Gambling. We love it and it is well established. But, what do we even love more than gambling? Gambling for free! Yes, you read correctly! Free gambling is possible and it comes in many different forms.

So many others, including us, have discussed gambling without putting much, or any, of your own money into a casino. You all know about this by now and we will not go into too many details regarding that. What we will do, though is tell you a bit about No Deposit and No Wagering bonuses, which is which and whether you should use them at all.

When it comes to the online gambling world there are a lot of benefits of staying home and gambling from the comfort of your bed, toiled, kitchen or whatever else floats your boat. Besides the most obvious benefit of comfort and relaxation, there are others which some of us tend to forget about and not collect. Online casino bonuses have been around for a while and they have been given had over fist these past years as a form of a new casino pulling in customers or a well-established one doing the same thing, plus trying to hold their valuable members and big spenders.

Without further ado, if you want to find the best casinos with the biggest bonuses out there, visit this website, and if you want to find out more about No Deposit and No Wagering Bonuses – continue reading!

No Deposit bonus.


The logic suggests that a no deposit bonus is a chance to play casino games for free. The logic is correct and indeed it does mean that this type of casino bonus allows you to play their games without having to put in any of your money. The catch here is that they can select only a few games that this bonus is eligible for or they can allow it to be used on every game they offer. It is pretty much to the casino, who they want to draw or keep in and how generous they are feeling that particular day, week or month.

The way to get this type of bonus differs and it is not the same for everyone. New players might be eligible for this bonus after they complete signup for a particular casino. This is the casino’s way of giving new players a chance to test their games and have a bit of fun before they commit to it and deposit some of their hard-earned money. These types of bonuses may also be given as loyalty gifts to existing players. These are probably more familiar to those of you that have invested a lot in your favourite casino. The only bad thing is the fact that not all casinos reward their customers in such a manner, but hey since there are so many of them now, and since they all fight for their share of gamblers, most of them are turning to this strategy.

We also have to mention that there are several types of no deposit bonuses and they come in a form of free spins, bonus cash or money, or betting funds or money. It all depends on the casino and it all depends on the games they offer.

To answer your question that has been itching you since the beginning of this article – Yes, it is possible to win with these bonuses, but they’re always is a catch. So, you can win, as we mentioned but most of these bonuses have to be wagered or played through before you can cash in your money. We also have to tell you that wagering requirements will differ from casino to casino so keep an eye on that. Always pay attention to casino terms and services because they usually contain special limitations when it comes to withdrawing bonuses or any winnings that came from bonuses.

No Wagering bonus.


To explain what a no wagering bonus is you have to understand what a wager is if you do not know already of course. Wagering is defined as the number of times you have to wager a bonus and the winning before you can make a transfer from the casino to your bank account. The best example that will bring this closer to you, and probably the most obvious bonus out there is – if a casino offers you a 100% deposit bonus up to $100 invested and the wagering requirement is 25x, for instance. This means you will have to wager the $100 and any winning minimum of 25 times before you can request a transfer from the casino to your account in the bank.

What this is, is the way of casino saying “thank you for signing up (or for being with us for so long), we love your business – here is a hefty bonus, but we would also like a chance to win that bonus back”.

You can already see where this is headed to. The no wagering bonus is the time where a casino forgoes its chance to win that bonus back and they let you have it to the full amount. Again, there is a downside to this bonus and it is the fact that these bonuses are significantly lower than the other ones.

As far as its form goes it can come as a small cash amount or in the form of free spins. If you win you can do with that whatever you like if you lose, well, you lose. Then you can try and invest some of your own money and give it another try.

With all of this said we have to inform you that there are often limits to how much you can win using this type of bonus. For instance, you can have one spin at the casino and win $10,000. Yay! You are happy you won a lot of money, but what happens next is that the casino transfers you 10 to 20% of those winning, if that much. What gives? Well, this is that limit we just mentioned and this limit will vary a lot from casino to casino. This is why we will always recommend checking the terms and services of the casino before getting yourself into this, just to avoid any nasty surprises.


Best of luck to all of you and gamble responsibly!