Every day people look for new ways to earn as much money as possible so that they can fulfill their desires and needs. It is simply human nature, to try to survive in everyday life. Whether it will be a second job, whether they will try to make money from some of their hobbies, or whether they will try to get the most out of some of their talents, it is important that whatever they do, it should be profitable. In recent years many people have decided to make money through mining cryptocurrencies. Many people in the world have decided in this way, to earn money through mining, and that for them there was a positive outcome, they earned more than they had in mind.

If you are new to the term cryptocurrency, now we will explain what it is. The term cryptocurrency has been around for more than a decade and is one of the most used terms lately. It is a virtual currency, which exists in electronic form in your computer and as such is not issued or is under the control or regulation of any country or central bank in the world. The process of creating cryptocurrencies using your computer is called mining. To be able to buy, sell or trade on the cryptocurrency exchange, you will need a special software application on the platform on which these currencies are exchanged. This type of application is for example, whereby simply registering on their site you can open a free account where you will place a deposit through which you can trade on the crypto market. Let’s not forget that there are currently thousands of currencies on the crypto market, and new ones are emerging every day. Currently the most popular are bitcoin, dogecoin, etherium, XRP, litecoin, and many others.


There are several criteria you need to follow for the mining process to be successful, and these are:

– The tool without which you can not start this process is the computer because it is the only way you can get to the cryptocurrency.

– The room where your computer will be located should be cooler so that it does not heat up.

– The Internet is also one of the basic tools you need because the whole process takes place online. That’s why you need a stable connection at any time of the day, 24/7.

– You need a suitable software application, as mentioned above, which will be password protected to protect your data.

– To be able to trade virtual money, and exchange it for cash, you will need to be a member of an online exchange office where you will make an exchange.


What bothers most beginners when they get into the waters of mining, is it possible to mine cryptocurrencies if you use a laptop, how smart is that? Do you need any special performance or features to start this process?

In the beginning, when cryptocurrencies were introduced to us and when all this madness of mining started, people used much simpler equipment, computers, and laptops with lower performance, but as the network of miners grew, it was necessary to update that equipment.

Laptop mining can be a wonderful first experience as you enter the world of cryptocurrencies, learning the basics and how it works. You may be confused at first, but you will slowly and surely get into the scheme if you plan to invest more in this activity to have a profitable result.

Another benefit you can get from laptop mining is that this way you consume less electricity. When you do this through your PC the electricity consumption is doubled and maybe three times higher, and the electricity bill would be enormous.

What problem do people who start cryptocurrency face when doing so on a laptop?


Of course one of the biggest advantages is that you can take the portable computer with you wherever you want if you have a good internet connection and that way you will be able to follow the whole process of creating crypto later. However, if the battery is low and you do not have access to an electrical outlet, or you have forgotten the charger at home. Here the laptop automatically shuts down and the mining process is interrupted, which can cost you and can be frustrating.

Also one of the more risky reasons is that laptops tend to heat up faster than regular PCs. And it is much more difficult to use multiple applications at the same time while the mining software is running at that time. This can be a big problem because you will need to stop mining before you can use another application, surf the web, reply to emails, and play a game or any other activity.

To prevent the laptop from overheating or causing any major damage, you will need to invest in a laptop cooler so that you can regulate the heat level and allow better airflow.

Another problem that may occur is the lack of video memory on your graphics card. When you are mining, you usually use the graphics card, especially when you do it through the laptop and if you do not have enough memory to load all the data on the graphics card you will not be able to mine it.

Of course, if you use a laptop for mining, it has its pros and cons. So search the internet and make sure the features it has are enough to start this process. You may need to upgrade it a bit and spend money to invest in it. Is it smart? In the short term, yes, you will have something to focus on and you can achieve some minimal earnings, minimal profits. So why not take a risk, and if you think you are good at that activity, keep practicing it. Nobody got rich overnight, money does not grow on a tree so we can stand next to it with a bag and collect as much as possible. For success, we need to invest effort, energy, resources to be able to achieve a result that would satisfy us.