Major League Baseball is back, and we couldn’t be happier. There’s nothing like the sound of the bat connecting with a ball while enjoying the ballpark ambiance, especially when your team is in the lead.

It’s been an exciting start to the season, and now that the teams have started to show their abilities, we’ve started to make predictions for the World Series win. Whether you’re new to baseball or a long-time fan, we’re here to help you with the 2024 MLB odds.

Will the Dodgers take the title? Or can the Yankees sneak up behind them and snatch the title away? It’s all to play for this year, and we’re seriously invested. Keep reading to find out the current odds so you can start betting on the teams that are likely to win.

Why do MLB odds matter?


Ever wonder why bettors spend time examining odds and predictions?

When it comes to big tournaments such as the World Series, it’s essential to look at the past play to determine the odds for future games. Looking at odds and predictions is a great way to get more involved with the game, plus it’s a foolproof way to help with future bets and wagers.

Betting on MLB is an excellent way to get more involved with the sport. Baseball has always been a betting favorite, whether you’re a long-time fan or a new watcher. Thanks to popular sports and betting guides such as the WorldSportsNetwork, bettors can look at the latest odds and predictions to inform their bets.

While you could go into betting on the World Series blind, it’s always better to go in with legitimate odds behind your bets. This lowers the risk and allows you to understand the game better.

Will you be rooting for your favorite team this year?

The top five teams in MLB 2024

The odds and predictions are out for the 2024 World Series. Let’s look at the top five teams that need to be on your radar right now.

The current top odds include:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers at +400
  • New York Yankees at +600
  • Houston Astros +750
  • NY Mets +800
  • Toronto Blue Jays +1000

The current favorites to win are the LA Dodgers at +400, but it’s still up in the air, with the Yankees only just behind them at +600.

1. The Dodgers’ advantages


The Dodgers are in a great position right now with a number of MVP players on their team. Although the team lost Corey Knebel, Corey Seager and Max Scherzer, their lineup looks more robust than ever.

This team is also currently the first team in OPS, second in ERS, second in OBP, and even second in WHIP, proving their dominance in the sport.

Not only that, but the Dodgers’ pitching is led by Julio Urias, Walker Buehler and Tyler Anderson – three seriously strong players. Clayton Kershaw was also among this trio, but unfortunately, Kershaw was injured weeks ago.

Ultimately, the Los Angeles Dodgers have one of the best rosters in the game, and it looks like they’ll be an impressive force in the fall playoffs.

2. New York Mets


Sitting at +800, the New York Mets started the season at +2000, but they’ve made an impressive move up the rankings. Though many consider the Mets to be New York’s ‘second’ team, these players are proving bettors wrong.

With two of the best National League pitchers, Max Scherzer and Jacob DeGrom, they’re looking strong for the current season. Also, the offense is led by Pete Alonso, alongside Robinson Cano and Francisco Lindor, further adding strength to the team.

3. Toronto Blue Jays


Although the Blue Jays lost Robbie Ray, the reigning winner of the AL Cy Young award, they have gained Hyun Jin-Ryu and all-star Kevin Gausman. Plus, they have plenty of home run players, including Bo Bichette, Vladimir Guerro Jr., Teoscar Hernandes and George Springer.

Thanks to their lineup of players, the Toronto Blue Jays have just scraped into the top five teams with +1000 odds. Fans should note that unvaccinated players can’t currently play in Toronto, giving this team an advantage.

Will this Canadian team level up against the odds? It’s all to play for.

4. Atlanta Braves: Can they do it again?


It’s bad news for Atlanta Braves fans. The 2024 World Series winners are currently in eighth place for the win at +1800.

This team overcame significant difficulties in the 2024 season, as two of their best players, Mike Soroka and Ronald Acuna Jr, sat out due to injuries. The Braves defied the odds and became an 88-win team.

However, now the Braves are off to a slow start in 2024. Partly due to their pitching staff, the team now has to fight their way back to become a contender for the title. But anything’s possible for these determined players. Maybe we will see a 2024 repeat.

5. Seattle Mariners: 2024 Longshots


While it’s fun to examine the favorites, many fans also get a kick out of supporting the longshots. Sitting in 17th place at +10,000, the Mariners aren’t looking to be the most likely to snatch the win. Last year, we saw this team going 90-72, plus they were in contention until the season’s final week.

Although both the Los Angeles Angels and the Houston Astros are set to finish ahead of the Mariners in the division, this could change. The Angels haven’t been on a winning streak for a while, so it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise if the Mariners finished in the top two slots.

Plus, the Mariners have enlisted several influential players, so they could be a force to note in October. From slugger Eugenio Suarez to Steven DeSouza, this team’s lineup isn’t to be ignored.

Other longshots

The Seattle Mariners aren’t the only longshots to note! Here are some of the other teams that might surprise us in the fall.

Cleveland Guardians

With odds of +10,000, the Cleveland Guardians aren’t at the top of the list to win the World Series. However, this team has impressive offensive power, and their odds of winning the AL Central have improved since the start of the season.

Miami Marlins

It goes without saying that the Miami Marlins are competing in a fierce division. This is one of the better longshot teams, but they’re capped as their chances of beating teams in their current division are low. The Marlins sit at +12,500 for the World Series.

Detroit Tigers

As the Tigers have a significant shot at the AL Pennant, their odds have skyrocketed since opening day. Right now, this team is sitting at +50,000 for a chance at the World Series.

The bottom line

Are you excited about the World Series? After seeing these odds and predictions, we hope you are! 2024 is set to be an exciting year for Major League Baseball, and we’ll be watching closely to see who takes the win. Will it be the Dodgers? Or are we in for a surprise?