If you prefer challenging RPG games, there is no better option than the legendary World of Warcraft. This game is keeping people amused for more than 15 years. The main point of this game is to build a character by leveling, completing various missions, and gathering all kinds of items.

The strategy that helped Blizzard to keep this game so popular for such a long time is by introducing expansions from time to time. The latest one is called Shadowlands, and it will be in focus until 2024 when another expansion is planned. The main point of this expansion is to introduce a new chapter to this virtual world. Each update will add some new things like races, items, missions, new mechanics, and more.

The difference between the first few chapters and the latest ones is that now the focus is more on team play. That is especially the case if you want to play raids and dungeons where you will need to defeat challenging creatures to get valuable gear.

Moreover, it is crucial to work on the proper development of your virtual character so you can face all those powerful creatures. If you are having issues at some point in this game, the great solution would be to buy boost. You can read more about this possibility at

Dungeons are one of the most interesting parts of WoW. You will need a group of five players to apply for this instance. On the other hand, keep in mind that many dungeons are available only for max-level players. One of the biggest changes in Shadowlands is related to a new system of difficulty called Mythic plus.

The key feature is that every following dungeon will become more difficult. The good side is that you will have a much better chance to collect high-end gear. Here are some of the hardest Mythic Plus dungeons in Shadowlands.



It depends on your skills and experience whether you will find this instance difficult or not. A lot of players who recently started playing this expansion are saying that it can be very hard to complete it. However, the best solution is to focus on the main requirements and abilities of your opponents. In that matter, you should use abilities that are excellent against poison and disease spells.

Therefore, your team must have a good healer who knows how to properly cast dispel abilities. Moreover, like with any other dungeon or raid, it is essential to have a group of players where everyone knows what is their role.

Sanguine Depths


The standard model of this dungeon is not that hard. However, there are different levels of difficulty of dungeons, where the hardest is the Tyrannical level. The most challenging this is related to the mechanics of your opponents that sometimes can be a great issue that many players don’t know how to deal with.

Also, we have to mention that Blizzard sometimes introduces too difficult modes, and later fixes them with nerfs. That was the case with this dungeon. Still, a lot of players find it quite difficult even after the nerf. The hardest part is the boss that is using its allies to storm your group. These allies are not so strong, but they can make you weaker over time, and it can be challenging to focus on the main opponent. Another important thing is related to good positioning where the key is to avoid some spells.

Necrotic Wake


This dungeon is creating problems for many players. It is crucial to build your character by using some powerful items. Also, a good strategy is necessary, and that involves timing, accuracy, positioning, and more. The first opponent in this dungeon is especially difficult. Things will get much easier when you manage to defeat him.

However, the last part of the dungeon is the part where a lot of players are having problems. It can be stressful, but the best way is to learn more about the requirements. Also, there are always some tricks that could help you, and the best way to learn them is by checking online videos of pro players and seeing how they managed to defeat these complicated opponents.

Theater of Pain


This is the part where most players are having issues. It is not a rare case that a lot of them might need to try to complete this dungeon for over a month. It is required to have proper skills, along with a class that has the high-end gear. The main problem is that many bosses in this part have certain abilities that can instantly kill you if you don’t pay enough attention.

However, you can use some tricks to avoid this from happening. Keep in mind that some abilities require fast reaction and avoidance. Each member of the group must have a clear role where you will need a good approach and tactics related to taunts, dealing damage, and healing.

Last Words

According to many players that been playing this game for a long time, it was getting easier in the last few years. The focus is now on community and missions that people can resolve in groups. However, things were much harder at the beginning and during the first several expansions.

That is the main reason why developers decided to introduce the Mythic plus feature as a new way of scaling the difficulty of dungeons. The focus is on pro players interested in highly challenging quests where they can gather the most valuable items.

If you find this level too difficult, we suggest you start with the easier missions so you can level up and collect some powerful gear. There is no way to successfully face these opponents if you are not on a max level and don’t have certain items.

Also, people in your group must have the same determination and desire to fight and don’t give up. You have to be prepared that you might lose some games because this system can be very difficult even for the best players.