Not everyone can live a high life – the salary does not allow it. So sometimes you have to make sacrifices and refuse to go to restaurants, buy expensive things or travel abroad. But if you’re smart, you can do all of these things and spend a lot less. Here’s how to save money for your free time.

What you need to know about coupons


First of all, you need to understand that a coupon is a certain code that entitles you to receive a service at a great discount and the opportunity to DontPayFull. In fact, it is an advertisement for the institution. Visitors are enticed by low prices to turn them into regular customers.

Coupons are sold on special sites, which negotiate the terms of promotions with service sellers.

Naturally, it is not profitable to work at a loss, so the effect of coupons is limited in time and lasts only a few days. That is, for your benefit, you need to find a coupon, purchase it and have time to activate it within a limited time.

It seems that there is nothing to add to this. However, some tips can help you make the most of coupons.

Simple secrets that will help you save money:


Pay special attention to the expiration date of the coupon.

We understand that short-term deals are most appealing, but before you buy a coupon, it’s a good idea to consider whether or not you’ll have time to use it.

Look for promotions near where you live.

On our way to and from work, we’re sure to pass by hundreds of great deals. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for current promotions near your home. Especially since you will always find time to take advantage of them.

Compare more.

Everything is known in comparison, and coupons are no exception. It often happens that among several different coupons for the same service, one is much more profitable than another. Don’t forget that.

Purchase coupons whose description contains as much information as possible.

Being overly meticulous is not always a disadvantage. If you are very attentive to everything, then not to notice what is written in fine print, you certainly will not be able to. Being vigilant, you can get what you want on the most favorable terms.

Always look for coupons before you go on a long shopping spree.

Who doesn’t want to have a great time in between shopping? If you have a habit of going to malls often, keep in mind that there is a cluster of different lounges, cafes, and entertainment venues. With coupons, not only will you have a fun time, but you can also save quite a bit of time and money with TIME2SAVE.

Choose coupons as a gift.

If you have a desire to give a dear person more than you can afford, give preference to coupons. How does it work? A certificate for some kind of service usually costs as much as the procedure itself. With a coupon, you can get it much cheaper.

Opt for the services.

When choosing a regular place for workouts or beauty treatments, don’t forget about coupons for a trial visit. That way you’ll save a lot of money and find the option that works best for you. Follow these secrets and save as much as you can.

Unprecedented interest


Coupons are a relatively new phenomenon in the discount market, but quickly enough became popular. According to various sources, the history of their appearance is associated with discount coupons, which appeared in the late XIX century. At that time, just gaining popularity drink “Coca-Cola“. Asa Candler, the entrepreneur who founded the company, suggested an unusual move for those times: to distribute free coupons that could be exchanged for a bottle of “soda”.

Coupons for the free drink were mailed to people and placed in magazines. This offer aroused unprecedented interest among people who wanted a code for a free Coke. More than 8 million bottles were distributed for free in this way. The drink was talked about everywhere.

Soon a great many companies decided to adopt this technology, and in some cases to improve it. For example, everyone who wanted to receive a gift or a discount on the product filled out a small questionnaire and sent it to the address of the manufacturer. To reward their customer, the company sent them a coupon in return. As a result, both parties were happy: the company received a loyal consumer, and the consumer received favorable conditions for the purchase of goods.

Where to find them?


Both promo codes and coupons are in use these days, but there is a significant difference between the two. To get a promo code, you don’t have to pay for anything. This method of advertising is now very popular among companies that have a large range of products. But promo codes are mainly used in Internet commerce. Most often, such a system of discounts is used in areas where airline tickets are distributed, you can book a hotel, buy clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, order pizza or sushi. This list expands every year.

In most cases, an online promo code or coupon is a string of letters and numbers between 5 and 10 characters long. A person who has this combination can enter it when placing an order. More often than not, a place to enter a promo code is provided at the final stage of the order. Some stores allow you to use a promo code online before placing an order.

With coupons, you can get a discount on the amount of your order, more items for the price of one, or free shipping. Some coupons can only be used for certain products, but they can also be applied to the entire assortment of that store or service. Some stores require their customers to order a certain amount of merchandise to get a promo code discount.

When it comes to traditional commerce, coupons are mostly common in private stores, often with non-food items. To put it simply: you saw an advertisement for a flower store in the subway. The terms of the discount there say: “Tell the seller a code word (eg, “flower”, “subway”, “winter”) and get a discount on any product. By the way, the store clerk code word allows you to understand exactly where you saw his advertising, and, accordingly, how effective it is in one place or another. For example, a flower store’s advertisement on the bus may contain the code word “bus”, while the same store’s advertisement in the subway contains the promo code “subway”.

More often than not, coupons allow you to get a discount on an item around 5-10% of the original cost. Some coupons can be used more than once.