Online casinos have made gambling a popular pastime for people around the world, meanwhile, land-based casinos are struggling. Will online casinos take over the market and make land-based casinos a thing of the past?

If you are an experienced gambler, you probably know your way around a casino. You know the sounds of the slot machines, the hustle and bustle of people talking, playing, winning, and losing. The atmosphere of a land-based casino cannot be replicated online, still billions of people worldwide seem to prefer online gambling to land-based casinos. Why is that? Is it a bi-product of the pandemic? Is it because it is easier to play, because of availability? Or is it because we simply prefer being online nowaday?

Why are land-based casinos struggling?

Like any other business, land-based casinos were forced to shut down during the height of the pandemic. This seemed to have caused an increase in online casino players. Online gambling simply grew more and more popular. Whether it was from the boredom of staying at home or whether the land-based casino players simply had to turn to online gambling instead, is difficult to say. Perhaps it was a combination of both. Nevertheless, online casinos grew in popularity, making online casinos the most popular form of gambling in the world. Maybe this could also be due to the fact that traveling has been nearly impossible the last couple of years?

The pandemic can’t be blamed for all of the struggles land-based casinos are faced with today though. Before the covid crisis, land-based casinos were struggling as well, we especially saw how the Las Vegas Strip was struggling in bringing in gamblers. Wall Street analysts said that this might have something to do with there being fewer high rollers from Asia, which could seem to make the competition field of Baccarat a lot smaller, as it’s the most popular casino game for international players.

So, why exactly do the land-based casinos keep losing revenue, while online casinos are thriving? Maybe it’s partly due to the pandemic restrictions on traveling, or maybe it’s because people no longer travel to the Vegas Strip to gamble, but seek other places instead?

Instead of merely guessing why land-based casinos are struggling, let’s take a look at why online casinos are thriving.

A great selection of games

One reason why online casinos are attracting more people may be because of the great selection of games they have to offer. Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos have a wide selection of games, almost no matter what site you choose, you can be sure to find a game that will suit you. Furthermore, many online casinos also offer games you can play for free, or they give you bonus spins, this way you can have fun playing without risking losing any real money. The benefits of playing online casinos are many, but the variety of games may be the biggest attraction for gamblers. You simply won’t find this many options in a physical casino, at least not in a single physical casino. You can visit one of the most popular casinos at

A variety of payment methods


Yet another quality about online casinos, that attract more players, is the many different payment options that are possible. You get to decide how you want to deposit your money. Whether you want to use your credit or debit card or PayPal, it is up to you. Some casinos even receive different types of currencies, so you can even decide to gamble with a foreign currency, or on a foreign casino site if you’d like. With online casinos, you have all the options in the world. The newest trend in online gambling is the use of crypto currencies and the rise of crypto casinos. So, if you are someone who has invested in crypto currencies or has won your share of cryptocurrencies while gambing, there are now online options to spend and further invest your cryptos in something other than the hyped NFTs. If you are interested, you can Click here to learn more about gambling.

A high level of security

Perhaps you wouldn’t think so, but online casinos are very safe. Of course, if you use non-licensed casino sites, who knows what could happen, but if you look for the licensed sites and choose wisely, online casinos are super safe to use. The transaction of money is as safe as it would be in a bank and this counts with real money and for cryptocurrencies.

Online casinos, like land-based casinos, are under strict legislation and reviews, to make sure their security is in top condition, which makes it very safe to play. Our online presence can be easily tracked, which perhaps can make it even safer than land-based casinos.

If you make sure that you’re being safe online, you should be safe using online casinos. Another positive that gambling online brings about, is how you are playing from home; all winnings will be transferred to your account and no one will see or notice that you have won lots of money.

Of course, you might fear hackers, but it is virtually impossible to hack a licensed casino. And, if you have additional cyber security, you really should have no reason to fear using online casinos. For example, the use of a VPN could increase your feeling of security, as it makes sure that your presence online cant be tracked. So, as tracking might be a way to feel safe online for some people, the ability to be off the grid might be a security blanket for others.


Of course land-based casinos have security and cameras to make sure that you’re safe, but the gambling society has had some negative perceptions over the years. Whether these perceptions are true, it could be a defining factor for some people in choosing where to gamble. Whether this turns out to be online or land-based, is up to the single individual. But as mentioned earlier, the atmosphere of land-based casinos can’t be replicated online. We won’t know for sure the impact that the pandemic has had on land-based casinos until all of the restrictions are lifted, but it will be interesting to see whether we see a spike in the use of land-based casinos or everything stays in the online community.