Are you planning your trip to Toronto and thinking about what you want to visit and experience there? We can just imagine how excited you are! First of all, we have to mention that Toronto is an interesting city that has so much to offer. Whether you are a nature lover or prefer to tour the city and enjoy food and drink, you will be able to find something for yourself here. And in case you decide that you don’t want to focus on money, but on pure enjoyment and fun experiences, then we want to share with you some of the luxury things you’ll want to do in Toronto. Let’s start!

1. First stop: Kaiseki restaurant


You just arrived in town, checked into a hotel and want to freshen up a bit and grab some delicious bite? We can’t imagine a better place to visit first than Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hashimoto Restaurant. This Japanese restaurant is very popular in Toronto, both because it is very exclusive and because of the overall experience it will provide you. Surely you have never before had the dining experience that Kaiseki will give you.

Another fun thing here is that you shouldn’t expect a standard menu because you won’t get it. The head chef prepares food from various seasonal ingredients from Japan, so depending on the time of year you can enjoy a variety of Japanese delicacies. No matter how many times you come to this place, you will have an opportunity to try out something new. And it is this surprise factor that makes Kaiseki a unique restaurant that will tickle your imagination right at the start of exploring Toronto.

2. For nature lovers there is Toronto Botanical Garden


If you are a nature lover, then you will particularly like the idea of ​​visiting the Toronto Botanical Garden and enjoying all the beauties of nature that this place has to offer. What can you expect in Toronto Botanical Garden? There are 17 themed gardens, and in each of them you can find some new plant species, interesting scents and a unique experience. Expect to leave this place inspired and with lots of new information. The Botanical Garden contains not only plants, but also an energy-efficient building, within which you can also discover different species. It is built to raise an awareness of the importance of caring for energy and planet Earth in general.

After you finish touring this fascinating place you can buy yourself a small souvenir and grab a cup of coffee to freshen up before continuing on. The next stop is the luxury restaurant Edulis, to which you will be taken by limousine, and where you will be able to enjoy champagne and a large number of delicious dishes. Each season brings new delicacies that you can try out and delight your palate with phenomenal flavors.

3. Hire Limo Service in Toronto


Have you dreamed your whole life of driving a luxury car in one of the world’s great cities and enjoying the feeling that this experience provides you with? If the answer is yes, then you should not miss to test some of the Limo services in Toronto. This experience will allow you to tour the entire city, see its sights and decide which one you want to visit in particular. And all this while enjoying the luxury of a limousine. Click here and request a quote at one of the best Limo services in Toronto which is there to ensure maximum comfort and convenience during this unforgettable experience.

4. Visit the wellness center, relax, and leave all worries behind


Another fun and luxurious activity that Toronto has to offer is enjoying wellness treatments at the luxurious Hotel Ritz-Carlton. What you will find here is an airy space that infuses peace and makes you feel instantly relaxed as soon as you step into it. After that, you will choose some of the personalized treatments that you will enjoy for hours. You can be sure that you will completely relax and leave all worries behind.

Massages of the face, scalp, feet, as well as the whole body are just some of the treatments that the wellness part of this hotel offers. There are many other facilities within the wellness center that you can try. And that’s not all! In addition to all these treats for the mind and soul, you will also enjoy treats for the body. You will be served a two-course lunch in one of the interesting facilities of the center. A day like this with a loved one will make you feel like you were born again, ensure you recharge your batteries to the maximum and be ready to tour Toronto.

5. Experience the CN Tower Edge Walk


If you love activities that provoke an adrenaline rush, then you shouldn’t miss the CN Tower Edge Walk while you’re in Toronto. This is another thing for which you will have to set aside a little more money, but if things like this make you happy, then it will definitely pay off. For 20 minutes of this walk you will need to set aside just under 200 dollars. CN Tower Edge Walk is a walk in front of the top of this tower, at 350m altitude. Sounds crazy? Well, it definitely is! But in case you enjoy extreme sports and crazy adventures, something like this will delight you. You will surely remember your trip to Toronto after this walk and share your experience and impressions with friends for a long time.

Conclusion: Toronto is a beautiful city where there is so much to see, visit and experience. Depending on what type of activity you prefer, you can choose to visit the botanical garden, enjoy delicious food at the Kaiseki Japanese restaurant, and you can also rent a limo service in Toronto and experience this city that way. Don’t skip to relax in the wellness center at the luxurious Hotel Ritz-Carlton, as well as take a CN Tower Edge Walk. All these luxury activities will surely make this trip unforgettable and ensure that you will return home with a phenomenal experience.