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Investing in call tracking solutions and their various features is one domain where even the most experienced marketers struggle. According to CallGear, you should ask these nine questions to ensure that you’re ready to implement call tracking into your business practices.

1. Will the call tracking system help me accomplish my goals?

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Comparing solutions can help you attribute the source of every phone call and improve your ROI to a significant degree. When finding a solution, buyers get sidetracked by the many exciting features that come with call tracking.

In the process, they forget what their requirements and goals were. Make sure that the call tracking system you purchase gives you the flexibility to meet your short-term and long-term goals.

2. Is the call tracking solution CRM-friendly?

Most businesses now have a Customer Relationship Management system set up to boost sales. These CRMs are not cheap so ask the vendor beforehand whether the call tracking system you are interested in can be integrated with your CRM.

Call tracking companies can guarantee plug-and-play integrations but require a lot of work. From uploading data into your CRM through spreadsheets to hiring a CRM consultant, ask the vendor about additional requirements within CRM integrations.

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3. Does the call tracking solution meet my reporting requirements?

What information do you need? If you simply want to know which campaign drives in maximum leads, a campaign-level phone call tracking system will be enough. You can skip the in-depth features such as keyword call tracking that provide no value to your business.

This cuts the cost of unnecessary functionalities. It’s important to identify the level of reporting that you desire. It will help you find the best call tracking system for your business model.

4. Does the software support scalability?

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Growing your business is your main purpose, so why settle for basic call tracking software?

Basic call tracking software may offer useful marketing insights on a fixed budget, but as soon as your business expands, you will find yourself wanting more. This is where you’ll want a robust call tracking system to be scalable and adapt to your business as it grows. Ask questions like the ones given below:

● Can I add additional users?
● Can I track multiple channels and phone numbers?
● Can I create new call routing scenarios?

5. Is it compatible with online and offline marketing campaigns?

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When people buy call tracking systems, they are looking for a complete solution to track their online and offline advertisements. An ideal telephone call tracking system grants you 360-degree visibility of all of your marketing endeavors.

To do so, call tracking utilizes Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) as the primary approach. There are other methods they can use as well so make sure you ask about the vendor’s approach for tracking calls too.

6. Will my workforce require additional training to make optimum use of the call tracking system?

You cannot expect your staff to get the hang of a new call tracking solution overnight. And if the software is very complex, they might require additional training. Training your employees can be done… but can you train the system?

Enquire about the machine learning capabilities of the software. Marketers don’t have time to manually create every call tracking number. Find a solution that provides multiple numbers with ease. You can also ask about the possibility to track more than one keyword simultaneously.

7. Does it support integration with Google Analytics?

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If you have one or more existing online campaigns, then it’s expected that you’re using marketing tools like Google Analytics and AdWords. Call tracking utilizes APIs to easily integrate with these third-party applications.

To track online efforts without any complications, make it a priority to find a solution that offers seamless integrations. You can ask the following question with the application of your choice (we are using Google AdWords as an example):

“Does your company utilize a Google AdWords API for easy integration?”

8. Does the system come with call routing facilities?

Some call tracking solutions let you transfer calls to the sales execs through the customer support department. This can cut down on a caller’s hold-time and result in improved conversion rates, and thus an increased ROI.

If your business requires call routing services, then be sure to ask the call tracking vendor whether the software offers call routing capabilities. If call routing features do not provide any value to your line of business, then you can exclude it from your list of requirements.

9. Will the solution help align my sales and marketing teams?

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In many cases, a good call tracking system enables the sales rep to see the caller’s referral source. Also, it lets sales executives provide the marketing reps with valuable insights and real-time feedback on lead quality.

Call tracking is a powerful tool that can help marketers and sales reps work together to drive a better ROI.