We all have that dream country that we would like to visit or move to. If we haven’t traveled there before, our opinion is well informed by the things we heard or read about a promised land. On the contrary, sometimes a short visit to a new nation was enough to gain a better insight into everyday life and to fall in love with a new culture. Of course, the visit always includes some less impressive experiences, however, we will probably strive to squeeze those out of memory and focus on all the great things.

We are social beings and we like to feel welcome in the places we are visiting, so having friends and relatives in a new country, will, of course, encourage us to be more decisive about the visit or move. Uncertainty about the move can be easily pushed away even if our acquaintances don’t live in the same city we relocate. Our need for security and support, even psychological, is everlasting.

However, what if you don’t have friends and you have very little information about the main aspects of what is life like in the new location, such as education, healthcare, culture, economy, and similar? Well, we’ve got you covered. Today we will talk about one of the most desirable destinations for people looking for a fresh start – the wonderful country of Canada. In this text, we will focus on some of the most important aspects related to Canada. Even if you don’t have plans about moving to this country, stay with us to learn why is Canada among the top destinations for people around the world looking for a safe, prosperous place.

1. Education


Did you know that Canada is one of the best countries for education? The Canadian government spends more per capita on education than any other country in the world. It also means that Canadian citizens study on average longer than the rest of the world. As a result, this country has highly educated, professional citizens who work and contribute to various branches of industry, science, arts, and culture.

With such a trend, Canada encourages education among its citizens, which we think is really great. This should certainly be a model for many other countries. There are approximately 15,500 elementary and secondary schools across Canada and over 100 universities, offering classes in English and French. Although we live in a material world, where the opinion is that money plays the main means of power, knowledge is something that is more valuable and that you cannot lose or be deprived of.

2. Economics


As we said, good education creates a good economy. As a result, the unemployment rate in Canada is low and wages are above average. Let’s not forget to mention a very strong banking system, one of the strongest in the world, which is also the foundation of the Canadian economy. For 7 years in a row, the World Economic Forum declared the Canadian banking system as the most stable in the world. Of course, such financial security allows Canada to offer an excellent quality of life for the vast majority of its citizens. Logically, a high standard of living is one of the main associations when it comes to this country.

3. Culture, arts, and entertainment


Like many developed countries, Canada has a lot to offer in the area of culture and entertainment. Domestic culture is nurtured, but multiculturalism is highly regarded and appreciated. A large number of citizens have different cultural backgrounds, the fact that is highly respected. There is room for everyone in this country! Due to the strong economy, different branches of culture and arts receive constant support from the arts funds. In addition to culture and arts, Canada offers a lot of entertainment! There are many exciting places to visit and enjoy with family and friends. Although the country is huge, you might be able to travel and visit some of its prime locations, including the Banff National Park and Drumheller in Alberta, the old City of Quebec, Niagara Falls in Ontario, and much more! For more recommendations about tourist attractions in Canada, visit KevsBest. Here you can also find some top suggestions for bars and restaurants, which you will want to visit after long hours of walking and enjoying all the sites.

4. Healthcare


Canada’s healthcare system is one of the fairest and most accessible in the world. Medical treatment is mostly free and funded by government taxes. Each province is given a healthy budget to administer locally and issue health cards to all eligible residents allowing them to access the top-quality healthcare. Depending on which sort of visa you have, it is worth researching beforehand what kind of health services you will be able to access and whether you will need to buy private health insurance additionally. You can experience long waiting times for some procedures, however, this is a small price to pay to access some of the best hospitals, staff, facilities, and treatment methods in the world. It is also useful to find out which of the medicines you can order online because the need for certain medicines can create a certain discomfort in certain patients – let’s take Viagra as an example. To find out more, visit Felix.

5. Nature


With almost 10 million square kilometers of stunning countryside, Canada is the second-largest country in the world and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lands the man has inhabited. From ice-bound arctic tundra and snow sprinkled peaks on the north, to sparkling lakes and vast woodlands in the rest of the country, Canada can take your breath away at every turn. Every weekend and holiday can be packed with skiing, whale watching, kayaking, and hiking around these spectacular wonders of nature. For a more adventurous experience, you can even swim with a polar bear or sleep in an ice hotel. You can do it all in Canada!

This beautiful country nurtures freedom, security, and multiculturalism. We have listed some of its main benefits, which we believe were worth mentioning, especially when it comes to migrating to Canada. If you decide to start a new life in this country, rest assured that you will meet many people coming from around in the world and that you will not be alone on your quest.