Online casinos have grown in popularity over the years and it is no surprise that many gamblers across the world want to take part in playing the numerous games available in the library of these platforms. Before this can be done, players will have to carry out thorough research when they want to pick the online casino platform best suited to them.

In our research, we will have to ensure that the online casino we’re picking checks out for all the important attributes a legitimate platform needs to have such as licenses, SSL, 24-7 customer support, impressive user experience and interface, variety of games, bonuses, promotions and finally, various payment methods.

After checking out all these lists and filtering out the online casino best suited for you, the next thing we need to do is register for an account with the platform. Following that is picking the best payment method that is most convenient for you. This is a step that is very important in your online casino journey especially if you intend on working with a budget while playing the casino games for a chance at hitting a jackpot or multiplying your winnings in the long run.

There are multiple finance payment methods we can choose and while everyone one of them is considered to be fast and seamless when it comes to withdrawals and deposits, there are still some important things you should be aware of before picking one.

Payments Are Safe


Whenever it comes to things relating to our financial information, people are always extra cautious and this can’t be blamed on anybody but the scammers and fraudulent activities that have been going on in the past few years. However, the payment methods in legitimate online casinos are always safe and secure.

As long as the online casino you’re playing from has a legitimate license from a reputable gambling authority, you can rest assured as your financial information and personal details will be safe and secure. Most of the online casinos with licenses have gone through rigorous testing by the gambling authority to prove their legitimacy as well as the fairness of the casino games in their libraries.

Transactions Fees

When it comes to picking the right payment method for your online casino journey, one thing you need to watch out for is the transaction fees being charged by each digital payment platform. The transaction fees for depositing and withdrawals in all payment platforms always vary, and sometimes it has to do with the location of the user and sometimes it doesn’t.

In Canada, Gigadat is a very popular online payment accepted by many online casinos including in the North American country. The transaction fees being charged by Gigadat also varies depending on the mode you’re transacting the money. Having a good knowledge about the fees being charged by the different payment methods will help you decide on which one to choose.

With Gigadat complying with the Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, it was able to quickly become one of the best payment methods accepted in Canada. If you’ve been using Interac for online transactions in Canada, then you’ll have probably heard of Gigadat as it is responsible for processing the various payments being carried out across the country. While it has only been established for a few years now, the company’s fame could be said to have stemmed from the evolution of Interac in Canada.

Deposit & Withdrawals


Another thing you need to watch out for when picking online payment platforms for your online casino journey is checking if they accept both deposits and withdrawals. There are some restrictions that come with all payment methods available on online casinos. Some online payment methods will let you deposit into your casino account, but you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings back into the account you have with that payment platform.

So, before you pick a digital payment you should always carry out thorough research on what is allowed on the platforms and what isn’t. This will help you filter out some online payment methods from your list.

With Gigadat accepting both deposits and withdrawals, it quickly became a popular payment method popular in Canada, with several payment experts ensuring that there’s a secure and reliable network for transactions. It boasts of over 32 million users, it is fast, secure and reliable with 99% fraud prevention services being offered by the platform. Withdrawals and deposits can both be carried out in this online payment method.

Payment Methods Costing Bonus

In some online casinos, the payment method you choose will determine if you’ll be qualified for casino bonuses. If you want to claim welcome bonuses and other types of bonuses, you should find out what payment method will be eligible for casino bonuses and promotions.



Choosing an online payment method for online casinos is not as simple as imagined by people. There are different factors to consider like the fees, payout speeds and many more, listed above are some of the important things you should be looking for in online payment methods.

While playing games at online casinos is the most important factor of visiting these platforms, the ability to withdraw and deposit is one of the crucial things you need to check on with these casino platforms before actually playing the many games in their library. The banking methods available in an online casino site is an important piece you should be looking for. If a player can’t use multiple forms of payment at an online casino, sooner or later problems about payments will be issued to the customer support of the casino.

Playing games at a legitimate online casino, players will have access to so many payment methods, and choosing your preferred payment option can be quite difficult at times, especially if you’re a beginner. To filter them down, you should first consider the payment options available in your country before checking for the features and transaction fees of a payment. This will help you filter them down so you can pick the best one available in your country.