As a student, you have a lot to do in what can feel like very little time. College life can be overwhelming with a plethora of assignments, projects, and whatnot. The course load requires you to keep pushing your limits, and it leaves you with little space for yourself. Apart from achieving good grades and following your dreams, it is important that you take plenty of rest and participate in social activities and take care of your well-being. It makes a difference when you know how to balance your academics and personal life. Getting your assignments done on time as well as having time for yourself can appear daunting at first, however, when you follow a proper schedule things can start falling into place. Here are five tips to keep in mind as a college student to be productive while also taking care of one’s mental health.

1. Manage time

These days with readily available technologies you have everything at your fingertips but as much as it is convenient to get what you want just a click away, it can be distracting. So here is a quick time-management tip for you. It is advisable that one uses a phone with a screen limit on, or while studying puts it down altogether. There are several ways to limit your phone usage.

  • One of the ways is to install a screen limiting app that helps you lock apps and set a timer beyond which you cannot use the app.
  • It also shows you the daily usage statistics, which helps you monitor your day-to-day as well as weekly usage.
  • By monitoring your usage, you are able to tell better which apps take your time more than they should.
  • You can either delete such apps or you can limit your usage as much as possible.

Many third-party apps allow you to track your mobile phone usage with utmost accuracy. You may want to consider installing one of those and limiting your social media usage and using the remaining time to be more productive.

2. Take breaks


Taking a break can increase your productivity. According to several studies, when you take breaks from time to time, it helps you to restore your energy. College can stress one out on unimaginable levels. It is not as easy it seems to turn in plagiarism-free essays or articles. If you are one of those who are struggling with the same problem, do not forget to check out Grab My Essay academic help. Students who are stressed cannot perform as well in school, for when you push your brain beyond its capability, you experience great stress.

Regular breaks help to increase students’ productivity and allow them to have some time for themselves. You can take a five minutes break or an hour-long break, it totally depends on the person. It is advised that everyone uses their breaks to rest their mind and prepare themselves for future tasks.

3. Make a to-do list

Many students forget about their scheduled tasks, for it is normal to lose track of what you were supposed to do in a day. For this very reason, one may want to make a to-do list to which they add all the tasks they are supposed to do in a day. That said, it can be overwhelming for some people when their to-do lists are long, therefore, it is best to keep your list as concise as possible. And as and when you complete a task, you can tick it off from your to-do list and take a break before starting to work on your next task. This helps you to stay organized and get your tasks done within the stipulated time frame.

To motivate yourself for making such lists every day, you can use the online aesthetic to-do lists. You can also download several applications that provide you with automated lists and all one has to do is enter the tasks and set reminders. They are free to download, easy to use, and help you stay organized.

4. Use learning apps


While technology can be distracting, it can work wonders if used in the right way. There are various learning apps available online that students can use to master their subjects better. Students often get bored with traditional ways of learning, which require them to do countless assignments. By using the e-learning apps, a student can improve productivity and also learn in a fun and exciting manner. Technological help can make education easy and exciting.

5. Switch up your study place

It is possible that your unorganized room may be preventing you from achieving your goals. When you study in a noisy and messy environment, your productivity tends to decrease. You may also lose your focus and get distracted by things around you. So, it is recommended that one finds a quiet and suitable place to study at. This place can be in any corner of your house but it should be devoid of any noise and unwanted items. Switching to a clean and quiet study place can really make a difference in your life. Furthermore, the right lighting in the room is critical to your productivity, so you may also want to have the perfect study lighting in your workspace that boosts your abilities.

In Conclusion


It may be challenging to stay on task and remain motivated when you experience the stress of everyday life, especially college. College can be equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. Many students lack productivity and suffer from burnout. As surprising as it may sound, sometimes even a task as simple as organizing your bookshelf becomes difficult. However, our tips can be useful for college students looking to improve their productivity. The key to a balanced life with increased productivity is managing time, setting deadlines for work, eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, and following a proper schedule.