One of the most commonly asked questions related to gambling is if one user can create multiple accounts, using one platform. So, the answer can be pretty complicated, since many online casinos have control over the devices and created profiles. If you are using the same device or the same payment method, they can easily track down your intentions, and you may end up banned from the service. But, surely there is a way around it. Some services allow you to have multiple accounts, but often, people create different profiles using different mail addresses and syncing with different payment methods. Also, it’s possible to have more than one account, knowing that maybe all the family members are using the same computer or tablet. They only enter different credentials, including a unique password, and can join the biggest online community of gamblers in the world.

Maybe all these things seem a little confusing, but it’s simple – it depends on the casino if you are allowed to create multiple accounts, or not. We suggest using different devices, just in case. Also, try to manage the payment methods properly, so you won’t end up withdrawing money on the same account, using different profiles. Or, the simplest way is to use different online casinos – as many as you need. It’s simple like that.

But, more important than having multiple accounts is to find a good online casino, to meet your requirements. We suggest checking on CasinoMIRA, so you can join and sign up there. Of course, we suggest sticking to trustworthy and reputable casinos, to avoid risky activities.

Since we are here to talk about managing multiple gambling accounts, let’s see how you can do that:

1. Use different passwords for every account


This is the most obvious one among all the tips we would share later. We suppose you already know this, but it’s important to repeat it as needed. So, different passwords for every account. They shouldn’t even be similar or have some predictable pattern. You can use a password manager to manage this one. It’s not worth risking, so don’t put the same password on every account of yours. If someone hacks one of them, they will be able to do with every other profile, and that’s a huge risk and loss.

2. Use safe and secure gambling sites

We mentioned this briefly at the beginning of the article, but it’s worth a paragraph. There are so many online casinos around. A good and secure casino has a few layers of protection, cares for the customers, and encourages them to take care of their welfare. Since you are using real money, you must be ready to spend some amount, because that’s the point of gambling. Also, legit websites will prevent scams and help you avoid fraud.

3. Manage your bankroll too


Since you’ve decided to use multiple accounts on online casinos, we also suggest managing your money wiser and smartly. You have to sync the accounts with the workable bankroll. It’s a challenge, but it’s not impossible to do this. You can use e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, or even your bank account if you want to. It’s easier to use cryptocurrencies, but it’s not impossible to manage bank cards and e-wallets too. You only have to check which ones are allowed at the casinos you’ve chosen, and then add them as a payment method.

4. Use a separate email for gambling

We highly recommend you avoid using your usual email for these activities. Instead, you can create additional addresses, so you can use them for your gambling accounts. You can even use multiple emails to create multiple accounts on the very same online casino. Of course, make sure you assign different passwords, and different payment methods, so you won’t get banned.

5. Give the casino a try with the trial version

Most of the casinos let the users join the trial version, and see if they like it. That way, you can see what works the best for you. You can do that with almost every website you find relevant and trustworthy. Of course, after the trial or demo version, you can decide which ones you want to use.

What to do when it’s not allowed to have multiple accounts?

Some services allow you to have only one account. Since you are giving your personal details, they can easily track down your second account. Maybe it will take a lot of time until they do that, but if it happens, they can ban and deactivate your account. You won’t be able to retrieve it again, and probably you will be completely banned, including your emails, payment methods, credit or debit cards, etc. Many services have advanced algorithms to detect if someone is creating associate accounts with some older user. So, we suggest you not try to trick them, even though many users claim that the casinos only care for their profit, and they will let you do anything you want, as long as you invest money in it.

The simplest way to have multiple gambling accounts is to register on different online casinos since you are not limited to that.

There are multiple benefits of using different online casinos, with only one account active there. You have a large selection of games, and you can claim more awards and bonuses once you join. Just make sure you really want that, since it’s a lot of work.


As you can see, any attempt to sign up for a service with multiple accounts can result in your being banned. We do not recommend it, but it is better not to take risks. They can easily notice the data overlap. It is easiest to use the data of family members, however, they may not approve of your gambling activities.

You decide for yourself, and our recommendation is to use more online operators, because that way you can use only one email address, and management will be much easier. And that would be everything you need to know about this.