There are many interesting skills you can learn on your own. One of them is playing guitar. Surprisingly, many of the famous guitarists learned how to play the instrument on their own. The only things that pushed them to become the best were talent and passion. Anyone can learn how to play guitar. Guitar among all the musical instruments has been on a higher been admired by a lot of people. Because of the high demand of wanting to learn things only, you can now find quality guitar lessons online. Learning this skill on your own requires a huge amount of dedication, and there is no shortcut to doing this. The following are simple ways of learning how to play guitar.

Get Familiar with the Guitar


To learn how to play guitar, you need to have one for practice. Even if you learn quickly, you need to know that learning to play this instrument is a process. You should not jump right into playing the chords. The best way to ensure you learn about chords a bit faster is by learning more about guitar and the basics. You need to know how each string works and where your finger should be when playing the instrument. If you play without learning the purpose of each string and chord you might end up taking a lot of time than the time that could have been used learning orderly. Apart from the mental ability to play guitar, you also need to make sure you are physically capable by ensuring your fingers are strong enough.

Look for Great Guitar Lesson Websites and Apps

Before starting any lesson, you need to have a pen and notebook where you will write down every step learned. This is important for reference when you forget a step. There are many websites and apps that you can access at home. Most of them offer free lessons, and you can use them to your advantage. To know the best app or website to use, you should consider the one showing you how to familiarize yourself with the guitar and showing how to play the chords in order starting from the first chord to the last chord. Though in the beginners class it is impossible to learn all the chords which sum up to twelve, the app or website that you’ll choose should be in a position to teach at least the seven basic chords. Click here to get quality chords guitar for beginners that are tried and tested. With the numerous resources at your disposal, it is now simple to start your journey.

Use YouTube Videos


YouTube is another great place where you can sharpen your skills. Here, you will find a variety of videos explaining how to use the instrument. Here, you can also learn the essentials of playing guitar and how each part works. The best thing about YouTube is that you can choose the genre of music that you want to learn how to play. But before you can choose the type of music, you need to learn how to play each chord. With the numerous videos, it can be overwhelming to know which one is the best. It is best to look for a trusted person with a high number of subscribers. Those channels with a higher number of subscribers and positive comments are more likely to guide you well in learning how to play guitar more understandably.

Train your Ear

Another way you are going to learn is by training your ear. Listen to different types of songs, and this will widen your learning capacity. This increases your creativity, making it possible for you to create new rhythms from different songs. This is because, with time, you will be able to pick the rhythm of any piece of a song. It is all about repeating the same piece to get the keynotes. With more listening, you will be able to feel the pitch, rhythm, and key.



You should learn to listen to the pitch, rhythm, and key being played and try to play it in your mind. Then, you can put what you have memorized into practice for perfection. You should be able to remember what you’ve learned anytime. This will ease your learning process and make it enjoyable.

Be attentive

While learning from different platforms either through YouTube, website, or apps, you should be attentive and listen to every single word from the instructor. This is important because if you miss a single instruction, it might lead to another rhythm. Therefore, being keener is important in making quick progress. When you are not keen, there are a lot of errors you can make, and you might end up using your precious time trying to correct them.

Create a Lesson Plan


With time, you will learn various chords and licks, and you can do it without much problem. However, if you want to track your progress and make your learning efficient, it will be great to come up with a lesson plan. A lesson plan will also inspire you to continue learning because there is an order being followed. Therefore, you can see the progress. Plan what you want to learn and make sure you accomplish it within time.

Work with other Guitarists

You can also get important information from the guitarist you know. Therefore, spend some time with people who love playing guitar. You will learn valuable lessons that will boost your skills. This is more important due to the one-on-one situation with the person teaching you. Many skills will be learned in a short period than when you are alone. This also helps to broaden your mind due to the ideas being shared by other guitarists, helping you be sharp and learn quickly.

Key Takeaways!

The best and most efficient way of learning guitar on your own is by using the tools available. Proper use of resources, patience, and dedication will boost your ability to learn and take you closer to being among the best guitarists. You can use various resources to boost your performance and learn basic things.