When you see the headline, you may be wondering if anyone still uses business cards to share their contact information. They used to be an integral part of the business. Every employee, even those who have completely minor roles and positions in a company, had business cards. With the development of technology how to lose their significance. But that does not mean that they are completely out of use. On the contrary, today there are such cards and they are very often with a great design, creative and interesting as a concept.

Of course, even at a time when you can simply attach a signature to your email, you can still be really creative with your business cards. You can confidently get your customers to talk about you and recommend you. In fact, when you are different, you attract more attention, but we believe you already know this.

If you succeed in that intention, surely no one will throw the card in the trash, nor forget it in a bag. Even a small deviation from what we know as a standard can make a huge difference. We suggest you take a look at more ideas at

This way, you will surely get wonderful ideas and you will be able to design a card yourself. Is there anything better than that?

So, we will try to give you some useful suggestions on this:

1. Use interesting materials

Who says the card has to be made of paper? Even if it is made of paper, it does not have to be a boring white piece on which data is written. You can be really creative. Print your business cards on recycled paper and even on a piece of textile or wood. You can relate them to your profession. There are different types of textured paper. Alternative materials are inspiring to people and can boost their creativity. At the same time, if you offer something different from others, you can easily attract many more customers and associates. This way, the card will certainly not end up in the trash.

2. Choose the design wisely

You can go with simple and minimalist designs, or do something much more than that. The choice depends on your desire to present your profession in an artistic way. The most important thing is to use harmonious colors, and legible fonts and focus only on what is important. Knowing that these cards are actually just a short excerpt of what you want to present to others, you should not overdo the text. This way you will attract enough attention, but you will not reveal everything about yourself. You will motivate co-workers to want to know more about you this way.

3. Make it as personal as possible


The card should say enough about you so that others can take an interest in your business. Although we often follow a corporate model, sometimes you can afford to have a more interesting design yourself. And to be realistic – boring corporate designs are imperceptible and often the reason why no one is interested in the work of a particular company.

4.  Avoid white and empty areas on the card

The gaps do not mean they have to be white. You can paint with one color, or draw a pattern on the design. In this way, you make them really interesting and authentic and attract the attention of potential collaborators.

5. Make them in the spirit of your profession

If you are a doctor, let them be linked to health tips on the back. If you make bakery products, share a tip on how they combine best in the menu. You need to do all this in a creative but discreet way, because only then can they be effective.

6. Do something creative

Offer a discount with your business card or allow those who have it to use some of your basic services for free. If you own a boutique, print the details on a piece of textile, especially if you have something that is a trademark of your brand. Think beyond the boundaries of a piece of white paper. You will get such unique ideas that it will be almost impossible for anyone to resist your business card.

7. Mention your social media accounts

Nowadays, social media profiles can say a lot more about you than any business card. Do not forget to list your profiles so that co-workers can easily find you. In fact, nowadays, in addition to your name, company, and contacts, engaging in social networking is certainly advisable.

Bonus tip: Try to make your nicknames as easy as possible so that users can rewrite and find them from the business card. Don’t forget to include them in your email signature as well.

8. Try another shape of the card


The standard cards are in the shape of a rectangle. But you can also try something more innovative. Start with rounded edges or an interesting design that can be oval or triangular. Think of practicality as well, as they are usually kept in a wallet or cardholder. Therefore, find the balance between creative form and practicality.


From what you have read so far, it is clear that you have a lot of options to be creative and add a personal touch to what you do. However, always stick to the simplicity and understandability of your business cards. They are the way the customer can get in touch with you, so then they would share more information about what you do.

Be wise, clever, and smart when designing your business card. It should represent you, your company, and your brand. Of course, if you are not interested in that, you can always go with the standard and classic design, which has been tested for years.

Promote what you know best. Use other people’s creative ideas (but don’t steal or copy, never). Get the best out of yourself. Only in this way can you succeed and stand out from the competition.