Live Casino

Are you new to the world of live casino games, and want to find out more before you embark on your journey?

You’re in the right place, as here you’ll be introduced to this type of gaming. There’s some key information to learn, but once you’re familiar with the basics, you can try out all of the games on offer.

Once you do become familiar with live casino and how it works, you’ll have the ability to play Paddy Power online casino games effortlessly!

What Is a Live Casino?

They are a variant of the classic online games you may already be aware of, which are quickly increasing in popularity because they are great at replicating a real-life casino table.

Everything done in a live casino game is in real-time and has a real dealer. They will chat and joke with the players, ensuring a good level of interaction.

Many of your classic games can be played live, with the likes of Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack – browse your chosen site to find what other live games you can find!

Behind the Scenes: How Do Live Casinos Work?


From the player’s viewpoint, it may look like a fairly simple process, however, live games have big investments in their staff and technology.

The live game you play is carried out in a casino studio filled with: an information technology manager, croupiers, someone to film, and a pit boss. You can already imagine how expensive this could become, which is why there are fewer live games, in comparison to slot games, for example.

Not only the staff, but the technology involved to make live games work is costly. A live casino game would not work without the Game Control Unit (GCU), which is a small device that encodes data from the game, which is then converted into what you see on your screen.

In a Roulette game, if you succeed after the wheel is spun, you’ll be notified. What the GCU does is help with displaying the results of games, so you can see who’s in the lead!

Another important software allowing live games to be played fairly is Optical Camera Recognition (OCR), which records every detail in the gaming room to stream to players through a video link. Every action is recorded, including card shuffling, distribution of hands, and even the live chat feature, which is extremely important in the case of any disputes.

A lot goes into these games, so when you notice how easy your first game will be, you may be shocked at everything that goes into making these live games!

The Live Gaming Process

Live Gaming

Now that you know a little bit about the technology that allows a live game to work, it would be useful to learn how this translates to the gameplay itself. This differs based on which game you’re playing, which you’ll soon pick up.

In any live game, the dealer will be filmed and the software will transform this footage, so it is compatible with the live stream. The generated data will then be available to the players involved, as the server will transmit it.

You’ll then be able to place bets, which will be processed until ‘no more bets’ is announced. This will prevent anyone from clicking on the betting buttons. Then, your chosen game will begin, to which the results will be displayed clearly – and repeat!

Time to Get Started

Now that you have all of the information set to begin your live casino experience – if you are completely new to it all, you may want some tips on where to begin.

First, find a reliable site. A quick way how to do this is to read reviews for various sites. If you want to do more in-depth research, then you can a gaming site license and registration, which the most reputable sites will showcase.

Once this has been carefully researched, you can create your first account, making sure that you create a secure password with special characters. This ensures a better level of security for your bank details.

Then, once you’re in, you can pick a game to play. Will you begin with live Roulette or Baccarat? When you have entered your game of choice, you can then use the computerized chips to place your bets. Some games may have the option to allow the live dealer to place bets for you.

However you decide to bet, you’ll soon get the hang of the live casino world!

Should You Play?

Live Soccer

It’s simple enough to learn about live casinos and where to begin, but is it worth it? If there wasn’t already enough information on why you should play, here are three extra benefits.

  • Unlimited access – With live games online, you’ll find that you can play them anywhere you are, as long as you have a stable internet connection. Sites can run 24/7, so you’ll constantly be able to interact at a casino, even if it is online! You can play at times that suit you, without worrying about the opening and closing times of a land-based casino.
  • Security – As already mentioned there’s security in knowing that your personal information can be as secure as possible. Although, there’s also security in knowing that you can see everything that the dealer is doing. Therefore, you can be confident in knowing that there is no manipulation within a game.
  • Options – With live casino games online, they often give you more options when it comes to the type of games. This is a good choice for when you may become bored with land-based casino games – you’ll have the ability to browse online at your leisure!

With these advantages and more to find out for yourself, there’s more than enough reason to begin your live casino journey today!

And with a quick introduction to the basics of live casino gaming, will you step up to the live tables available to you, or opt for a different type of gaming experience?