Apps have become an integral part of daily life for most people, and there are currently millions of options available online, with numbers increasing by the day. It is important to have marketing strategies in place before you launch. Otherwise, there is a real danger your shiny new strategy will sink without a trace. Below we have broken down our key tips of what we suggest before you launch. There are certain concepts that you should consider. It might sound like obvious items that should be on your agenda, but you would be surprised at how often the basics can become overlooked by many.

Overlooking the basics is what causes the issues, however, considering them and applying them to your strategy is the key to ensuring that your launch is successful and that you do reach your target market. Reaching your target market is what will truly bring you a return on your investment which is truly what makes an app successful. 

What Makes an App Successful?


There are many factors that make an app successful. 

First, they are launched by successful brands. Trust is everything, so if users trust the brand, they are more likely to trust the app the brand creates. Trust is the most important part of your marketing strategy. The way you engage with your users is what creates trust, users appreciate a brand that appears to be honest and has their interest at the center of what they are doing.

Apps must also serve a useful purpose. Nobody will download an app that has no obvious use. It is a waste of time and money! Make sure your app provides a solution to a legitimate problem. For example, your app could offer services available on your website, but in a more streamlined way, such as a quick way to purchase your products or track an order.

People also need apps to be simple. The more complicated an app is, the less likely it is to be used. Do not add bells and whistles for the sake of it. 

Android or iOS?


Think carefully about whether you want to target Android or iOS users. Arguably, you need to have an app for both operating systems if you want to be successful, but it takes time to build an app for Android AND iOS. If there are major budget constraints, pick one platform, and concentrate on this first. Remember, it is better to do one task well than two tasks badly. 

App Store Optimisation


App Store optimisation, also known as ASO, is basically SEO for mobile apps, and it’s absolutely essential in order to ensure that your app can be discovered in a very oversaturated, competitive market. In order to accomplish solid ASO, it’s important to pay attention to the name of your app, the keywords you use to ensure your app is discoverable, and the app description.

Try and come up with a unique name for your app. If it is too similar to other, more popular apps, your product won’t stand a chance. 

Use the right keywords to ensure your SEO is on-target. Users use keywords when searching for an app, so these need to relevant. 

Include additional content to help users decide whether your app is right for their needs. Screenshots and video content that explains how the app works are very useful in this regard.

Pay close attention to reviews. If someone leaves a negative review, find out what their problem was, and see if you can resolve it. 

Remember, using an expert app developer will ensure your app launch is not plagued by problems and glitches. If you launch and users discover numerous bugs, the app is unlikely to be successful.

Appetiser is an app development and advertising company that can help you not only produce an app that works well for your audience but also increase the number of downloads. 

Marketing an App


The next part of the equation is how well you market your app. If your marketing is below-par, no matter how amazing your app is, nobody will know it exists. 

Promote Your App on Social Media Platforms


These days, it’s difficult to get anywhere with your app if you are not promoting it on social media. You can use both organic and paid posts to connect with your audience and encourage them to download your app. 

Build a social media presence to boost your brand and promote your app. Encourage people to ‘like’ your page and share your content. Figure out who your target audience is and make an effort to reach them on social media. For example, if you are targeting B2B users, follow accounts in your target industry, and interact with them in a meaningful way. 

Paid ads are another way to generate a following on social media. It takes money to promote via PPC ads, but you are in charge of your budget, so it is a risk-free strategy. 

Research keywords, so you do not throw money away for no good reason. Target the right platform for your marketing, and make sure you segment your audience for maximum success. 

Is a Website One of the Best Ways to Market an App?


A website can be a powerful marketing tool for any product. If you’re looking for the best ways to market an app, this should be near the top of your list. 81% of people search online for services and products, according to Datareportal, so if you don’t have a website for your app, you’re missing out on a huge volume of potential business.

Producing a regularly updated blog as part of your website is another powerful marketing tool. You can focus on all the benefits that your app delivers in vast amounts of detail, with each article acting as a marketing tool in its own right.

You’ll need to use SEO best practices when creating and updating your website. It’s important to understand the best ways to market an app using SEO before you start, in order to save yourself time later in the process. You can get more information here on the best ways to market an app.

Traditional Advertising


Finally, don’t stop at online advertising. Treat your app in the same way that you would a traditional product launch and think about how you would promote a new product. It’s not uncommon for advertisements for apps to make their way online; you might see an app advertisement on TV, for example, or even on a poster in a store window. 

If you can score a celebrity endorsement, even better!

With millions of apps available to users today, strong app promotion is key for any business looking to connect with their customers using a mobile app. If you implement and consider the points above you are on your way to developing and launching a successful new product which will hopefully help you engage with your users and continue to be a brand that they trust.