Traveling from Kolkata to Delhi by flight is a delightful experience. With the right planning, you can make sure your journey is enjoyable and stress-free. Although flight journeys can be tiring, following certain tips can help you make the most of your flight experience.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the tips that can help you make your Kolkata to Delhi flight more comfortable and memorable. Let’s get started.

1. Read An Enlightening Book

If you are a bookworm, there is nothing else that can get you hooked on a flight than a thrilling book. Whether it is about psychology or business, get yourself a book that you prefer reading and be on it. If you are traveling for a short time via flight, this can be the best way to keep yourself engaged and entertained.

In fact, this is the most productive way to have a great experience when on a flight. If you do not want to carry too many books on your flight or you are confused about picking one, you can also listen to audiobooks. These are more interesting to indulge in.

2. Prepare A Bang-On Playlist

Music refreshes the soul. It adds a certain sense of calm and helps you have a relaxing experience wherever you are. It also works as a great stress buster in need and a superb distraction. On your next flight, prepare a catchy playlist with all your favorite songs on it.

Experience the feeling of complete relaxation and stress-free vibes while you are on a plane, looking through the most surreal scenery from your flight window and listening to your favorite playlist. We promise; nothing gets better than that for short flights.

3. Say ‘YES’ to Productive Games

If you are traveling alone and are worried you might get bored, do not worry. Productive games like playing Sudoku, and solving puzzles are the best ways to have an engaging experience, even when on a flight. There are many books that come with such games. You can get one for yourself from the airport itself.

Certain coloring books can also act as great distractions when you want to have a productive time, even on an airplane. All you gotta do is put your earphones on, play your favorite songs, and start coloring.

4. Exchange Seats If Needed


Don’t get stressed out if you can’t get the window seat. You can always request a change in seats with your fellow passengers. If you are traveling alone on a flight, you might have nothing else to do except have fun watching the beautiful scenery outside.

The clouds covering the entire city beneath you are one of the most surreal scenarios to experience. So, if you are keen on doing it, you can ask for a shuffle of seats. If your fellow passenger is kind enough, they will surely help you out.

5. Ask For An Upgrade

Did you know that at certain times flights make an upgrade available for passengers at the last minute? If it is possible to help passengers with an upgrade, the cabin crew will make that possible. This means you might get the opportunity to enjoy lounge access, sufficient leg space, and even priority boarding in need.

So, if you could not enjoy a premium flying experience ever before, this is your time to shine. All you have to do is request your cabin crew for an upgrade. This is for those passengers who do not mind paying some extra cash for a wonderful flying experience.

6. Go For Reputed Airlines

Airlines that are reputed and known for their quality services are most likely to provide the utmost comfort and convenience. They may also help you feel as relaxed as possible. Their cabin crew services are also sure not to disappoint you when you are in need of it.

So, start looking up those airlines that provide the most comfortable services at nominal rates. Cleartrip is a reputed platform where you can search for different deals on flights before you book your tickets.

7. Pack Your Favourite Snacks

For those who love to eat and live to eat, carrying their favorite snacks on the plane might be the best way to enjoy a quality flying experience. So, do not forget to do that if possible. However, try to carry snacks that are healthy enough to help you avoid motion sickness during your flying journey.

Remember that you do not want to feel uneasy on the plane. You can also order your favorite snacks if they are available on the flight. You can also make a pre-booking for them to cut down on your expenses when traveling.

8. Have A Great Nap

For some people, the idea of taking sound naps is heavenly bliss. If you are also a sleepyhead, make sure you carry your sleeping mask, neck pillow, and headphones to have a sound sleep even when on a flight.

This way, you can cancel out all the external noises and distractions so you can get cozy and sleep until your destination arrives. This way, you will also be ready faster to get off the plane and avoid feeling jet-lagged.

Winding Up!

These tips that we have left above for you are sure to help you indulge in an enjoyable flying experience like never before. So, make sure you make the most of them on your next flight journey.

You can also carry your skincare essentials, a reusable water bottle, and other hydrating essentials to stay fresh on your next flight. This way, you can also break out of your travel fatigue in no time.

Whether you are traveling alone or with a bunch of friends, these tips are sure to help you out on time. So, do not think twice before adopting these measures for your next trip. We promise; you will love it.