Electric skateboards are widely used by children and teenagers. These are eco-friendly skateboards that run on rechargeable batteries and help you to save some extra time by making your travel faster for a short distance.

It is important to take proper maintenance of the batteries of your electrical skateboards to make the battery live long and prosper. If you are considering getting an electric skateboard, check out the variety of electrical skateboards in different shapes and sizes with the best quality guaranteed. Visit to buy electric skateboards that suit you best.

Ways to make your Electric Skateboard’s Battery live long & prosper

1. Don’t exceed the weight limit


Every electric skateboard has a weight limit, i.e., the maximum limit the skateboard can carry to operate efficiently. Whenever riding on an electric skateboard, ensure not to get on board even close to the weight limit.

Hence, exceeding the weight limit can affect the motor as well as the batteries adversely. This is because the heavier the weight you put on an electric skateboard, the more energy it consumes, and also, there is too much pressure on the motor if you exceed the weight limit.

This might cause the dis-functioning of your electric skateboard. Also, it results in strain on the battery, which may lead to faster draining of batteries. So, ride your skateboard within the specified weight limit to make your electric skateboard’s battery live long & prosper.

2. Avoid the batteries to get exposure to extreme temperatures


To keep your electric skateboard’s battery lasting long & prosper you must always avoid taking it out during extreme temperatures. It is not a good idea to keep your electric skateboard out in the sun for too long.

Li-ion batteries last longer when they are used at room temperature. Using your electrical skateboards in temperatures between 18-25 degrees Celsius is recommended to make your skateboard batteries live long. It is not always possible to keep a track of the temperature but at least tries not to keep them out in the sun for a long time.

The same applies to extreme cold temperatures as well. Leaving your batteries out in cold winter chills can harm the batteries. So, find a proper place for your e-skateboards and avoid leaving them in extreme temperatures after every ride.

3. Keep using your electric skateboards regularly


Even if you don’t use your skateboards every day, do use them a few times in a month even if it is for a short period. Don’t keep your skateboard sit idle for a long time for months. Not using your electric skateboard can damage the batteries.

People living in snowy areas don’t have any option other than leaving their skateboards unused in winters. But even if it’s possible to ride it inside your house for some time, it is always better than keeping it idle for months. Also, store it inside your cupboard or someplace where it is not exposed to extremely cold temperatures.

If you are moving to a different city for a couple of months, then it’s better to give it to your friend or siblings until you return, or the other option is to drain half the battery and then keep it safely in your cupboard because li-ion batteries last longer when kept at half-charged if you are planning to keep it unused for a long time.

4. Avoid draining the battery completely to zero percent


Never fully drain the batteries of your skateboard to zero percent every time. It’s difficult to keep a track of it, and you might end up draining the battery completely but try to avoid it as much as you can. Making a habit of draining the battery completely will make you end up replacing the batteries before it even lasts an average battery life cycle.

This is because when you let the batteries drain to zero percent, it could degrade up to 70 percent of its overall capacity. There are several myths about draining the battery to zero percent to increase its original capacity. It’s better to stay away and not follow those myths.

It is recommended to charge your skateboard batteries before it gets below 20-25 percent and charge them till 85-90 percent for effective long battery life. However, not charging your batteries fully will not let your electric skateboard reach the maximum range.

5. Buy new batteries every time you replace them


Whenever you are replacing the old batteries of your electric skateboard always remember to buy new batteries that are of original and good quality. This will also help the motor of your skateboard run efficiently, the batteries will even last long, and you don’t have to stress about replacing them again.

Buying half-used batteries or poor-quality batteries might not last the average battery life cycle. An average battery life cycle is 2-3 years or 500-700 charge cycles. After completing this cycle, your battery reaches 80 percent of its original runtime, and you should start considering replacing your skateboard’s batteries.

Waiting for the batteries to stop functioning can affect the motor and your skateboarding experience as well. The batteries will drain out faster, and you can recharge them more often. Hence, always buy original skateboard batteries of good quality to make your electric skateboard’s battery live long & prosper.

Wrapping up

It is very important to take care of your skateboard batteries to make them last long and complete their average battery life cycle. You must be aware of the dos and don’ts that affect the battery life of your electric skateboard.

Before buying an electric skateboard, do check the maximum limit of the skateboard and accordingly buy skateboards that can comfortably carry your weight. Try to ride your skateboard on smooth roads whenever possible, ride your skateboard gently and support your skateboard by pushing forward with your leg whenever accelerating.

Also, don’t leave your boards in extreme temperatures after each ride, and consider replacing your charger as well after using it for a while. Charging your new batteries with too old charges can also cause damage to the batteries. Follow these rules to make your skateboard’s battery live longer & prosper.