There is certainly no shortage of software developers in the gambling market. However, there are serious differences in the number of games that are offered by the respective companies. For example, leading casino software providers such as Net Entertainment have several hundred games in their program, while other providers only have a few dozen games to offer.

This naturally raises the question of whether the difference in the breadth of offerings is decisive for players and whether signing up for an Alberta online gambling sites with a large number of games on offer is more lucrative than in a casino with only a few games.

The Difference in The Spectrum of Games

There are two reasons for the difference in the spectrum of games. On the one hand, there are software developers that have been on the market for many years, while others have only joined in the later years and for this reason have not yet been able to develop as many games as the market-leading companies.

On the other hand, the big developers, such as Microgaming, launch several games every month, while the smaller companies only sporadically introduce a new game to the market.

The Importance of The Number of Games

An online casino like, which has a large number of games, does offer a wide selection for players, however, it cannot be assumed that players will manage to try out every single game. As a rule, players will focus on their favorite games, which is why the number of games is certainly not as important as the variety of offerings at a particular casino.

Thus, 500 different slots are nice, but it is better to offer a broader genre, where there are then only 200 games in the program, however, it will then not only slot but there are then also different variations of blackjack, poker, or roulette on offer.

The Competition between The Developer Companies

It is actually much more important that a particular casino adds new games to its portfolio on a monthly basis, thus offering players the opportunity to experience new games with new bonus features all the time.

It should also not be forgotten here that direct competition among software developers has not been as strong for a long time and that there is more of fragmentation, with providers striving to build and exploit niche markets.

Many players have already developed their preferences in terms of the type of games they play, and developers take advantage of this to keep introducing new games to the market in the most popular genres.

Black Sheep Among Online Casinos

Currently, there are more than 3000 online casinos. Surely, however, not all of them can be called good online casinos. Unfortunately, there are also the so-called black sheep among the operators. Especially those who use software that is neither licensed nor registered, stand out very strongly here.

In the past, these black sheep were largely driven out, but there are always some that prevail. These cost the user not only nerves but often also money. For example, winnings are not paid out and the personal data of the users are passed on to third parties. Especially in the last point, players should have a watchful eye and think carefully about what personal data they disclose.

How to Recognize the Black Sheep?


Good online casinos are always well attended, no matter what time of year or day it is. It will hardly happen that you are completely alone in a reputable online casino. If the casino seems suspiciously empty when playing, then you should try to look for another. Already when entering the online casino you get the first clues if you are vigilant.

Thus, the home page should not only be pretty to look at, but also provide valuable information. This includes the possible bonus promotions, what software is used, and very importantly, where the casino is licensed. If a casino has nothing to hide, then it will present this information openly. This is of course especially true for new online casinos.

The Game Selection – a First Indication?

The game selection is not really an indication, because especially new online casinos start with a small selection and then usually grow within a short time. However, if nothing moves in the online casino even after months and new games are added, you can assume that money is missing at all corners and ends.

Be Sure to Read Reviews and User Feedback

Before you sign up at an online casino, you should have read reviews. User feedback is also very helpful. However, a certain caution must be exercised here, because you do not know whether it is fake information, which can be purchased everywhere today.

Customer Support


Another important criterion for the quality of an online casino is customer service or support. Because if there are ever questions, problems, or uncertainties, someone should be quickly and easily accessible at all times.

The faster a casino responds to questions, the better for the players. After all, the casino is not least about the hard-earned money of the users, because some questions want to be clarified immediately. And good customer service should be a matter of course, everything else looks unserious.

Customer service can be reached in different ways. Some casinos offer live chats, others personal contact by phone, and others are best reached by email. Ideally, the casino offers several ways to contact them.

In addition, with regard to support, players should make sure that their communication is in a language that one is proficient in. Otherwise, communication difficulties may arise due to the language barrier.

Recognize Good Online Casinos

Finding the right online casino is not witchcraft. But to invest a little time in research on the offer of the casinos, licenses, and gaming experiences of other players is worthwhile.

In this way, you will find one or more casinos that you will be happy to remain loyal to over a longer period of time and where nasty surprises are unlikely.