Music is something that brings us all together, and millions of people every year try to get their voices heard and become a part of the industry. Nowadays, with the use of all the technology, as well as the huge competition on the market, it is difficult for someone to become recognized and to pursue their passion in the music industry. It is said that starting your career is difficult, but once you get noticed by the experts in the business, and once you start releasing your songs, it is going to be easier for you to stay in this market. In this article, we are going to talk to you about a young, and inspiring pop singer that comes from Persia. Continue reading if you want to know more about Erfun KhoshDel, his professional career, and how his singles are impacting the audience.

Who is Erfun KhoshDel?


Erfun is a Persian singer, pianist, guitar player, and author, and even though he is relatively new in the music industry, he has already left his mark on the business. He became noticed by the audience when he released his first song, “In Gheyre Momkene” which translates to “It’s impossible”. When the single was released, in 2024 Erfun proved to the world that even though his song is titled It’s Impossible, in the music business, everything is possible if you want it and work for it. “In Gheyre Momkene” has a fresh, new beat, and the video for the song accompanies the tune perfectly. It is something that definitely needs to be heard, and when it first came out, it showed the world that KhoshDel is here to stay.

Persian music is something that is well recognized in the whole world, and the distinguished beat makes people want to get up and dance when these tunes come on the radio, even when we don’t understand the lyrics. Erfun had to be better than its competition, not only in his country but also when it comes to artists around the world who are trying to find their spot in this industry.

Soon after he promoted his first single, he released “Ashegham man”, and this title translates to “I am in love”. The song is with an uplift beat, and it will make you feel like you are the one who is feeling the butterflies. People who have listened to this track report that it puts a smile on their face, and the video is the perfect representation of a song that makes you feel happy because you are in love. KhoshDel said that this track is his way to honor the love that seems to be forgotten in this world and to show his appreciation for the positive aura that shows when someone feels this amazing feeling. He continued gaining attention from fans and artists not only in his country but also in other parts of the world, as he was focusing on preparing and releasing “Chatr”, or “The Umbrella”.


Another song that has been featured by this artist is “Sale Pish” and this song translates to “Last Year”. It is said that this was the track that wrote his name in the music industry, and it proved to the world, one more time, that this singer and songwriter is here to stay. It boosted him as a successful artist who is willing to go above and beyond to earn his place in the business, and who is not afraid to explore with different styles and beats, just to attract a bigger audience.

Currently, Erfun KhoshDel is working on his new album, and it is said that this piece should be released by the end of the year. If you are interested in listening to his songs and explore his discography, you can find all of the tracks on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

All the singles he has released until now are also featured on Facebook and linked on his other social media profiles. Erfun is also active on social networks, and the number of his fans is constantly growing. His Instagram profile has almost 200 thousand followers, and if you want to get a sneak peek into his private life, and if you want to follow the things that are happening both in his career and his day to day life, you can find him on this social platform with the handle “@erfunkhoshdel”. From this platform, you can get links to all of the songs he has released, his collaboration with artists, producers, and compositors, and you can be up to date with the latest news and read about his upcoming album.



The latest song that was released by this artist is called “Umbrella” and the compositors behind this work are Milad Babaei and Erfun KhoshDel. One of the most famous songwriters in the country, Mehdi Ayoubi is another name that was part of the composition, and Saeed Shams arranged the single.

For the final touches, Mohammad Fallahi was in charge of mixing and finishing the song, and Nila Mosiband finished the production of the music video of the single, as well as the cover design.

The song is still in the releasing process, but for those who want to listen to it as soon as possible, you can find it on Spotify and Apple Music. The track is considered to be a love song, and KhoshDel’s voice perfectly matches the tune to create a powerful melody that will touch your heart.


Erfun KhoshDel is an inspiration to young artists from all over the world, and he is the type of person that will show you you can achieve your dreams and make them happen if you work for them. KhoshDel worked hard for each and every one of his tracks and “Umbrella” is the perfect representation of dedication, creativity, and professionalism.

The world is waiting to see where his career will take him, and Erfun is definitely someone you need to pay attention to. Check out his work on the platform of your choosing, and don’t forget to follow his social media profiles to be up to date with the latest happenings.