This digital era has moved nearly all businesses online and why not? Digitization of brands helps them reach more people, and showcase their quality, uniqueness, and creativity to the world. To market their products, every brand launches a social media campaign that utilizes the large audience reach of the social media platforms. Consecutively, individuals have also started exploring social media platforms for their personal benefits, such as fame, recognition, and revenue generation. As the statistics reveal, more than 60% of the population is on Facebook, making it an obvious choice for individuals and brands to promote their services/products. There are also a number of proven ways using which you can make money on Facebook and boost your livelihood. For each way to be successful, you need to market them strategically and create a notable reach, i.e., you need to gain Facebook likes and focus on working towards more Facebook followers and buying these likes and followers from some of the best sites listed at is the best option to increase your following. This is because, the higher the reach, the more the audience and potential customers, and higher chances of successful conversions to help generate revenue. Without any further delay, let us have a look at the proven ways in which you can monetize your account on Facebook.

Create Content and Use The Wide Variety of Facebook Features


Just like any other social media platform, Facebook has a number of features to help content creators boost themselves and earn revenue. It might seem difficult to stand out on Facebook which it undeniably is! However, with just the right methods and strategies you could grab the attention of your audience and utilize it for a higher reach. Some tips to do this:-

  • Include Video Ads in Your Video Content – Facebook is used as a marketing platform and brands purchase its services to promote themselves. One such feature is the Video Ads feature. You could include Video Ads in the beginning, middle, or end of your video and Facebook pays you based on the number of views on the Video Ads. These video ads not only help you monetize your video content but also provide a natural break to your videos.
  • Paid Subscription – Once you have built a community that loves engaging with you, you could add a Paid Subscription feature to your Facebook page. How does that work? Well, your fans (or should we say community members) who avail of this feature, fund you directly every month and in return get access to exclusive content, discounts, and even earn a badge which they can show off in the comment section.
  • Collaboration with Brands – This is a win-win situation for both parties involved. The brand needs you to promote their products or services for exposure, and you can get paid by them for it, be featured on their official page which provides you with exposure and can access their audience base. You get paid based on the amount of engagement your posts have. Facebook has launched a new tool called the ‘Brands Collab Manager’ which makes it easier to manage and land these collaborations.

Use The Facebook Marketplace or Buy and Sell groups


The Facebook Marketplace has a lot of visitors with each searching for something. List out the things you do not need on the Marketplace, and wait for buyers to flood in. The best part about it is that you can sell something you never use and generate some income. The user can even geographically filter out the location, meaning you can get buyers near you. The Buy and Sell groups are another features you can utilize to sell stuff. These groups are not much of a hassle, unlike the Marketplace, as nearly all the users join because they want to buy, making bargaining less probable.

Create a Facebook Group and Offer Your Services


You can create a group in your niche and invite people from your Friend List to it. Know what you are best at, and offer them as services to either people that live nearby (physical delivery of service) or you could provide online services. For example, you could host webinars or paid workshops to teach them something creative. You could join other related groups where people air their problems, offer them a solution and ask them to join your group. This would provide them with a demo of your skills and they would be more likely to purchase your services.

Get Started in Affiliate Marketing


Nearly all the above solutions need you to have your own product or service, but what if you can’t come up with any? Well, you can always promote others’ products or services without landing a brand collaboration. You can check out any brand’s website or social media pages and sign up as an affiliate. How does it work? Well, as soon as you sign up, you get a personalized code or URL, which provides your users with a special discount and when they use it, a part of their purchase amount is sent directly to you. With these affiliate links, you can track the number of sales you generated.


Making your place on Facebook is difficult as it has a large number of users. But, you need to focus on ways to gain Facebook likes and work towards getting more Facebook followers. The strategies discussed work, but you need to be consistent with it and be constantly engaged.