Want to make money from the online gambling industry? Play progressive jackpots—some people have won up to $20M. Would you like to make money from online casinos without gambling? Start an affiliate marketing website.

In other words, there’s a myriad of ways you can make money through online casinos. It all depends on your risk appetite, skills, drive and commitment to the job. Intrigued? Let’s dive right in.

Play Casino Games


As mentioned, the easiest way to make money from the online gambling industry is to become a gambler. Online casinos are free to join. And online casinos not on Gamstop have hundreds of games you can play with a budget worth $10 or less.

Now, casino games aren’t created equal. Slots, for example, are based on pure chance. They are easy to play, exciting and highly rewarding. But being games of luck, winning is hardly ever guaranteed.

On the flip side, poker is a game of skill. That means you can work on your skills and win regularly. But you need to be a better player than your competitors to win regularly. That being said, poker comes in many variants.

The folks at have a detailed guide on how to play three-card poker, one of the simplest types of poker. However, also learn about Omaha, Texas Hold’em, 7-card stud and 5-card draw to determine which variant you like the most.

Work for a Casino or Software Provider

The online gambling industry consists of thousands of casino sites and hundreds of software providers. Online casinos need managers, marketers, accountants, customer service agents, programmers and web designers to thrive.

On the flip side, software providers need software engineers, web designers, marketers, content creators, managers and accounts. These jobs attract competitive salaries now that the iGaming industry is worth billions of dollars.

The only problem with working for the online gambling industry is that you need to live in a place where it’s legal. More importantly, you need to move to a country with a huge supply of iGaming jobs, say Malta, the UK or Curacao.

Run an Affiliate Marketing Website


One of Warren Buffet’s pieces of advice about money is to find ways to make money while asleep. Affiliate marketing is a case in point. The objective is to market top-tier online casinos in exchange for commissions.

Precisely, a casino could give you $10 for every new customer you refer to them. If you refer 100 people, this would turn to $1000 made. Although not a lot of money, it’s a decent figure for passive income.

Running a successful affiliate website isn’t easy though. You need a small investment to launch the website, pay for web hosting, create content and market it to attract an audience. It’s a project that requires patience and commitment. But ultimately, it pays off.

Still on running a website, you could supplement your income from affiliate marketing with paid adverts and selling merchandise. You could sell physical decks of cards, branded T-Shirts and coffee mugs.

Become a Casino Coach

So, you have poker and blackjack tips that could be helpful to someone else out there? Start a YouTube channel or blog and share your tips. Gamblers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their skills.

It doesn’t which games you’re excellent at. There’s a demand for your services out there. Slots fans want to know how to pick games that hit often. Blackjack players, by comparison, love to learn new tricks they can use to win more hands.

And if you’re a poker coach, your skills could earn you tends of thousands of followers. That’s because poker is hugely dependent on skills. So, everyone who wants to become better at the game needs to invest in knowledge.

How can you make money by being a casino coach? Start by giving out your lessons free of charge. This way, you can attract an audience and monetize your website through adverts. With time, you could introduce a paid course.

Become a Casino Streamer


You’ve probably heard about Twitch. It’s the biggest platform for streaming video games. These days, you can also stream casino content on Twitch and YouTube. Top casino channels have up to 100,000 followers and can stream to live audiences of more than 10,000 people at a time.

Creating a Twitch account is free. But you need special software, lighting and a professional video camera to stream quality content. More importantly, you need valuable content to get people to watch your streams consistently.

With time, streaming can earn you an audience and subscribers. Then you can monetize your channel through subscriptions, adverts, affiliate marketing, donations and selling merchandise.

Buy Online Gambling Stocks

Last year, one share of 888 Holdings was worth $85. In December this year, the stock is trading for over $320. That’s a 300% price gain in less than two years. Now, not every online gambling stock is going to double or triple in the next two years.

But that’s what investment is all about. It involves taking a risk on a company doing things right and hoping you can get a reward. You can risk in individual stocks like 888 Holdings and Bet365.

Or you could invest in a stocks Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). An ETF allows you to own shares in multiple companies. When the stocks appreciate, you an average of the added gains.

The benefit of ETFs is that they protect you from large losses in case one company underperforms. On the downside, the returns are relatively lower compared to buying individual stocks.

Create a Free to Play Casino App


Nowadays, you don’t need to be a programmer to own an app. You can hire someone to create an app for you. Then you can market and keep the profits. That being said, learning how to build apps in 2024 is incredibly easy.

You can build your first app after taking a six-week online course. All the same, the main goal is to create a gambling app with enjoyable games. That way, people can return to play the games daily and make you money by clicking ads and purchasing in-game credits.