A signage indicating your restaurant, office, shop or other type of facility or institution is of great importance for the development of your business. Of course, there are an infinite number of opportunities to advertise, but why not make sure your signage is really visible? This can be one of the most effective marketing strategies. When you choose an effective sign, you can be sure that it will attract people’s attention and that they will remember that your office or practice is right there. And then, when they pass by it enough times (sometimes only once or twice) they will want to stop by and inquire about your products or services. It is very important that your signage has optimal visibility both during the day and during the night. Here’s how to ensure that your night-time signal makes an impact.

1. The size of the sign should be optimal

The size of your signage is one of the most important factors to consider if you want to increase visibility, ensure that your night-time signage really makes an impact and bring you more customers. You can’t choose a small sign that is visible during the day, but at night it doesn’t leave any impression on passers-by, and then expect good results. Take the time to consider which dimensions of the signage are adequate in order to be well visible even in the dark.

The choice of font size depends largely on the font. If you are using an elegant letter that is not easy to read, the size of the signal must be larger. Also pay attention to the space between the letters, in order to eventually form a signage that is easy to read and attracts people’s attention.

2. Choose the right place for your sign


In order for the night time signal to really make an impact, it needs to be placed in the right spot. This place will depend on your location, but also on the environment. For example, if your office or restaurant is located in a pedestrian zone then a signage mounted on a building can be efficient enough. However, if it is located next to a highway with several lanes where people drive at high speed, you will want your night-time signage to be placed right next to the road and easy to read in order to attract the attention of drivers. Think about what would be the optimal placement for your night-time signage when you take all the important factors into account and then test it out.

3. You need to pay special attention to lighting

Probably the most important factor when choosing your perfect night-time signage is the lighting of the sign. A signage that is optimally illuminated attracts the attention of customers and enables twenty-four-hour advertising, which means that you attract new customers while you sleep. Good signal brightness can be achieved in several ways, and most often several are combined for the best final result. First, there is the internal lighting – lamps and light bulbs that are placed inside the letters themselves. However, for better effect, the owners of the facilities choose to add lamps that are placed outside the signage and oriented so as to illuminate the sign.

If you are looking for the best lighting for your night-time signage, we suggest you check out The Letter Guys offer. Here you can find Marquee Channel Letters that are primarily illuminated by fully exposed neon lights (as opposed to neon that’s trapped behind colored acrylic). They provide a striking visual effect that you want to achieve with your night-time signage to get people’s attention.

4. Make it simple and effective


Another thing you need to pay attention to if you want your night-time signage to look its best is that you want to keep it simple and effective. Forget long sentences, because this doesn’t work. Your message should be concise and easy to read from a long distance if you want to achieve the desired effect. Make sure that the letters are spaced enough and that you convey the message to your audience in as few words as possible. Each sign should have enough white space that remains blank, because that way the whole copy becomes much more readable, more people can read it and decide to stop by your restaurant, supermarket or office. Less is more, don’t forget that!

5. Colors really matter

Good color contrast is very important in order to increase the visibility of night-time signage from a great distance. The biggest focus should be on your message, so make sure the background is the right color and your copy stands out. Forget about a combination of colors that are light or dark, as this will reduce the readability of your signage and will not produce the desired effect. Of course, that doesn’t mean that only black and white are your option. You can play with colors and use the ones that generally fit your brand, just make sure they are contrasting enough.

6. Consider adding an image or graphic


If you want your night-time signage to really make an impact, we suggest you add an image or graphic to it. This can really positively contribute to the final effect of your sign and attract the attention of a large number of people. Don’t complicate things too much – a simple image can make a really big difference. Also, if your restaurant is located next to the main road, simply adding a border around the sign can increase readability and achieve a much better effect. In such situations, any add-on that allows for quick reading of the sign is welcome.


Having a good sign that attracts the attention of customers is of great importance for any business. However, just because a signage looks amazing during the day does not mean that your night-time signage will also achieve the desired effect. If you want your night-time signage to really make an impact, we suggest that the size of the signage be optimal, that you choose the right place for your signage and that you pay special attention to the lighting. Make it simple and effective, choose contrasting colors and don’t forget to add an image or graphic for the perfect final touch.