in some countries. Luckily, if you decide to visit Curacao, there is no need to think about the dress code and be worried about it because it is a country with an impact from many cultures. Besides Dutch cultural impact, there is also the impact from Afro-Caribbean, French, and Latin American culture, so you can expect to see many different outfits and colors. That means that we can pack the things we usually wear or be a little braver and bring the things we like but do not have the opportunity to wear since it is a great place to experiment with clothes and colors.



We can find ourselves in a pretty awkward situation if we decide to tip or not to tip the bartender after we get the drink. It is because tipping is expected in some countries, while in others, it is considered an offense, and it is necessary to be informed before making that decision. When it comes to Curacao, it is good to know that it is okay to tip bartenders, waitresses, hotel staff, and taxi drivers, and we can say that it is expected. The tip should be 15-20% of the total price, and it is considered normal in this country.

The good thing to know is that many restaurants already charge the tip of 12-15% when you get the bill, so check it before the decision to leave them some money.

Choose the best time to visit


It is true that this place is truly amazing and worth visiting at any time of year, but we will mention some tips for those people who do not love crowds. The spring season is during May and June, and the fall season is during September and October, and it is the time of year when Klein Curacao is not crowded like during the summer. Besides being less crowded, the accommodation is much affordable, and it can be one of the main reasons why people are deciding to go on a trip during these months. For those who plan a day trip, the best possible advice is to avoid Sunday because it is the day of the week when most tourists are visiting it.

The bottom line

For those who are fond of sandy beaches, pleasant weather, and, of course, great fun, Klein Curacao is the best place for you. It really has something for everyone, and if we can guarantee one thing, it would be that the overall experience will truly be magical. The only thing left to do now is to find the best place to book your trip, but even for that, we offer a solution, and everything you need to do is check this website. But, before you leave, we must warn you that once you visit Klein Curacao, it will surely leave you craving for more.